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  1. I am curious was the fat chewy, and that is why you avoided it? I have had buta kakuni a number of times at various restaurants and have found some examples with 85% fat all of which was edible and amazingly soft.
  2. A NY egg cream was my salvation the other morning.
  3. Pegu voted "The best new cocktail bar" by the readers of Time Out NY. Congrats
  4. eGullet friendly Amazon link for the Le Creuset set
  5. Looks great, I assume pisci is an Italian sparkling. Or is it pisco?
  6. M.X.Hassett

    5 Ninth

    Very interesting I shall have to go drink some of them, all in the name of research of course.
  7. M.X.Hassett

    5 Ninth

    Which did you try, any that you would recomend or discourage. They seem to be well balanced.
  8. Folks I dont want to delete any posts but we are starting to get way off topic here. Lets try to keep focused on the Olive Garden. Thanks folks
  9. M.X.Hassett

    5 Ninth

    It is common practice in many French bistros and braserries, it is symbolic of bread being for everyone or some such path of logic(it came up in one of the recent discussions on the France forum). Regardless I will have to try this place, the menu looks good and I have a weakness for pork belly and the cocktail list looks superb not a sign of the V word.
  10. My experience from a few years back mirrors the previously stated ones, anyway who needs Cafeteria when we have Caviarteria
  11. Out of curiousity how are the drinks there, overly sweet/vodka or is it worth a visit.
  12. Looks very interesting indeed Extra Virgin : An Australian Companion to Olives and Olive Oil
  13. Funny you say that, as of late I have been adding a Szechuan pepper tinture in my Snappers and in wet Martinis.
  14. I highly endorse the Niman product it comes frozen in I beleive 1 pound units. As of late I have been playing with wrapping a semi-cooked steak in potatoes and then caul and then quickly pan searing the steak.
  15. M.X.Hassett


    Maremma I must try the
  16. Normally I am on top of these things but 71 is closing Fri.? I was looking forward to macerating on my couch for a few days, but alas it looks like I will have to head in soon.
  17. You're kidding, right? That's not a hobbyist price. ← Some buy sports cars, some have children, and some buy yachts. Others buy anti-griddles.In all seriousness this is not a cheap piece of hardware, but for some it is worth the investment. It is also a pretty good price if you factor in the tech. aspects of having a stable -30F surface.
  18. How late is Louie's open? Let's try to find out the hours of our recommendations on this thread, since the goal is to have some choices in late night dining. I'd hate to go there at 2 in the morning and find out it closed at midnight! ← 24 hours
  19. Yep I just ordered one from Polyscience the other day it takes about 3-4 weeks for delivery because they have to build each unit as the order comes in, not a high-demand product. Look HERE scan down for some antipancakes from StudioKitchen.
  20. I find myself eating breakfast at "Louie's Charcoal Pit" on Ceder Lane in Teaneck at all hours they also have some very interesting Greek dessert wines behind the bar.
  21. From my experience and contacts in the cooking world the hands down preferred units are the Polyscience models. I have been told this by top chefs and seen them in the majority of kitchens I have had the privilege of touring.
  22. Any London based gin drinkers who want to do their own comparison might be interested to know that Harrods wine dept have some No 209 in stock. I believe it was part of their recent California promotion and won't be a regular stock item. At £30 it's slighly more than a bottle of the Blackwoods 60 and getting on for twice the price of the regular Blackwoods. Gethin ← I also found the 209 to have an overly strong artificial(lime)[not due to fake ingrediants but when citrus is used in high concentration it can develop an uber citrus profile/nose along with an overly citric after taste.] In regards to the Blackwood I found both versions to be an admirable product. If you procure a bottle be sure to macerate the components(which are contained in a small pouch) between ones fingers.
  23. "Delirium Noel" which is being consumed with a wonderfull "Maison Surrenne Petite Cognac". I am getting a great yeasty note from the Delirium and a voondabah floral nose from the Cog.
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