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  1. I wonder who took you there? Thanks for an awesome report.
  2. Thank you very kindly. I feel like such a buffoon. I'm with ya! If I could, I'd insert a faucet into the bastard.
  3. Lovely. I enjoy seeing what I'm reading about when it comes to food. Thanks again for the recommendation.
  4. This is ridiculous just how stupid my question is, but anyway, it's pissing me off. I purchased GOLDEN BOY FISH SAUCE for the first time today (I usually use "Squid" brand or 3 Crabs) and it has this funny seal on the lid that I have no idea how to open. It's hard to explain, but if you've ever purchased this brand, you know what I'm talkin' about. It's plastic, with a thin disc, and then what looks like a plastic button. I tried prying it off with a knife, pushing the button, turning it, everything! It's like a fishy Fort-friggin-Knox!
  5. Under $100 for THAT meal? That could quite honestly be the culinary bargain of the century. Truly, that meal looks more than just tasty. It looks like one of the rare fuck-off-delicious meals that come about only once in a blue moon. Thank you for the visual orgy and a delicious written account, FG. MMM.
  6. Just eat the friggin' thing already. We know you're scared.
  7. Awesome! Thank you for the heads up on this book. I am definitely going to be picking up a copy. Perhaps a childish question, but are there lots of photos?
  8. Et voila: http://www.bingregory.com/archives/2007/03/05-durian/ -- all you'll need for your virgin durian experience. People (quite obviously) over-exaggerate the smell of durian. It isn't that bad. It's no worse than fish sauce, etc. and you don't hear people saying things like "I use fish sauce a skunk repellant" or "you'd better put biohazard stickers on the bottle, because it'll surely kill all living things within a 10-foot proximity!" It's all to generate attention. Yes, it's stinky. So what? I mean, get over it and taste! Enough with all the drama! Yeeeeeeeesh. Personally, having read your posts, I think you'll agree. I also think you'll find that you like it somewhat, but aren't quite sure why. Like me.
  9. Bueno

    Ideas in Food

    What a glorious account of a glorious evening. I envy your life. Thank you, John.
  10. Wow! I was due for my next knock-me-off-my-seat FL report. Thank you for filling that gap, Tupac. However, the use of quotation marks in the menu is absurd. (“TOMME BRULÉE” “Gratin” of Broccolini and “Sauce Mornay” -- ) I mean, you might as well call it a "Tasting" "Menu". That aside, Corey Lee is a pimp.
  11. Bueno


    Thank you for a phenomenal write-up! I've been curious. Just a suggestion: if you want to avoid the blurring in your photos, use a makeshift tripod. Flip over your bread plate and rest your on that, or a bowl, over turned glass, etc. Then just tap the shutter button from the top as opposed to trying to keep your hands perfectly still, because it's impossible to achieve at such close proximity with digital photography.
  12. I'm with doc firmly in the "what did you expect" camp.
  13. Agreed on both counts. But if I want a higher heat (thinner steak) I use Ghee (clarified butter).
  14. Not the same. See: recent opening of Craftsteak.
  15. In my view, Chef Anthony is one of the true maestros cooking in NYC. I suppose the decor/service aren't quite Michelin 2*, but I feel the food certainly is.
  16. Doc, your posts are what I live for. Seriously, they're like a slab of toro for me. I await them with drool pooling at the sides of my mouth, and never a let-down. No such thing as bad toro as far as I'm concerned, and no such thing as a bad post from doc. (this includes all your recent SF postings!) Thanks as always for an intelligent and visually stunning account of a meal.
  17. Bueno

    Junk Food Jones

    Bueno's Junkfood Cookbook Foreword by Thomas Killer Greasy & Fried Early Grave Diggers: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Dutch Chipotle & Lime Potato Chips Ketchup Pringles All Dressed Potato Chips [Any Brand] Cool Ranch Doritos Chocolate Stalkers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Reese Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups Kinder BUENO Lindt Truffle Cake Bar [Petit Deserts Series] Lindt White Coconut Bar [Excellence Series] Lindt Creme Brulee Bar [Excellence Series] Lindt Pumpkin Truffles [Lindor Series] Mars Swiss Almond Bars Fast Food Cholesterol Hose-Downs --------------------------------------------------------------------- McDonalds Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese & Bacon [NO Mustard] Wendy's Baconator [Plain, Ketchup Only] McDonalds French Fries Wendys Mandarin Chicken Salad Panago Pepperoni Pizza Pizza Hut "Edge" Pizza Pizzaville Pepperoni Calzone Taco Bell Steak Taquito Taco Bell Cheese Fries Dairy Queen's Cotton Candy Blizzard Dairy Queen's Dilly Bars Breakfast Coronary Killers --------------------------------------------------------------------- S'Mores Pop-Tarts Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Reese Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal McDonalds Egg McMuffin [Ham and Egg] McDonalds McGriddle [bacon and Egg] Burger King Croissantwich [Ham and Egg] Tim Horton's Triple Chocolate Muffin Tim Horton's Apple Fritter EGGO French Toaster Sticks Frozen Fack Me-Ups --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hagen Dazs English Toffee Pudding Ice Cream Hagen Dazs Creme Brulee Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's Country Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch Nestle Ice Cream Sandwiches Nestle Original Banana Popsicles Baked Brutalizers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Strawberry Flakies Wagonwheels Rice Krispie Squares Dad's Original Oatmeal Cookies Chewy Chips Ahoy! Cookies Microwave Manglers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Stouffer's Macaroni & Cheese Stouffer's Lasagna Stouffer's Meatloaf Michelina's Linguine Carbonara Stouffer's Sausage & Pepperoni French Bread Pizzas TGIF Spinach & Artichoke Dip TGIF Potato Skins President's Choice French Onion Soup Candy Gut-Pumpers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Fuzzy Peaches Swedish Berries Skittles Ice Cream Flavour Skittles Smoothie Flavour Maynard's Wine Gums Werther's Original Kerr Jelly Beans Kerr Ju-Jubes [sugared] Cadbury English Toffee Bar
  18. I don't mean to be rude, but I think Sandy is correct. I really and truly don't see the point. I could say: "I purchased this month's copy of Gourmet and there are some good articles you should read!", and I could say: "see this photo of a magazine reciept". Then someone else can say: "I've got one for some soap!" ... etc. The question is, why?
  19. JK Winebar, definitely. Bymark would be well-suited as well. In fact, Gordon's list is pretty much perfect (at least, I cant think of anything to add). Oh, I might add Cava (inspired tapas). Oh, and for some of the best sushi in North America - Sushi Kaji. As well as Lee - an offshoot of Susur Lee's fine dining restaurant next door (incidentally called Susur). And my pick for bistro/casual is Biff's (after Red's). Where you're staying puts you plop in the middle of the Toronto dining scene, so your choices are a plenty.
  20. Ahh, thank you very much Toliver - exactly what I was looking for.
  21. Ohhhhh, I am so going to love this BLOG. Thanks for putting in the time and energy to deliver it! I'm really looking forward to following it.
  22. Couldn't peanut oil work here, or am I a total twat for missing something? It'll smoke at 450, but so will everything else suggested thus far (or way sooner), including beef and other animal fats which may be delicious but not suited for those temperatures. And remember, the poster didn't ask which fat is the tastiest to cook steak with. The crucial element we're trying to address is cooking temperature, and not flavour. The poster also requested a "vegetable oil", which I assume means horse fat is out. Ghee is another option (clarified butter) and would be my fat of choice for high-heat application. The only fat I'm aware that won't be smoking over 500F is Avocado Oil.
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