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  1. My number one gripe: Not being acknowleged. I understand that if the place is busy, it can take some time to seat or wait on a person, but it only takes about three seconds to say, "I'll be with you in a moment." It's not that hard. When I feel ignored, I leave. Dirty floors, glasses, or silverware are incredibly off-putting. If the front of the house is dirty, imagine what the kitchen looks like! I can tell when you're trying to "up-sell" me. Stop it. I am not a frugal orderer, and that should be evident when I order a glass of wine and an appetizer as soon as you hit my table. No, I don't w
  2. Thanks for the great episode, and thank you for not portraying Texans as a bunch of racist idiots. Come back soon, and have some more Shiners!
  3. I know nothing about how RR does her show, but I would be lots of money that it's not real time. The editing those people do is slick. Really slick. Like, slick to the point you never notice it. They can condense something that would take, oh say, four to five minutes and make it look like it really took only a few seconds, and you would never know the difference. It's really pretty interesting. This also ties in with racheld's point about the hand-washing thing. They are probably washing their hands longer than just a quick jaunt under the sink, it's just edited in such a way it looks faster
  4. I was just involved in a shoot for a food TV show last week. They DO wash their hands, you just never see it. Everything that's not foodfoodfood gets edited out. And they take like, a million takes of every single step, so something as seemingly mundane as hand washing doesn't ever make it on screen. Also, I found it interesting that the director, the camera guys, sound guys, etc etc, weren't food people AT ALL. Not even a little bit. They don't care about showing stuff like washing hands, all they want are the pretty shots. There was lots of other surprising stuff I learned about how those fo
  5. I know it's technically correct, but when I hear people say COO-linary, it's like nails on a chalkboard. I DO NOT go around saying I graduated from COOO-linary school. If my chefs heard me, they'd slap me sideways for being pretentious. It's just Culinary. On the other hand, it's really hard to suppress a snicker when I hear someone say 'ex-presso.'
  6. A close friend of mine was shocked to discover over the weekend that I really, really despise shitake mushrooms. I hate them with the firey passion of a thousand burning suns. They completely overpower any dish they are in to the point that you can taste nothing but those damned shitakes. And what's worse is they're soooo trendy. And everyone claims to looooove them. Gak. They are revolting.
  7. Huh. Interesting. I don't think I would ever get one for myself, but I can see the practicality behind it. The lack of counter space alone would drive me bat-shit insane. However, it is far, FAR superior to most kitchens in small apartments, and if I had to choose between the two (God forbid) I'd choose the circular thing.
  8. I had a wonderful dinner at Asti on Friday night. We shared the baby bella mushrooms stuffed with parmesan, goat cheese, and ricotta, topped with bread crumbs and truffle oil. Really nice. Deep flavor. My entree was the linguni with clams, and a sausage and tomato ragu. One of the most popular menu items for a reason. My aunt had grilled trout on lemon risotto. Simple and delicous. For dessert, we shared the plum crumble and the gelato of the day which was vanila bean with tyme and lemon curd. Really refreshing and complex. I was underwhelmed with the crumble. It was tasty, but it could have
  9. At the Central Market here in Austin, they have rendered duck fat IN the butcher's case right where they sell the duck. They may do the same thing at the one in Houston. It's still expensive, around $5 per little bucket, but cheaper than the stuff they sell in the deli area.
  10. MissAmy

    Chicken salad

    My favorite is one I learned to cook at a spa. I use roasted chicken breast, dried cherries, walnuts, finely minced shallot, minced fresh taragon, mayo, salt, and pepper. I love it.
  11. But if you think that way all the time, you'll never get to eat, or you'll just never be able to live with yourself. In many parts of the world, even the $5-10 you might spend preparing dinner for your family of 4 would feed a family of 4 for a week. And the car you drive would be able to feed a family for years...or the money you spend on gas....(cars, to me, are not necessities of life but luxuries, as are foie gras and truffles, so I include them for comparison). ← Yes, what you are saying is completely true, and I realize that is the reality of it. But, I still can't help but feel a
  12. I was also one of the truck-chasers. I'd be sitting around in my grandmother's house, watching Days of Our Lives and bored out of my skull, when that siren call of the little tinkling jingle would rouse me out of my seat, and out the door down the street. That's sad that the kids won't have the trucks. Also, I remember those portions from the ice cream truck being much smaller than the portion you would find at say an ice cream shop. The only thing that contributes to obesity is bad habits and lack of proper exersize. I wish these bannings of various things would stop.
  13. My line is drawn at anything unnecessarily cruel, like shark fin. Although, I have to admit that I ate shark fin soup while in Singapore and it was delicious! I wouldn't eat it now that I know how it is fished though. No live insects. Nothing that is still breathing for that matter. The only time I ever got truly grossed out in China was the time that a still-gasping whole fish was placed on the table for us to consume. Couldn't go there. After reading an article in Salon about the evilness that is the meat industry, I am now trying to cut down on my consumption of red meat, pork, and chicken
  14. MissAmy


    I've made a citrus brulee pie, and use blackberry coulis and fresh blackberries as garnish. They go really well with citrus, so if you don't have a lot of them, you might want to make a citrus tart of some kind and use them as the garnish/flavor enhancer. You could also get a few more other kinds of berries and do a mixed berry cobbler. Always good.
  15. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but slow and steady is the only way to lose weight healthfully. When I was on Weight Watchers back in the day, I lost weight extremely fast, mainly because I always, always ate under my point range for the day. If I got 20 points, I would eat 17, no more. Some days I would push myself and eat as few as 10. I essentially starved myself, and as soon as I got skinny and started eating normally again the weight surged back on with a vengence. Now my metabolism is shot all to hell, and it is much harder for me to lose weight. On South Beach, you do get a lot
  16. The infamous Trudy's fried stuffed avocado. Fried Stuffed Avocado Yield: 1 Portion Stuffed Avocado Ingredients: ½ ea. avocado 2 cups relleno batter 3 ea. shrimp, chopped ½ tsp. garlic 2 tbsp. pico de gallo 10 oz. white wine 3 oz. cream 2 tbsp. manchego cheese 2 oz. pasilla sauce Method: 1. Take the ½ avocado and remove the skin, leaving avocado ½ whole. Take a scoop and remove some of the flesh around the seed whole to allow for more filling. 2. Dust with flour and wrap in plastic and freeze. 3. Dip the avocado in the relleno batter removing some batter from the whole and deep fry. 4. Heat, sa
  17. I have friends who like to call me a food snob. I am not a snob. I just want things to taste good. I would much rather eat at the little taqueria on the east side where they have the homemade tortillas and the fresh barbacoa than I would some crappy, overpriced, yuppie-packed burrito joint. I refuse to eat at places like Fire Bowl and PF Changs because the food is crap, it's overpriced, and it is NOT Chinese food. For some reason, this makes me a snob to some people. So be it. I really get frustrated that nowadays you are a snob or an elitist if you don't want to eat fast food slop. My food d
  18. I'm going to second the advice about the raw oysters. I was always taught the adage, "Only in months that have an 'r'." In other words, don't eat oysters May-August.
  19. Looks like that was a pretty crappy knife, Daniel. I would junk it. I like to use a big, heavy cleaver for cutting through things like veal bones, and a nicer Shun knife for delicate work.
  20. 1st foie gras: Culinary School, circa 2004 1st caviar: A party with my father, probably age 9 or so. 1st black truffle shavings: A restaurant in Tokyo, can't remember the name, aged 12. 1st white truffle shavings: same 1st alcohol: Age 12, a party with my father. 1st raw oyster: Probably around age 6 or 7. I do remember always liking them. 1st eating something while it's still alive (conch): Do raw oysters count? 1st escargot: The now defunct Jean Luc's Bistro in Austin, TX. Was with my aunt, age 13 or 14. 1st soft-shelled crab: Somewhere in Japan, aged 13. 1st blood sausages: not yet, really
  21. Ew. After losing a job to a guy from culinary school who I know for a fact lied on his resume I find this kind of behavior reprehensible. If he can't get the job with the experience he has, he needs to go out and get the experience the honest way. Sorry to be so harsh, but despite lying on a resume to be dishonest, I am continually apalled by the way people think they can behave in this industry, when they would never pull the same stunts in others.
  22. Lori, I was thinking the same thing this morning when I logged on! I think we're all anxiously awaiting the results.
  23. Oh yeah! That's one of my favorite scenes in any movie, ever. I tried it once with some friends in college. I think we had the oil too hot, though, 'cause it just burned.
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