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  1. We really should start a thread called, "tales from Culinary school." ← I agree!
  2. Protein class? Is that really what they call it? ← Well, no. It was called CA102, and was the class where they started teaching how to cook all meats. I call it "protein class" for brevity.
  3. ummmm...culinary school anyone?! i just loved how many classmates (and current students, and recent grads, etc.) thought they knew more than the chef instructors...isn't there a reason why you're paying $15K+ to the school?! ← Yeah. I won't tell you how much my school cost, but it was a hell of a lot more than $15k, and we still had the same issues. There was a guy who started out in my class, and ended up being suspended because he was constantly arguing with the chef instructors over various idiotically nit picky things. He made a HUGE point of informing us all that he worked at The Sla
  4. Wait a minute. They have "no time" for brown rice?? Then what are they doing in a cooking class in the first place? And the butter and salt issue: I'm assuming they eat out all the time, yes? Do they realize how much butter and salt go into restaurant food? And besides, you can always pull the, "Shut up. I'm your chef instructor. You are a lowly student. Shut up and pay attention and maybe you'll learn something" card like my chefs did. And in my opinion, the olny responce to a statement like "the teacher gives fool-proof recipes. You can't mess 'em up; all you have to do is follow the dire
  5. I had a serious love for the plastic food when I lived in Japan. For one thing, it simplified ordering for me as I learned Japanese, and hense I felt more comfortable trying restaurants I normally would have balked at due to the language barrier. Once my knowledge Japanese language and food became more extensive, I used the plastic food to hunt out things I wanted to try. And it IS truly remarkable how much the plastic food resembles the actual food you are served. Not at all like the food advertisment photographs here in the States that can rarely be relied on as an approximation of what you
  6. Hahaha! I'll keep that in mind for next time. And no, she's actually fairly decent about the wine - typically it's some sort of boring yet palatable Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. She truly fancies her self as quite the foodie! A fact in which I find no end of amusement. She is actually a very nice person, and a rather accomplished therapist, but her relationship toward food hovers around the truly bizarre. She spends all this time and money shopping at places like Central Market and Whole Foods, only to ruin dishes in some sort of misguided attempt to make them "healthy." As if in order for some
  7. Oh god. For some reason, people who do this really, really irritate the bejeezus out of me. This woman who is a friend of my aunt's is notorious. This past Christmas, we hosted an elaborate and elegant dinner party for friends. We made almost everything, and when my aunt's friend suggested she bring dessert, we said, "Sure!" She even went so far as to ask us to suggest a recipe, which we did: my wonderful pear tart, that has a sweet, delicate crust, chocolate bottom, custard filling, and topped with fresh pears. We'd had problems with her bring bad "modified to be healthy" desserts to parties
  8. Not from the child who says he's my son. He forgot his camera and the girlfriend forgot to charge her battery. Man, the priorities of these kids these days. BUT, he said Dylan was singing the blues (any surprises?) and was wonderful, he got to see a legend, and the kid is a musician...I'm proud. Well, at least he knows what to see in the 2 days he's there, and he gets that from mom. I'm trying to get him to go see the Doctor (John), but since he's following Dylan, I guess that's a given. God Bless New Orleans. I know at least 200 of my bucks are being spent there. I'll get the final total when
  9. Hey, thanks, Mayhaw Man! I'll certainly be checking that out.
  10. I wish, I wish, I wish, I were there. Maybe if I click my black Mary Janes togther three times I'll magically be transported? Any chance of getting any pics from anyone?
  11. It's one of those things that I just put out of my mind. However, working in one place, where the salmon BLT was the most popular thing on the menu really ruined any taste I ever had for salmon. The constant smell of it cooking just really grossed me out. I still can't even being to think about eating salmon. I've also seen way too many filthy work stations to really trust any thing that comes out of restaurant kitchens. Why more chefs don't enforce cleanliness is really beyond me. I once saw a floundering fledgling breakfast cook's station literally covered in the slime of raw egg and almost
  12. MissAmy

    Per Se

    Great pics, cchen. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to live vicariously.
  13. My grandmother grew beets in her garden, and we always ate the greens. She did hers in the typical Southern way, which is what I do. Just cook up some bacon lardons, when the fat is rendered, throw in a little onion and garlic and saute, add the greens, a little water, salt and peper, they're done when they're wilted. Serve with cornbread. Comfort food nirvana, I tell you!
  14. This Texan will tell you definitely go for wood/charcoal burning. Although they are harder to master, you will get the hang of it soon, and the flavor is infinitely better. If you can, see if you can find someone in your area who custom builds them by hand. My father does, as a side hobby/business, and I can not tell you how much I love his grills. He makes them from old propane tanks set sideways, sautered onto a base, and he cuts out a door and builds a handle. He can add a fire box for smoking, you can specify size of smoke stack, and the grills come in all sizes, from ones that are so hug
  15. THAT is a tough question! Oooh.. So, I guess the answer, "It depends on what kind of cake or pie," is not an option, correct? In that case... I'll have to say cake. I'll NEVER turn down a peice of cake. However, I'm unlikely to turn down pie as well. But I still so dearly love a great peice of cake.
  16. Exactly. If they're going to do this, then they should also ban Tyson chicken, non-free range beef, and mass produced pork. Idiocy.
  17. I am highly sensitive to MSG. Living in China, this was a huge problem. I frequently lost entire days to migranes. We eventually got the restaurants we frequented to leave out the MSG in our food. It wasn't easy, though. I am also sensitive to red wine and almost all processed foods. Those frozen Weight Watcher and Lean Cuisine dinners, despite being disgusting, will have me take to the bed within thirty minutes. If I OD on chocolate, the same thing will happen. A peice or two won't kill me, but the time I ate and entire box of Godiva cheesecake truffles (oh my god it was the best thing ever)
  18. Depending on the salad, and who I'm cooking for, I'll sometimes use a dash of honey in my vinaigrette. Honey is a natural emulsifier, so it helps the dressing hold together better, and it adds a nice deminsion of flavor.
  19. Cool blog! And Happy Birthday! I was in Amsterdam briefly during the summer of 1996, and I can't wait to see more of the city through your blog. Will you be showing us Dutch pancakes, or is that too touristy? What about the museums and coffee houses? This is so fun! I can't wait to see more.
  20. I think it's considered rude because it takes up other people's space at the table. That's what I've heard, in any case. ← Hmm. I was always told it was because it looked unattractive to be sitting at the table with your elbows and arms all splayed out. Who knows? In all honesty, my mother probably didn't know either, and that's the reason she just made up.
  21. MissAmy

    Roast Pork

    Well, I'll be jumped up and down. I just made a pork loin roast for tonight's dinner. It was pretty dang tasty. I made little slits all over it that I stuffed with slivers of garlic, then rubbed the roast with cumin, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Let come up to room temp, then did a nice, deep sear for about ten minutes. Threw some white wine and chicken stock (about 1/2c each) into the pan, and finished the thing in the oven for about another 10 minutes. It was juicy, tender, and had a really nice flavor. When the meat is resting, just heat the pan juices up, finish with a bit of butter, and
  22. Well, it's mainly imported from Italy, so while there it is much, MUCH smaller and the selection isn't nearly as large, you're more likely to find "ulitmate authentic" whatevers. I didn't get a good look at the charcuterie (they have the case situated right near the door and I'm neurotic about standing right in doorways - yeah I'm weird) but the pasta selection is all imported dried pastas. Honestly, I'm not sure if they brands they carry are the same as CM or not, but I did see a couple of things I don't remember seeing anywhere else. In fact, I'd really like to run a taste test on all these
  23. What was your family food culture when you were growing up? Well, my parents divorced when I was but a wee little thing of three. When it was just my mom and I, our food was pretty simple, basic Southern American fare. Nothing fancy, nothing gourmet, and when I think back on it, I realize there was a shocking dirth of fresh vegetables. For years and years I thought I hated green beans, asparagus, and spinach, only come to realize that I actually love them - I'd just only been feed the canned versions, which are revolting. We ate a lot of casseroles involving the "cream of..." soups, which we w
  24. For me, Subway is one of those will-do-in-a-pinch kind of places, where I go when I can't find anything else. I mean, at least it's better than McDonald's. Back in college, the Subway near school offered a Sunday special that was TWO footlong subs for SIX DOLLARS. Three of us would go in there, fork over two dollars each and split the subs. I had a job once where I only had thirty minutes for lunch and the closest things near by were a Subway and a Taco Bell, so I ended up eating A LOT of Subway. The Mediterranean Chicken Sub isn't half bad. Grilled chicken, olives, cukes, tomatoes, lettuce, f
  25. Far be it from me to tell a Southern lady how to enjoy her collard greens. Damn Yankee presumption. Now top those collards with some smoked turkey, however, and I just might have to buy a bouquet of flowers and pay a social visit. ← I'm sure my daddy would be just thrilled if some Northerner showed up off the internet encouraging his baby girl to change her greens recipe!
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