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  1. Oh man this place sounds fab. I'll be in Houston with my aunts for the 4th of July weekend, and I think I'm going to coerrce them into taking me there!
  2. I love: Anothy Bourdain (Well, who doesn't? Except maybe my mom. She's afraid of him. Hee.) Martha Stewart (I have to admire anyone who knows what they are good and and runs with it. She's one of my personal heros.) Alton Brown (Smart is sexy.) Paul Deen (What?! She reminds me of my Granny, and she makes the kind of food I grew up with. Plus, she seems really sweet.) Can take or leave: Gaida (Her constant grin is creepy and her food isn't that impressive, but at least she's not outwardly offensive.) Ina Garten (Booooorrring. An over-privaleged Hampton's housewife with her own show. Yawn. But
  3. Yup, I call it "catchup with chunks". That's why I usually order the anti-salsa, a side of jalapeno ranch. ← I've been having trouble finding good salsa at any Mexican restaurant in this town, not just the chains. Either it is flavorless, too chunky, or just down-right store-bought. How can it be that a place like East Side Cafe has better salsa than most Mexican food places? So weird.
  4. MissAmy

    Per Se

    I agree. However, I don't see why there needs to be any emphasis at all. Putting "foie gras" or foie gras on a menu doesn't change the fact that the mere mention of foie gras will jump out at you, nor does it help anyone who might not know what foie gras is. It just seems a little silly, and a little too twee.
  5. MissAmy

    Per Se

    Tupac, thank you for the absolutely lovely recap of your dinner. It was a delight! Alas, the use of quotation marks in the menu is really bothering me. As a former English major, when I see something in quotations, it seems to denote that the thing is not really what it is but rather an approximation. Therefore, when I see the use of something like "foie gras", it makes me think to myself, "Hmm... is it REALLY foie gras, or is Keller playing around with different ingredients that taste and seem like foie gras but aren't really?" It bothers me. Why not just say Foie Gras? Another example that
  6. I am all about an eGullet convention at Burning Man. Imagine the looks on the uberHippies faces when we bust out the foie!
  7. As long as they just sit quiety in the diner's lap, I really don't see the problem. They never bothered me in Paris.
  8. I've never once used my French Laundry cookbook. It sits on the coffee table as porn. It's not that I don't think it could pull off the recipes - I'm almost 100% positive that I could - but it's mainly a time and money thing. I work. I work in a kitchen. I don't want to come home and spend all night cooking, or alternatively, spend my entire two days off making one single recipe. And money. I'm not rich. I can't afford truffles, foie gras, decent caviar, or morrels. I mean, I guess I could if I really wanted to spend half my paycheck on one meal. But if I'm going to do something like that, I r
  9. Yay! You got a basset hound! My mother has one, and while her nose is VERY strong, she's not all that disciplined. Maybe yours will be better. Then again, our basset is spoiled just horribly, and was never made to go to obedience school. But I hope you're successful! I love bassets! SO CUTE!
  10. If you had their life, wouldn't you want to get high to escape it, too? I mean, I'm just saying... But anyway, I had an idea. What if you contacted the local highschool and asked if any kids would like to volunteer with you? I know that a lot of highschools now require some hours of community service in order to graduate and this might be something the would really enjoy doing. Particularly if a highschool in your area has a culinary program.
  11. I last ate a good meal at Threadgill's about, oh say, 20 years ago. I was nine. 'Nuff said. Avoid the place. If out-of-towners insist on going, go for a drink and eat someplace else. Hoover's is so far superior as to be ridiculous, and not just for chicken fried steak. HA! That's beautiful.
  12. Blue Bell ice cream is one of the great loves of my life. Favorite flavors are: Homemade Vanila Fresh Strawberries and Homemade Vanila Banana Split Strawberry God I love Blue Bell. I don't know what I'd do if I moved to a place where they didn't have it.
  13. I always rest meat under tinted foil because of my cat who as a preternatural affection for roasted meats, and a remarkable ability to leap tall counters with a single bound. But I guess I'm really just a moron.
  14. MissAmy

    [Austin] Fino

    My aunt and I went to Fino a couple of times about a month ago. It was good, but I still say the Asti venture is better. I didn't know they even had a sommelier. Our wine order was taken by our knowlegeable server, but I would have like to know we could at least asked for a sommelier if we wanted. Also, another reason I haven't gone back lately is that I live in fear of being sat at one of those incredibly uncomfortable-looking tall tables in the bar section. I'm really short, so sitting at one of those would make me so uncomfortable I wouldn't have any fun. Sure, they look cool. But they al
  15. What you did is truly awe-inspiring! Especially as you seem to be dealing with debilitating health issues. I really admire you for this. One thing, though... please be careful. Does anyone accompany you on these ventures? Also, what about including a couple of those little bite-sized Hersey's candy bars? You could get one large pack of them really cheaply at a place like Sam's or Costco, and the people would love them! Again, I think this project is so cool. It is inspiring me to do something similar in my own community...
  16. Ditto on the old way McDonald's did their apple pies. Oh my lord. The ones they have now are beyond contempt.
  17. There's not a lot I won't eat in summer, but I do tend to avoid hearty soups, stews, risottos, and braises. Just too heavy when it's 100 degrees with 80% humidity. And I know that curries are supposed to cool you down in summer, but I have a really hard time eating super-hot curry after about May or so. Mild curries are fine, particularly if they have a nice, sweet, coconut element, but ultra hot just won't do.
  18. Ditto on the bolognese. Mine is so much better than just about any restaurant's that I would feel like an idiot paying money for it. Also, I've lately become this way about shrimp as well. At home, I can have as many of the little buggers as I want, for a fraction of the price. In a restaurant, the portion is always stupidly small (FOUR shrimp on a salad for $12?! Thank you, but no) and you also run the risk they will be overcooked. At home, I can eat as much as I want, cook them the way I like them, and really enjoy them. I'm one of those few souls who will eat chicken and tuna salads outsid
  19. Very impressive! Were there a lot of leftovers? And, how long did it take to put everything together?
  20. To add to this, PLEASE keep the music at conversation volume. I didn't come to listen to the house looped tape, I came to enjoy time with my dining companions. I have walked out of many a restaurant lately as soon as I entered because somehow it's become trendy to play music at deafening volume. Not. Cool.
  21. Poppseed dressing is a Southern thing? I never knew. I thought everyone ate poppyseed dressing on spinach salad and on mixed fruit salad...
  22. MissAmy

    Whiny Diners

    What I don't understand is why people have suddenly gotten SO PICKY about their damn table in a restaurant. It's a table. Where they bring you food. Why do people whine about it so much? What is a good table, anyway? And why are people so terrified of sitting next to others? You're in a restaurant. It's a -gasp- public place where there are -gasp- other people. If they want restaurant quality food in absolute privacy, they need to hire a personal chef. It has never once occurred to me to bitch about a table I was given, or about people that were sat next to me. If the people are insufferable
  23. You should tell them. From what I understand, they want to become sort of the end-all-be-all in Italian purveyors in Austin. I'm sure they'd order some stuff if you suggested it.
  24. That's a great thing. Maybe it will enable me to stop buying my wine glasses at the Dollar Store.
  25. The Cooks Illustrated, Best New Recipes is a god-send. I refer to it all the time. Same with Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I own about twenty cookbooks, but use those almost exclusively.
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