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  1. from the Krinos site. No mention of Kronos but it seems possible.
  2. Funny if you punch "Krinos Gyro Kit" into google it spits out "did you mean...Kronos Gyro Kit" edit: Though it does apear that Krinos was the only one to produce a frozen "Gyros Kit" available in supermarkets.
  3. From the Kronos website so yes it apears that they do distribute to NY.
  4. Krinos Kronos (I had to dig down to the legal notice to find the Kronos address)
  5. from Russ' article The Los Angeles Times: Truly, madly moonstruck, October 12, 2005.
  6. M.X.Hassett

    Flavored salt

    All you need to do is put the salt in a container with the desired flavor component and let it sit. If you have a vacume packing machine you can speed up the process otherwise you should let it sit and pull the favoring agents once the desired taste is achieved. Or if your hardcore you can smoke the salt with the desired ingredient.
  7. M.X.Hassett


    Well chalk me up on the list. Those desserts seem devine. Do share the bovine pics also.
  8. How long a wait time was it?
  9. I had a great gin fizz made with Hendricks gin, muddled cuke, and rose water (cuke and rose are ingredients in Hendricks and the addition drew the flavors out of the gin). A fine drink indeed.
  10. Not a Cognac but I think some of the Cerbois non-vintage Bas Armangac are in the range you are looking for. The vintage Cerbois are superb though they are in a different price range. The Pierre Ferrand is a wonderfull suggestion also.
  11. I have a bottle of Hiram Walker apricot Brandy, vile stuff IMHO.
  12. Dont forgot Gordon Ramseys pizza Id try a slice for 16.99 pounds. and Scotsman.com The (mentioned upthread) diamond platinum line vodka is the most idotic thing I have seen in a while.
  13. M.X.Hassett

    Per Se

    In regards to Keller being in the Kitchen I read that he is running a T line between PS and TFL which allows him pan and scan video ability to either kitchen.
  14. Food and Wine David Chang profile Ssäm should be interesting.
  15. Here is a store that will deliver "Un Sapin" STORE
  16. One is cold apps Two is warm/hot apps.
  17. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I wonder though how you figured the food was MSG laced?
  18. There is a group of Rotti restaurants called Clarias I know they have locations in Brooklyn and last time I was there they mentioned they might be opening a flushing location.
  19. I beleive that was probably the Dreamy Doritiny(maybe) made with an Islay.
  20. We had a very good rountable The Future of Dining
  21. Gotta love pedialyte. Funny you mention the medic, all of my EMT and fire department friends swear by the oxygen mask.
  22. Liz it looks like you used 1/4oz measure you might want to cut it to an 1/8oz I have found this to be more to the liking of my less bitter inclined friends.
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