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  1. I am only an amateur cook but when even I can tell that these times are off that is very telling- thank you for your verification!
  2. PS I did I not follow the directions on the package ( seriously, 9 minutes on 1 side, 1 minute on the other?). More like 5 minutes & 4 minutes on the others and this seemed to work. Please pray for my hips...
  3. Oh, thank you J-sus, the result was crisply & crunchy and held up to the Siracha sauce- G-d forgive my hips...I think I've finally found a winner!
  4. Well, that lasted all of 5 minutes before I started preheating...will let you know.
  5. Then in there is truly no hope- I'm trying to stave off the cravings but as long as they're not too rubbery, they have to be an improvement on the so-called steamed mussels. By the way, I will be using my Cuisinart convection toaster oven so we'll see if that makes a difference. Have siracha will travel!
  6. @ blue-dolphin I almost wept when I read your post-calamari happens to be one of my favorite foods. ...so, I've just returned from TJ's with said item and a new bottle of Siracha in hand. Darn it, I hate when I put on my holiday 20 before Thanksgiving...sigh
  7. NWKate


    I have spread the tops with jalapeño jam and taken them to office meetings along with good crackers or baguettes.
  8. NWKate

    An Overload of Eggs

    Have clafoutis been mentioned?
  9. I absolutely love Doris Greenspan but I tend to land on the savory rather than the sweet side of things. However, am looking forward to reading everyone's exploration of this book!
  10. ...just want to say that I am more than willing to provide a home for wandering books at shipping cost- especially judiacca and baking!
  11. In one word- YUCH- I am not to the point that having others pick my menu and ingredients appeals to me- good luck to you all.
  12. @IndyRob. You're absolutely right- fiduciary responsibility is the key phrase. They should have a field day in court, what with poaching employees, product, and tv station involvement. There are 2 legal firms looking to build their summer properties out of this.
  13. Welcome! I love Vietnamese food and am looking forward to reading your posts!
  14. NWKate

    An Overload of Eggs

    If you have school age kids, I'm sure the schools would appreciate some homemade goodies for the break room. Barring that, there are homeless shelters, food pantries and first responders.
  15. I just saw some silicone spoon rests at Safeway- I've always been wary of the ceramic ones but would be willing to give these a try.
  16. NWKate

    An Overload of Eggs

    You could make several breakfast stratas and have breakfast covered for the duration of the hunting season. I would just line the casserole dish with tin foil that's been sprayed with Pam first so that you can lift out the strata once baked, cool then wrap securely and freeze until needed- oh, and bread pudding for dessert uses a lot of eggs. Doris Greenspan has a chocolate bread pudding recipe to die for!
  17. Maybe try brining it then cooking low & slow?
  18. This is so true. In the last place I worked, I resorted to take out since the microwaves were absolutely criminal. Honestly, it made me wonder what the state of their kitchens were. When the coffeemaker died, I brought in a high end Cuisinart model that I had received as a gift and never received one thank you. Needless to say, when I left, the coffeemaker left with me. Since I left, I've lost over 20 pounds due to no longer stress eating.
  19. @Franci- I'm with your son! I was never a cotton candy afficianado & the thought of that flavor in grapes makes my teeth hurt.
  20. I always make wild rice with beef broth and toasted mixed wild mushrooms. My son and I were never big pumpkin pie fans so a blueberry apple one is a perennial favorite.
  21. Nah, you'll cave! I think I might also!
  22. ... I love chicken thighs in any way, shape or form!
  23. Sigh, no in & out burgers in Washington state but they are the best burgers I've ever had. Five Guys come in a deep second.
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