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  1. Very big family and a LOT of work friends. Age groups differ, but most over 50. I dont really have an expectation yet for the group size

    Its an open house event, not sit down. I have two nice bowls and there will be a bar. It starts at 7 pm

    No limitations given.

    And because i love this couple, and am given limited range in the kitchen for this.. i want to wow

  2. I have been asked to make a punchbowl for a 50th wedding anniversary. She is cooking nostalgic food and wants a punchbowl. I can not even remember the last time i even drank punch. I have a ton of older cookbooks with punch recipes, but i dont want to experiment with them all that much because i have no use for a ton of punch. Anyone have suggestions? So out of my usual

  3. I do it because i appreciate them handling the numerous requests we have, and really because i did appreciate the service i got. We have about three places we frequent at work a LOT and they treat our order so well. But i never tip as much as when we actually eat in there.

  4. Sorry if i am in the wrong topic here, couldnt find a better match. I work at a place where we work 12 hour shifts, often a person will offer to go get food. Usually that is me. Because if i go it doesnt mean i have to have burger king which is half a block away. So everyone gives me their money but never adds for tip.. im curious..i tip on takeouts, especially my group that wants xxx. A. What is a normal takeout tip and b. And is it unusual for people not to tip on takeout?

  5. Im kinda in the same boat on refried beans. I just dont like them that much, but oddly i am asked to make them for any get together with mexican food, or asked for my recipe. Its just doctored up beans because i was looking for some flavor or textur. I use peruano beans and i never can understand it. Its like paste to me. Maybe a texture thing. Not a fan of mashed potatoes either

  6. My garden is crazy producing right now, so this is perfect. My favorite is tourloo (which my greek family called toodleoo. )

    Here is a basic start, but it is completely interchangeable with what you have on hand. Eggplant, green beans, pattypan, etc

    Lots of tomato, garlic, and olive oil are musts. And good crusty bread to soak it up. I will post pics as soon as i make it. Hopefully tomorrow


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  7. My husband was channel surfing today and saw something on The Pioneer Womans show that grabbed his attention. Her husband butter poached a tenderloin on the grill. I had to go back and watch the episode online because i couldnt find the recipe online. We are going to do it tonight but the instrictions were a little vague on the grilling part. I dont usually grill, and dont particularly want my husband to experent too much with what turned out to be an expensive hunk of meat. Our tenderloin is three pounds and im unsure on grill heat and time. On the show it looked like a fairly low flame and i think he said about forty minutes. But his tenderloins were very big

  8. A friend of mine just gifted me with fresh yellowtail. The last gift of fresh swordtail began exuding worms when i started grilling it. Gross. I was told to freeze it first but a. Are they not still there, i think not. And b. I hate the thought of freezing my fresh fish to cook it. Is there something i can look for?

  9. Well, the bottom pan came out fine... enough. They were not as light or raised i think as the first attempt. Im sure i did something wrong with the yeast that day. They were lightly browned on the bottom though. The top pan didnot brown, im sure thats due to the two pans. But they were dense and just seemed heavy... i am a total newb at this, totally struggling with just explaining where i think i went wrong. Lol. I did notice that the yeast on the second attempt didnt seem to react the same.

  10. I just started baking. So i have a lot to learn. But i am finding it fascinating. I started with norwegian bread, boller. http://mylittlenorway.com/norwegian-christmas/boller-conventional-recipe/ my first attempt was sooo good. We loved it so much i made it another day but put two pans in the oven at once. Total failure. Im not experienced enough yet to know what went wrong. One of the recipes i referenced did say one pan at a time.

  11. I do the majority of cooking for my elderly parents. My mother is obsessed with cabbage rolls. I find it tedious to get nice intact leaves. Until someone told me to put the head in the freezer, then let it thaw before rolling. It works great. Soft pliable intact leaves. Most of you probably know this one, but i love it. I make soup or something for the crockpot, put it in a big ziploc and freeze on a baking sheet flat in the freezer. Then i end up with nice thin little packages i can store vertically in a a little plastic file holder or in neat stacks.

  12. I adore my paper towels but i have two teenagers and 4 dogs to deal with so I might be in the minority, I use them for cleaning, napkins, fried food, basically whatever I can. I buy the bulk brand that sams club has monthly But it is as much a staple in my house as toilet paper. I do have kitchen towels, but I never know what the person before me has done with that towel..

  13. this is the basic, sometimes I mess around and mix in other things

    1 cup mayo

    1 cup sour cream

    1 to 2 tablespoons minced onion

    couple dashes seasoned salt

    1 to 2 tablespoons minced italian parsley

    4 to 5 tablespoons minced fresh dill

    its best when it has sit for an hour or more. Its fabulous on good bread, and basically any raw veg I can think of.

  14. I will be doing mine in kiddie pools this year too, got several on clearance and helps a lot when you have three boxer terrors running thru the yard. I have started my tomato seeds and am very excited about them. I bought several packets of an heirloom mix that includes flame orange, green zebra, yellow pear, tigerella, San marzano, black krim, and costoluto genovese. Last year a wind storm decimated my tomato plants so i have high hopes this year. Really excited about my "pineapple" tomatillos too. Couldn't get them before. Seeds sold out. I will be doing dancing spirit peppers, cantalope and cucumbers also

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