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  1. I recently came home from a visit in Long Beach to a friends house with about 20 lbs of frozen yellowfin. They were making room in their freezer for more fish. Its been frozen since february in nice cryovac packages. I haven't had yellowfin in awhile but if I remember correctly its a little on the oilier side isn't it?

    What are your favorite recipes or suggestions for cooking it. I usually marinade it and grill but am looking for suggestions.

    I love tartare with sriracha, sesame oil, green onions, etc made with fresh albacore and am wondering if I could make something similar with this even if its been frozen


  2. My mother hates to cook, and thats one of the reasons I learned how. I started experimenting in the kitchen at a young age and subjected the rest of the family to the results. What I did learn though was how to have a party. I used to be mortified when Dad would catch the chicken on fire on the grill, or the dog would steal the roast.. but everyone always had a great time! They were relaxed about it, and always made jokes and people still kept coming over. Usually unexpectedly. Mom knew how to stretch out one little tiny bird into a meal for everyone. I am not quite as relaxed as they are about things, but im getting there.

  3. I eat this on mixed greens at least twice a week. Tuna, little olive oil, good squeeze of lemon, capers, green onion, salt and pepper.

  4. Beet greens are a favorite of mine. My Greek family sautes them in olive oil and then tosses them with olive oil, roasted diced beets (but just as good without) and lots of minced garlic. Room temp or cold.

  5. There is a definate pickle trend going on here. I too am a fan of the pickle peanut butter white bread sandwich but I like mine with sweet relish. I also put chunky peanut butter in the microwave for a few seconds, til it's a little runny, then I dip dill pickles in it. Grosses my coworkers out and they will usually want anything I eat

  6. At almost all the So Cal grocery stores, and every Mexican grocery store they sell the powders which can be chili and salt, or sweetened versions. Some of the brands I buy are Pico De Gallo, Baby Lucas (sweetened), and Tajin. I avoid the ones with the limon flavor because it usually tastes artificial. The liquid is tamarind based I believe and is called chamoy. Lots of online sources for all of them.

  7. Its funny how rejected it can make you feel. I once took a greek pasta dish to a family potluck, meeting most of my new in-laws at the same time. The sauce had browned butter (people were put off by the "odd" color) in it and the pasta was orzo. No one touched it, and my dear new Parents-in-law ate about a lb of it in support of me. Loved them for that. And I too wish you would come to a potluck with me! I would eat that up!

  8. I live in Palm Springs, and though I dont get to many of the higher end restaurants I can definately make suggestions about some great places to eat, or steer you away from a few places. Lots of chains here, but if you look you can find a lot of nice little Mom and Pop places that are trying hard. Here are a few off the top of my head that I like personally (coachella valley wide)

    Johnny Pasta's 68375 E Palm Canyon, Cathedral City

    Small Italian restaurant in a strip mall, nothing fancy but always happy with service and quality. Definately above average, reasonable prices, interesting menu. Johnny Pastas

    La Bella Cucina 72355 Hwy 111, Palm Desert

    Another small Italian restaurant in a strip mall, this one probably my favorite. Always fresh ingredients, always a winner. Again, not fancy. Reasonably priced, casual.

    Mexico Tipico (dont have the address now, but can get it) Indio Blvd, Indio

    Excellent authentic Mexican food. Great caldo de res. Everything is not smothered in a layer of yellow cheese.

    Atlantic Fish & Chips 73850 Hwy 111, Palm Desert

    Yet another strip mall location. I cant help it, this place if fantastic. Definately not fancy. Little red plastic basket casual. But the fish and chips, fried shrimp, fried zucchini are out of this world. Oddly, they have an almost complete chinese menu also but I have never tried any of it. Mom and Pop operation, sweetest couple. The husband keeps his batter in a container that he keeps on ice. Tempura style batter, light and shatteringly crispy. Yum, I need to go there tomorrow.

    There is a sushi restaurant (the name escapes me right now, I want to say Kiyosaku, but not positive) next to Steinmart in Palm Springs. 1555 S Palm Canyon

    Serious, to me at least, sushi. Slightly intimidating to me as a sushi neophyte and this is not my specialty. But I was impressed and my Brother who is from LA and takes his sushi seriously really liked it.

    Wasabi 333 S Indian Canyon, Palm Springs Bento boxes, sushi. Excellent service and quality. Casual and reasonable prices.

    Couple other places off the top of my head.

    Shermans Deli for sandwiches and breakfast (Palm Springs)

    TKB Deli (Bermuda Dunes)

    Oceans (Cathedral City)

    Zin (Palm Springs) Zin

    Tylers (Palm Springs)

    These last three I havent been to personally, but have heard good things about.

    Shame On The Moon (Rancho Mirage) Shame On The Moon

    Cafe des Beaux-Arts (Palm Desert) Cafe des Beaux-Arts

    Chez Pierre (Palm Desert) Chez Pierre

    As you can see, I specialize in casual and reasonably priced, and have a penchant for strip malls. But if anyone is coming this way soon let me know, I will try to help you out if I can.

    Edited to add Atlantic Fish & Chips

  9. I recently bought a house that has a lemon tree (yay!) and I have tons of lemons, so I am going to make a batch of limoncello this week. I have never actually tried any myself, so will be guessing whether or not the finished product turns out right or not. I have read thru a good portion of this thread but not all of it, and just wanted to clarify something. This does not have to be refrigerated correct? I saw a post saying it did not, and understand that it is put in the freezer before serving just so that its nice and ice cold. I plan on giving away a few bottles and wanted to be sure as I found another recipe (on a different site, and which I will not be using) that says to store it in the refrigerator. Glad to hear about the grapefruit option also, might try that too since I also have a pink grapefruit tree and I cant even give enough of it away.

  10. Too bad I did not know this was coming up, or I would have taken pictures of the enchiladas suiza I made last week. I love green sauce with roasted poblanos and tomatillos, and top the enchiladas with crema, fresh chopped onion, and cilantro.

    Just a quick suggestion for a side dish if you dont want something heavy. Blanch carrots, zucchini, potato, and green beans seperately and then toss with a basic vinagraitte, salt and pepper. Best slightly cold or room temp. Works really well with enchiladas.

    I used to just flash my tortillas through the oil, basically a quick dip. I was trying for softened and pliable, but they needed a little more than that. Definately not looking for crispy, but they hold up in the rolling and cooking and have a nice chew in the finished product if you cook them slightly first.

    I am already thinking I might have to jump in on this one and use my new digital camera too.

  11. Hope its not bad form to open up such an old thread again. I read this whole thread yesterday with much interest. So today when I was at the grocery store wandering around I saw some soy wrappers that caught my attention and I was inspired to try making my own rolls. (I am at home recovering from surgery and bored out of my mind) My husband is not crazy about nori and I admit I was attracted to the novelty of these.


    I got some calrose rice, rice vinegar, imitation crab legs, an avocado and a cucumber and am going to give this a try today. I couldnt find a bamboo mat at my grocery store and couldnt go out looking for one, but I figured I could find something to make do with for today at least.

    I will post pictures later.

  12. Best Foods (Hellmanns in the south) mayo, *must be the first spoon from a new jar

    This made me crack up. And I totally understand. My husband doesnt get it, but there really is something about the first spoonful. Much thicker and creamier. I think I ate a tomato sandwich every single day of the last 4 months of my last pregnancy (only on toasted white bread). This thread has haunted me since yesterday, and I had to go out and get a fresh loaf of rosemary sourdough, new jar of Best Foods, and several ginormous tomatoes. So delicious that I had it again for breakfast and am sorely tempted yet again. I have so many new techniques to try out.

  13. Thanks for checking into it for me. I ordered the chicken special of that night, and though our waiter spoke good english I wasnt able to get much of an idea what to expect other than balsamic vinegar. I just took a chance and ordered it and was so happy. It was chicken breast with balsamic vinegar reduction on it, that might have had some sort of chili in it and I am almost positive that it had ground peanuts in it. Something was slightly lightening the color and thickening the sauce. One of my friends ordered a carne asada plate that came with an unusual salsa or pickled vegetable that she jealously guarded. I was only able to get one tiny bite, and she was too far away for me to examine it well. It was served cold, just a nice spoonful of it beside her meat. Appeared to have some sort of leafy green that had been cooked down, and definately white onion which I think had been pickled. It was very unusual and I was intrigued enough to want to know what it was and to want a better taste of that. Everything was great, if it was the same place I only wish we could have gone there again for breakfast. If it helps, the entire outside is now painted green and is near Estero Beach Resort and next to The Beach House Hotel also.

  14. I just got back from Ensenada today and am hoping for some help locating some information about a restaurant we ate at last night. It was called Marios, and was located well south of downtown Ensenada near a place called Corona Beach. It was right down the street from the Hotel Villa Real if that helps anyone. Our dinner was fantastic and we ate quite a few unusual dishes that I was hoping to attempt to recreate. Well this morning another person in our group mentioned that they thought the chef there had published a cookbook. Of course we doesnt know the authors name or book title, so of course I came here to pick a few brains.


  15. I picked up a box at Trader Joes specifically to try this out, and was definately not disappointed. Big hit with me and the hubby.

    When I was growing up my best friends were greek, and they introduced me to artichokes. One of my favorite ways they made them was to quarter cleaned baby artichokes and then simmer in tomato sauce with lamb shanks and lemon juice. I dont have an exact recipe for this, and would have to just wing it now. But now that the babies are available at TJ's I think that will be next.

  16. Well I am late to this thread, but just in case anyone is still interested...

    Family Fun Magazine always has great recipes for April Fool's. Here is a link to the cupcakes I planned on making this year.

    Meatloaf Cupcakes

    A friend made them and said they worked great on her kids. If you do a search on the magazines webpage for April Fools food they have quite a few other recipes. Fake spaghetti with malted balls, chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes with gravy that is actually chicken bone candy and ice cream with caramel sauce.

    Anyway, great resource for prank foods.

  17. Well I found out the trees I have been picking from were infested with Olive Flys. I went over my batch last year really well (I thought) but still had a few sneak in there. Of course now I am grossed out by the thought of eating larvae protein bits in my olives, but I am going to try again! There are tons of trees around me, so I am going to move spots and give it a try again.

  18. When I rip it (like snowangel) rather than actually chop, it seems to last a little better. It doesnt get that bruised, for lack of a better word, look to it or get slimy. I too wrap the leftovers in a paper towel and then in plastic bag but it doesnt last too long even that way.

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