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  1. Right on topic, thanks for the report. You mention the food experience how did you find the service?
  2. I prefer Starwich to wichcraft both for the variety, the custom sandwich option, and the quality. You make a good point on the staff, I have never been to a "storefront" shop where they have remembered my name after the first visit.
  3. In the last few weeks the only major slip I had was in Phila. for the exact reason you stated. My sense of taste has improved, at this point I can distinguish slight tweaks to seasoning and am using much less salt. The strangest part is when you notice the smell on other people, and think damn I used to stink.
  4. My vote would be for the tartare at Blue Ribbon, it's a classic french prep with a few tweaks.
  5. I currently have a Lauda thermal circulator which I am not happy with and am planning on upgrading to a Polyscience Model anyone know the plus and minus of a thermal bath as opposed to the circulator units?
  6. For the Mango recipe cited the addition of sodium citrate is also needed as in most of Adrias "sphere" recipes from El3 to lower the acidity.
  7. Prime butcher in Ft.Lee has the best dry aged I have come across in NJ, and they now offer dinner by apointment at a small bar/kitchen area that seats eight(communal) that they have set up in the store. One of their inhouse dry aged steaks, salad, dessert, BYO. I will get more details next time I stop in. Other than that I see no viable options, other than ones own kitchen.
  8. Well, I don't know too many that would say that closure is an indicator of success... ← I think Rachel meant if a restaurant closes because an owner moves, health problems, burnout etc... not because its business plan failed or it did not have a customer base to support it. .
  9. This reminds me of the pre-peeled shrink wrapped oranges that are coming out, because people dont have time to peel an orange.
  10. Finding a fordidden fruit in Chinatown Mongosteen Juice Looks like it will be an interesting ingredient to play with.
  11. What a shame. Best wishes for a quick recovery.
  12. Its about 150 a bottle. I prefer the gold as opposed to the blue, and red as opposed to the black, so call me backwards I guess. The green is also an interesting spirit, the version sold now does not taste the same as it did before it became highly available in the US.
  13. Let me sneak a question in real quick. I was curious how do the supplements sell I.E. the Wagyu, Truffle, Filet, etc... are there any plans to introduce any other lux ingredients I am thinking of some sort of Foie sandwich with a fruit preserve maybe.
  14. M.X.Hassett


    I have heard that many of these companies will send out a small sample if you inquire about a purchase.
  15. I just wanted to mention I found these links helpful Ride of a Lifetime , foodcast , A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Starwich for following along with the the conversation and coming up with questions.
  16. eG Amazon link he New Spanish Table by Anya von Bremzen http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/076...X/egulletcom-20 you can buy it now with Jose Andres Tapas http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/140...5/egulletcom-20 The Andres book is great I will have to check out the Bremzen one. Edit:How to make an eG Amazon link
  17. "Bacon and Eggs" ala The Fat Duck. edit: vanilla, aged balsamic and cocoa nibs
  18. I have been re-watching the Sopranos and have noticed that Junior is always saying things smell like feet; wine, food, etc...
  19. I tried the Hiram Walker rock and rye and was not pleased. But I have never been pleased with there products.
  20. yep its a 13year rye, I was sipping some in a bar in Phila yesterday. The phrase "When its gone its gone" entered the conversation a few times.
  21. Spiro thanks for being here. I was curious about the airport to-go concept that was touched on in the foodcast. I currently end up spending 8-9 dollars on Nathans at LGD, would you be able to keep the same price points you currently have or is the airport rent going to force you to raise prices? Or is it not rent but the fact that the current airport vendors know they have a "captive" customer base that causes higher prices? Would you be using the same to-go bags currently in use at airports? Basically I am just curious as to your overall thoughts on the airport and to-go concept i.e. the logistis of working out of an airport as opposed to a stand alone shop. Thanks
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