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    Recipes with Dates

    Wow. I want to try every single one of these suggestions. Im particularly interested in chutney as i can put jars in my gift baskets
  2. Goatjunky

    Recipes with Dates

    My husband just helped a man from our church with a big move. The other two people who offered to help never showed up. He works as management at a local date farm and as a gesture of thanks has sent us an incredibly large amount of dates and other produce. I recognize the medjool and deglets, but will have to ask about the rest. There are dates stuffed with almonds, rolled in coconut, etc. Plus a bunch of citrus and grapes. I will never be able to eat all these dates in the near future. I can gift some, but am looking forideas such as something i can put up in cans maybe? Date bars and bread come to mind also. I have no idea how to best store them. What savory dishes come to mind for you?
  3. My husband is from kenmore. Its iconic to him, so sons see it as the epitome. Buffalo wings were too expected. I am going to look into ordering the bread
  4. He is deadset on NY as a demonstration, and beef on weck. For approximately 40. In a classroom. But its doable, if i can figure out how to replicate the rolls
  5. I am loving all the responses. My son is a little overwhelmed by all the choices. Certain states have a LOT of possibilities so far and others none as of yet. He is going to pick one per state, make a map, and then do a demonstration. That state hasnt been determined yet. Anyone from Arkansas? Idaho... gotta be potatoes, but what dish?
  6. The differences in burgers is already a big hit for the kid
  7. Wow. This is turning into the best conversation. I never even thought of conch for florida. And of course steak for nebraska
  8. Thank you for all the responses! I personally find this fascinating. There are lots of webpages that hit on the subject, but i didnt want him to just rely on those. I think aqutak and corn cob jelly are going to be experiments.
  9. I realize this is a broad question, but i am looking for suggestions for foods that you associate with certain states. My son is doing a report on the 50 states and has decided to pick a certain foodstuff that you would associate. Such as key lime pie, loosemeat, buffalo wings etc. It made me curious and i have begun helping him. I have gotten very interested in it, but am stumped by a few. He wants dishes, not just ingredients that are local. He can do the research for why the dish became popular in the region. But wants to go a little past the expected. What would you consider an alaskan specialty? North Dakota? Iowa? Nevada....
  10. I personally love the book 1000 mexican recipes by Marge Poore. I have, and use, kennedy and bayliss books but this is the one i come back to time after time
  11. I got my Grandmothers aeblskiver pan, an instantpot pressure cooker, and oddly a breakfast sandwich maker. Lol.
  12. Unexpected guests are coming! My husband ran out and found an open store and purchased a five lb prime rib. (Only two extra guests, but he did what he could lol) i dont have time to bring it to room temperature and am in a rush to get it in the oven. I was planning dinner in 5 to 6 hours. All my recipes say to bring it to room temp, i cant so how would you adjust cook time?
  13. I just inherited my grandmas aebleskiver pan. So excited to experiment tomorrow morning.
  14. Totally disappointed with the triple ginger brew (think i got the name right) i love ginger, i love gingerale. I was excited to try this and i love the bottle. Reality though is that it has an odd fruity flavor and makes my stomach burn
  15. I make salt roasted beef with an eye of the round. My husbands family has used the recipe for probably 40 years, tried and true. I can give you the recipe, the jist of it is a crust made of salt with black pepper, chili sauce, mustard, and cloves. The crust keeps the juices in and breaks away easily. Family favorite.
  16. Im excited. Never eaten it before, let alone tried to make it
  17. Cut in half and cross hatched for maximum topping ratio Butter, sour cream, chives or green onions, lots of salt n pepper of course. But leftover broccoli and cheese is awesome Sour cream and if i am lucky enough a little caviar I basically want most of this list http://www.buzzfeed.com/arielknutson/amazing-ways-to-eat-a-baked-potato-for-dinner?s=mobile
  18. Goatjunky

    Curing olives

    I will try them, thanks. Its aggravating to do all the picking and throw it away
  19. Goatjunky

    Curing olives

    I have no idea. But i find little larvae in my soak, and black spots on my olives. Picked from various places. Park mostly.
  20. I am very lucky to have numerous hunting/fishing friends. I have soo much moose, elk, venison, wahoo, tun in my freezer. I know what to do with that. But i have trout personn Now. Whole trouts, gutted. I have 30 plus. What to do? They wont eat a fish servedsk And head. I will smoke some
  21. Goatjunky

    Curing olives

    I was very excited when i got my house, five years ago... put in three olive trees. Infested every year, trying all the remedies. But i still see larvae. Same for my picked olives from the park. I am finally ordering some. Cant wait
  22. How big is a block of ice?
  23. Oh Chris.. you totally made me laugh with this post. Begoggled. But of course i immediately began researching demara sugar. And resolve to make this. I love that he says cleverly. Edited for my mangling of demerama
  24. I should also add... this is a group of 5 o clock cocktailers
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