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  1. ..and then, if she bother to wash her hands, wipes them on the self-same towel! edited for spelling
  2. BORSCHT! ...drool, drool, drool...
  3. NWKate

    Pickles--Cook-Off 32

    " For anyone who ever espies a copy of the Farm Journal Canning book at a garage sale or thrift store, pick up a copy." HA! I found this at Goodwill and lent it to a friend...just last week, I got it back before she "forgot" from whence it came! Kate
  4. Yup- if it doesn't come presliced, I'm a grater...never can make those slices come out even...grumble,grumble,grumble... Kate
  5. I really think that a lot of our rules come from that with which we are most comfortable. In other words, if my mother said so, it must be true. Also, for me, many of my rules found their origin in my childhood. Okay- and here's the biggie-" Matzoh Ball Soup MUST be made with chicken stock- chicken stock I tell's ya- none of this VEGETARIAN wannabe cr-p!" I argued with a friend of mine over this at length as I have made plenty fine soup using a good vegetable stock- but then, what do I know? I'm a convert which practically makes me a goyim in some circles... Kate
  6. And are we posting all these divine recipes here???
  7. Let me think? When was the last time I considered Racheal Ray an authority on anything edible? ...Right around the time I considered her a credible cook- that's right - never. I don't watch her shows, I don't read her books. Misinformation on her show? Come on, what did you expect? Kate
  8. Elizabeth David set an early standard and I am grateful that her books are being reissued. She and Julia Child have set the tone for all my other culinary reads! Culinarilly, Kate
  9. Thamksgivings in my family were often fraught with dissension and chaos but I have made new family traditions that serve us well. I make the sweet potato casserole ( the one with brandy!) out of the old NYT Cookbook, Thomas Keller's Green Bean Casserole and the CI brined roast turkey with an Anthony Bourdain twist each year. For dessert we always have pumpkin pie with freshly whipped heavy cream. And the latest addition is Russ Parson's mother's cranberry sauce with orange zest. This year I also had chantrelle mushrooms for the dressing and will never look back! Kate
  10. NWKate

    Mustard Greens

    Make mine just lightly sauteed then spritzed with lemon juice and a little freshly grated Parm Yum! Kate
  11. Okrah- sorry, I just can't eat something that beats me to the swallow! Kate
  12. Unfortunately, just because I can! Gustatorally yours, Kate
  13. NWKate

    Flat muffins

    Overmixing perhaps? I was always told to mix only until the dry ingredients were just moistened. Also, were the leavening agents too old? Kate
  14. Good point Phaelon. Frankly, the jarred sauce, as much as I dislike it is still better than the stuff I was raised on-shudder. We all make trade offs based on out time, money and energy. Sounds like you have decided what works best for you. (And I'm with you on the fresh ground!) Kate
  15. NWKate

    Easy Bake Pommes Anna

    I love it! I got an "Easy Bake Oven" way back when but quit using it when the pancakes I had made from their mix turned green the next day! Kate
  16. My son prefers jarred sauce-gag. For myself, I choose to take the time on weekends to make what I consider to be a good quality sauce that I freeze in smaller portions to use as needed. Since I find cooking both therapeutic and recreational, jarred sauce will have no place in my home once my son leaves for college. Gustatorilly- Kate
  17. Sigh- too bad you don't live in Olympia- a single Jewish man who cooks! Kate
  18. What a dilemma! While I must come down on the side of cake( since I always make double chocolate cake with raspberry finning and mocha whipped cream frosting for my birthday), I also must put in another vote for the Farm Journal's Pie Cookbook- it has the most reliable recipes I've ever found. While one might argue that pies are more versatile given the number of both sweet, protein filled, and savory available, I still want cake for my birthday ( and, well, every day!). Sweetly, Kate
  19. Unfortunately, there ARE foods that are better than sex-depending, of course, with whom you are having sex ! With that caveat, I am a long time fan of holding a bite of a rich dark chocolate truffle in my mouth and then taking a sip of excellent French Roast which melts the chocolate which drips down my throat...sigh Kate
  20. NWKate

    Chips and Crisps

    I like Terra chips but find they have a weird oily after taste- are they made with some tropical oil or something? I have even thought of attemting to make them at home as I like the concept but not the actual product. Kate
  21. NWKate

    Sandwich Dinner

    I have blanched matchsticks of various veggies and then tied bundles of them together with blanched green onions. A little melted butter and drizzled lemon juice really sets them off. Kate
  22. NWKate

    What a tzimmes

    I made Melissa's tsimmes for last night's Seder and it was a Hit! My new favorite! Thnaks, Kate
  23. Exactly, John! Her " Potato" show was one of the reruns I saw and she cooked a simple dish of potatoes, onions, polish sausage and eggs and cream. While many of us live in areas that have wonderful access to esoteric items, that is a dish for which one could easily procure ingredients from an army base. Kate
  24. One of our local stations also recently ran some Julia Child specials. It was very nostalgic for me as I used to watch her show when I was a kid. Watching it now as an adult, I was struck by how classic, elegant, refined and yet simple so many of her dishes were. In these days of food fads and food celebrities, I fear there would be no place for her. But we were all enriched by her straightforward approach and absolute love of food! she taught us well! Kate
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