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  1. At the market maybe a month ago, I saw a woman complaining to the manager that the bread she bought was a ripoff because it had "all these hollow holes" in it. She then said she never had this problem with wonder bread, and she would never be buying this "ripoff fake bread" again. The bread was of course a very good bread made locally. Well more for me I guess .
  2. Malaysia and V'm, best episodes yet. Ruhlman and AB, you spent time in Vegas, I thought it was for this show. Does this mean the show was picked up for a 2nd season and that what you two (drug induced, violent, inebriated,gods of food) did was not to vulgar, drug and booze induced to air, from what Mike says about your jacket from vegas, AB, I can not imagine TravelT will air it. I do hope this is not the fact. I'm sure you are in a land far and exotic that "smells better, tastes better"(A.Now)" working on your next novel. But please whip out the blackberry and talk to youre drooling groopies.
  3. PCL, since no one has answered the title ? of the thread, I will. Yet mind you I am not married and do not plan to be for a while, but I do not think that you are crazy or silly I would vote for neither. I still have easter bunnies from when I was 5 or so.
  4. I have the sub-z stand alone fridge with the glass door and the stand alone dual freezer drawers(matches cabinet paneling), I have never had a problem maintenenc with either one in 5 years. THe freezer is a little small and sucks for making ice, I normaly just stock it from the basement chest freezer(not sure maker currently I am in cape cod maybe 200$ or under from P.C.Richards). I love my chest freezer its great for storing frozen stock, soup, demi, egg whites, etc... I like just having a larder to pick from(helps me sleep at night) Edit: the glass door is great for "window shopping" at 3:00am
  5. How about ala Sandra Lee. Open box, place cake large side down. Maybe you could also make some chocolate frosting and sugar "Truffles". Sorry, I just can not not(I know double negative) snark Sandra. But seriously the recipe from AB's "Good Eats" site is pretty foolproof. Best of luck, and happy 18th to your son. I remember it being a pretty big milestone in the teen years and how nice he will be spending with you.
  6. Mom says she left it on a window sill to dry out then wrapped it in parchment, the iceing cracked cake stayed in pretty good shape(she had no intention of ever eating it). Later she wrapped it in plastic wrap about, 20 years ago. She said last time she looked at it 5 years ago it looked pretty good, slight discolaration, slight green on small part of icing, very powdery, she currently keeps it in a safe. I have never seen it though I will definetly investigate next time I visit. With the 200 degree oven suggestion, I am not a baker(to much precision measuring) nor a food preservationist so it was just off the top of my head, food dehydrater might work although you would need a pretty big one for the whole cake
  7. My mother has had a SLICE of her wedding cake (dried out) for about 37 years now. I will ask her if she dried it in any particuler manner. My thought would be maybe a 200 degree F oven for a few hours, for an entire cake I do not know maybe break out a can oof shelac or varnish. edit: sig; coffee cigs and "hair of the dog" the true breakfast of champions
  8. Carswell, thanks for the advice I will not be piercing them good point on the membrane(was not thinking straight at the time, I was cooking with one hand typing with the other). I will though experiment with black and white truffle. The norm for eggs is black trufflle (i.e. brouillade) but i think the white truffle might add a more subtle more delicate flavor to it. I'll be home in about a week and will try it then. Did you continue with the brouillade or did you just scramble them without the addition of truffles, if so how was the pungency of the truffled eggs without additional truffles compared to that of non truffled with truffles. edit: How long did you leave the egg and truffle(s) together.
  9. Gifted how did it come out texture, taste etc... did you make the melon dressing if so how was the combo. On another note has RCB replaced B. Menard yet?(New thread maybe)
  10. I would definetly agree with that, especially considering most truffle oils list the infamous "flavoring" i.e. artificial as an ingredient otherwise they just say truffle oil. I never knew you could juice a truffle or economically remove its oil. In regards to the egg i would agree that the rice will dry out and basically "kill" your truffle, I would just jar egg and truffle and let sit. A good experiment might be to pierce the egg whith a pin as done in some boiled egg recipes, I will try this as soon as I return home to NJ and my order from D'artagnan comes in.
  11. Best of luck, I hope you find this site as usefull as Glenn and the folks at melt did.
  12. Rachel, I was curious for those who want to help-out volunteer what is the earliest that people will be there. I was also curious checking the previous threads the entire event cleanup etc... seems to be over by 7:00pm. (need hours to arrange transport). I planned on bringing some duck confit, lardo, maybe some niman sec, i was curious if you will have equipment there to slice a full Jambon de Bayonne or should i bring my home deli slicer. edit: I would like to help out considering i have been lurking since '01, and just joined ystrd.
  13. I believe Chakra paramus rt. 4 might serve foie, i have never been there but i recall a thread about it somewere on here. Otherwise D'artagnan(google them i dont know how to post links yet) will deliver or you can save 20$ and place the order and pick it up from there newark wharehouse, they also have whole lobes yum. Edit:Just checked overlap post i have been to latour ridgewood exellent foie(I forgot all about it it has been a year or so) edit: wrong highway rt.4 not 17
  14. In the north New Jersey area(i.e. Fort Lee, Cliffside Park) there are at least 2-3 dozen a number of which are open 24 hours a day, great after a long night one is about 4-5 miles from my house. edit: (i guess nj is not exactly middle america; geographicly)
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