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  1. Ohhh! I love my Emeril Eyebrow Trimmer; aka a lawnmower.
  2. You're scaring us! This is eGullet, baby! I'm guessing the Peanut Butter Train stops on Jelly for you? Expand your mind, palate, and train route!
  3. I adore Peanut Butter and Spanish Onion, as well as Peanut Butter and Bacon. Both, quite honestly, two of my favourite sandwiches. Try 'em if you haven't!
  4. soigné = make it perfect
  5. https://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/bac...otic_candy_bars Has anyone tried this? I'd buy them buy the case if I had some first-hand reports that actually suggest they "work".
  6. Oh, I can echo the deliciousness factor of Chamomile DesJardins hot sauces! I bought mine at Byward Market, though - so I too have no idea if they're obtainable outside of Ottawa. They are PHENOMENAL, though. So if you can manage to find some, scoop it up. Some of the best heat I've ever put in my face. Edit to add: I too love regular Tabasco for it's vinegary aspects. I certainly don't find it very hot. I could drink it. But I do find that it adds the right element of 'zing' to dishes that don't rely on very nuanced flavours.
  7. Bueno


    I should echo bud in saying that I'll only consume domestic caviar as well.
  8. Batali and Paltrow are both actually huge proponents of Spanish cuisine. Batali is on record saying he prefers Iberico over any prosciutto. It's his latest (and ongoing) obsession, along with Vietnamese food. Word on the street is that he may open a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant, actually. It could be good if they can manage to focus on food, which may be hoping for too much. PBS has a good track record in my view, so I'm surely gonna give it a chance. It isn't like my life is so unbelievably busy that I can't spare 30 minutes to check out a food show. Y'all know you're the same; you just might not admit it.
  9. Bueno

    Dinner! 2007

    Please explain.
  10. Bueno


    http://www.petrossian.com http://www.brownetrading.com/caviar/
  11. Jean George's Turbot, DiFara pizza, Katz's Pastrami, Momofuku Hamachi, Yasuda's toro, Per Se's Oysters and Pearls, Momofuku Pork Buns, Ramsay's Scallops and Cauliflower, Urena's Meatballs, Hearth's Gnocchi, DB Bistro's Burger, Corner Bistro's Burger, Mary's Fish Camp Lobster Roll, Otto's Gelato, Frites from Pommes Frites, Hot Dog from Gray's Papaya, Porterhouse for Two at Luger's, Bacon at Luger's, Moulles Frites at Balthazar, Steak Tartare at Les Halles.
  12. ? Mayo isn't a hot sauce as far as I know.
  13. Are ketchup chips commonly available in the US these days? I remember a day when they were exclusive to Canada. I'm still proud they are, at least, a homegrown flavour, as I adore them like no other.
  14. Absolutely! Design-wise, bottled waters are king of beverages. VOSS, Ogo, Walnut Grove, Gleneagles, Badoit, Ty Nant, etc. With the market becoming so enormously saturated, producers are forced to be really innovative and unique with their containers in order to help them stand out. As a designer myself, I'm drawn to things visually appealing, and definitely am one of the idiots to look past actual taste/value/ethics just in order to have something "cool" looking. So if I'm being completely honest with myself, the tactic of a using a cool bottle definitely draws me in, regardless of what's inside it.
  15. Bueno

    Doritos X-13D

    Chilli cheese fries!
  16. I like to do a salmon tartare with the egg yolk resting on top. Steak/beef is too powerful for the egg, but salmon will allow you to experience both it's flavour and texture beautifully. I always notice an egg in it's entirety when I'm served it on a tartare (or otherwise raw, I'd imagine).
  17. Maggie, have you been unable to find joy in any of the other things you [previously] enjoyed doing? I ask because maybe this isn't specifically cooking-focused. Maybe you're depressed. Are you in favour of, or have considered looking into anti-depressents and/or therapy? If this doesn't apply - I'd suggest taking a cooking course. Having to pay (and thus, not waste) money will help you from bailing out. And having someone else slowly guide and semi-control you in the kitchen is a good way to take some of the anxiety of it away. Sort of like someone else is doing half the "work" for you. Plus, you'll be around people that have a real interest and passion for food, and that could contribute to re-igniting the fire within.
  18. 3 Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and a Giada Delaurentis cookbook. :( Oh the shame I feel. It keeps me up some nights.
  19. Ridiculous. I wonder if she's in the olive groves pressing the olives by foot on her weekends off in upstate New York. It's probably rebottled brine from jars of Unico olives.
  20. Anything from Emeril (sauces especially -- his 'essence' actually tastes alright) David Burke. And the biggest and worst of all: Jamie Oliver and his Flavour Shaker!! GRRR. And don't ever eat at Appleby's. Tyler Florence didn't help.
  21. If you dont mind my asking, how much did your sushi meal cost? Those huge chunks of toro sashimi have me drooling like crazy!
  22. Bueno

    Pickles--Cook-Off 32

    If you can't resist, go for it now -- as long as it was superfine sugar.
  23. Bueno

    Key Limes

    And of course, the zest and juice can be used as the sour component to any number of vinaigrettes. Always appropriate with white fish. I like them sliced paper thin and arranged as the base for fish tartares. Just drink a lot of cocktails and you'll be set.
  24. I don't like mayo, so mine go without, but YES, YES, and YES. Can't believe I forgot about this. In fact, I truly had forgotten and now I've not had that sandwich in at least a year. This shall be rectified immediately thanks to you! And I do mean thanks!
  25. Often times I want just the simple texture of a big chunk of cucumber. So I'll just cut them into thick spears and dress with salt and maybe a few dashes of Tabasco and munch away. Other times I'll just dip the spears in a mixture of fish sauce, mirin, and some dried chilis. In either case, they need to be ice cold.
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