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  1. I'll submit Town House to be added to the list.
  2. She is the "Special Events Manager" at Food & Wine. She does have quite an impressive background in both food journalism as well as in professional kitchens (Le Cirque, Vong -- she has culinary training). She was also Steingarten's assistant for a number of years.
  3. That's news to me -- are you sure you don't have it confused with another brand? http://www.presidentschoice.ca/AboutPC/WhereToBuy.aspx
  4. It is indeed -- and more specifically, only at specific grocery stores in Canada (the ones owned by Loblaws, Inc.)
  5. Watermelon Gazpacho w/ Chili-Marinated Prawn and Bruschetta.
  6. I found the Lychee soda to be satisfactory, but I doubt I'd make a point of buying it again. I do love their Jamaican-Style Ginger Beer, as well as their Green Apple flavours. In general, I find PC products to be quite good, and their always coming out with new things to try.
  7. I like to blanch them first, sautee some pancetta, then fry them in the rendered pork fat. Poached egg on top, parmesan... perfect. (I often treat them like asparagus). Great stir-fried with spicy beef, too. Nice with scallops (recently: a ragout of spring peas, morels, and fiddleheads to accompany carmelized scallops with a lemon beurre blanc).
  8. Bueno

    Low ingredient meals

    Bacon cut into little strips or cubes. Frisee Salad Recipe.
  9. Bueno

    Low ingredient meals

    Frisee Salad: Frisee, lardons, poached egg, shallots, vinaigrette. Roasted Marrow on Toast: Marrow bones, parsley, shallot, lemon, olive oil. "Tuna Salad": Good quality fresh tuna, roasted watermelon, arugula, lime, olive oil.
  10. I just wanted to compliment you on a phenomenal BLOG, Chris. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best BLOGs posted on eGullet, period. Great work!
  11. I myself am hopelessly addicted to the Lime 'N Chili flavour.
  12. One of the biggest and best contributors eGullet has seen. Thank you for all your hard work and tireless commitment to quality, John. Your spot at the dinner table will be impossible to fill.
  13. Regardless of whether you find the Google Ads amusing or not, what is your primary concern here? Amusing yourself, or creating a professional portal for your restaurants? The ads smack of a cheap free host or porn site. How many reputable culinary establishments do you see with banner ads dominating their design? Not many. There's a reason.
  14. Bueno

    Dinner! 2007

    Looks familiar -- but as always, quite tasty.
  15. Tupac: shamefully I'll admit, but I hadn't even heard of The Last Chinese Chef until your mention. But upon your recommendation, and a quick glance on Amazon.com, I will pick it up tomorrow. Is it truly as good as the briefs make it sound? I'm totally looking forward to snuggling up with that one. Thanks! I'd also like to recommend: The Perfectionist: Life and Death in Haute Cuisine, By Rudolph Chelminski. Great non-fiction.
  16. I'm glad Michael was given the opportunity and took the time to respond, so that both sides could be weighed. If you'll excuse me, I need some time to Ruhlmanate over this.
  17. FWIW: “big Italian project” in New York = Eataly, possibly the greatest place on Earth.
  18. Ice Wine Vinegar, Pear Vinegar, Radish Vinegar, Tomato Vinegar, Rice Wine Vinegar, Riesling Vinegar, Meyer Lemon Vinegar, Kumquat Vinegar, and Yuzu Vinegar are.... I suppose, the favourites of my collection. But honestly, I love them all like sour children.
  19. I'm a proud Vinegaholic and wear the badge for all to see (it's on my forehead, if you must know). I use vinegar on fruit, in soups, in braises, in pan sauces, in marinades, in raw dishes, to pickle with, and even on ice cream! The uses for vinegars go so far beyond salad dressing. You just need to eliminate that imaginary barrier and open yourself up to all the different applications. An aged balsamic on ice cream or fruit (sparingly, mind you) is glorious. Where would a bearnaise be without vinegar? Obviously pickling revolves around the stuff. Ceviches / sashimi / sushi are welcoming muses. Actually, Asian cuisines in general are big on using vinegar in their cuisines. My vinegar collection is at least 25 strong.
  20. A couple great must-reads you may wish to consider as well: The Reach Of a Chef, and The Soul Of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman (read the Soul of a Chef first), and Heat by Bill Buford.
  21. Bueno

    Dinner! 2007

    Jamie Lee: that jar of chili garlic sauce looks well-utilized! Good girl. Do you use Sambal Olek and Sriracha in your cooking as well? I've got all 3 lined up for old Western-style quick draw gun-slingin' action in a holster I wear over my apron.
  22. Seriously -- try the Buffalo Wing chips. They're killer. The BBQ, while fine, don't hold a candle.
  23. Calamari would indeed be a good litmus test. It's either one minute cooking time or one hour. Anything in between is pure rubber. You don't want too much batter, what what of it you do have needs to be light. No grease. Clean oil. Well seasoned. And most importantly, fresh squid cut in managable pieces. Yes indeed, you may very well we right.
  24. You know you're a foodie when you hear the word Michelin and you think "stars" instead of "tires".
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