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  1. Out my window before I headed out for dinner.
  2. the pavlova - rose cream a little light on the rose I’d say
  3. But he was intent on making a silk purse out of a sows ear and it looks to me like he succeeded!
  4. Remind me to take a pic of what I picked up at the clinic today - speaking of not refraining!
  5. Yup - used to freeze bread dough all the time. Now it was typically a loaf cooked in a pan but I suspect a lean dough would still do fine.
  6. Swapped hot sauce out for horseradish mayo
  7. So I saw a plate of what looked like tater tots going to a table (I’m sitting at the bar). Nigel thought it was the gnocchi but when he brought the gnocchi I told him that wasn’t what I saw. He said - must be the cauliflower tempura.
  8. I’ll do my best if I’m sober enough!
  9. I was hoping for a Little Italy but he lacks Cynar.
  10. It might get worse. I did choose the gnocchi over the scallops however!
  11. Fortunately I’m only about 200 m from my hotel. I am teaching the bartender several new drinks. Brothers Perryman
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