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  1. Was just in the garden harvesting everything for Thursday. It is so cool to me that 3 of my dishes, I grew myself. Cauliflower update. I have TINY cauliflower, about the size and look of a fancy button on a ladies blouse or sweater. They are soooo cute. Broccoli should be anytime now. I don't know how long between budding and harvesting is but I am so excited.
  2. I finally took out the tomatoes and the peppers. The pole beans are still producing so they will stay till a frost gets them. The beets and the collards will come out next week to be a part of the Thanksgiving table. The beets will be turned into a roasted beet salad and the collards will be cooked like my grandma used to do. Still waiting for my cauliflower and broccoli to produce fruit. They are getting huge. Planted some more garlic to overwinter for a spring harvest. We are supposed to be getting more snow than usual this year according to the persimmons. Hopefully there will be minimal ice. I don't know yet how to resize the photo but here is my baby cauliflower
  3. That time of year when St Antony’s has their Hafli dinners. So so good. Going there is like having a little Lebanese grandma and what she would fix me. Chicken marinated in thyme, lemon, garlic and grilled. Rice pilaf with almods and a touch of cinnamon. Tabbouleh, hummus, cabbage roll and my favorite the Greba cookie, basically flour, sugar and butter with maybe a touch of cinnamon. The ladies of this Antiochian Orthodox Christian knocked it put of the park this year. I forgot to mention the baklava ice cream sundaes.
  4. Once or twice during the holidays I will use fruit cake to make french toast. This started a long time ago with a roommate who passed this year. 1973
  5. This morning I added to my winter garden. I planted brussel sprouts, red cabbage and kohlrabi. This is in addition to the cauliflower and broccoli and beets that I had already planted a while back. I am thinking about adding some garlic. It is still an experiment.
  6. The picture is a kernal from a persimmon. The kernel in in the shape of a spoon. If the kernel is a fork then you plan on a mild winter. If the kernel is in the shape of a knife then the cold will be bitter and cutting. So says an old saying. Check with Farmer's Almanac.
  7. It got pretty cold here the last two nights. I did pick what was on the tomatoes, the Pink Berklee had some large but not ripe tomatoes. 10oz'ers. Didn't pick the poblanos, that bush is loaded and it looks like the pole beans survived two nights of light frost. A friend who lives in Ft Smith said the persimmons he has been picking all have spoons. According to the old saying, we should be shoveling snow this winter.
  8. will do, I love the pies at the Pie Shop in Del Valls Bluff. In these parts, I recommend the pie from Coleman's in Okmulgee.
  9. I go through Lake Village when I go home. I will definitely be on the lookout. Where in Lake Village are they located? I have not found much on the stretch after leaving Pine Bluff. There was a place in Eudora that had great soul food but I can't find it anymore. Really good greens with wonderful pot liquor.
  10. Maybe I am just too old. Putting together all the flavors is a challenge. I think that is part of my problem. I am always up for new. I think what throws it for me is the curry. I love curry but have never experimented with that flavor as a dessert. New challenge.
  11. I'm sorry, I do not get this. Too many conflicting flavors. Definitely interesting but not something I would look forward to tasting. Definitely interesting flavors. But all at once, how do you keep them from competing against each other. The slice looks inviting. How well does the smoked fit into the profile? You are challenging me.
  12. More from New Orleans. http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2017/10/besh_restaurant_human_resource.html
  13. I have been following this on a facebook page I subscribe to. The page is monitored by some of the food writers of the Times Picayune. https://www.facebook.com/groups/whereNOLAeats If your looking for new places to dine in New Orleans, Todd and Ann are in the know.
  14. Santa Margharita is over priced for what it is. There are other pinot grigios that are much better for much less. When I was still working at the wine shop, we sold the heck out of Giocato from Slovenia. A much better value.
  15. Just finished dinner. Homemade brisket chili, TJs tamalies, Green chili and cheese and the beef. Really liked the green chili one. Also had a sliced tomato from the fall garden with TJs chipolte lime dressing. Next time I just do one tamale, they are very filling and always with my chili.
  16. I'm working on a dessert for a competition. I started with a chocolate tart, then added some almond flour to the crust. Then I though why not add a stuffing of dulce de leche. Sorry there is no picture, it didn't last too long when I took it to my old job and ask for opinions. I will be redoing it this week on another practice bake to make sure it works twice before submitting it for the competition.
  17. Thanks for this, my poblanos in the garden are coming along nicely. The tips will definitely be adhered to. The last time I had Chilis in Nogado was with moosnsqrl in Kansas City.
  18. Last night I tasted Sweet Tooth from Tall Grass. Very nice, the slight bit of salty helped balance the sweet from the caramel. A nice fall sipper. Here is their description.
  19. joiei

    Judging Coffee

    Yes, it reads very close to a wine wheel in discriptors.
  20. joiei

    Judging Coffee

    Mike, it was so much more than bbq has ever been. And so much more interesting. These guys were dealing with precentages, amounts of grind to water, size of grind, and so much more. in the BBQ world, right now I am in a funk. Cook teams seem to think that judges know nothing. Maybe we should create another topic so as to not reduce this topic. Judy and I talked about this a long time ago and she warned me.
  21. joiei

    Judging Coffee

    I didn't get to judge, and that was okay. I did get to work as a volunteer all weekend, The days started at 6:30am, meeting the contestants so they could get a cup before choosing the beans they wanted to use that day. Btw the event was the Green Country Preliminaries here in Tulsa. The days ended closer to 5:30pm. I got to be disher, runner, what ever Sarah said she needed. Being in the dish pit meant that I got to be in the back where it was quiet. I did get the opportunity to meet most of the contestants. Most were from TX, AR, KS and OK. These folks were so nice. Many stories about their dish days. Intense! When they were in the back running through their script, I knew to not disturb them. This was not like going to Starbucks and watching someone just pull a cup. There were two areas covered, the baristas and then the coffee brewers. Most of them did both sides. The intensity reminded my of way back when I did some ACF competitions. The bonus is I did learn a lot. Nickrey, thank you for your suggestion. Who knows, I might even try to go beyond my very limited field of knowledge. Tasted some great coffees from KLLR out of Edmund, OK and Reverie out of Wichita, KS. I was able to start bringing my wine knowledge and palate into coffee descriptions. It was so easy to do that. Met some really nice folks and had some really interesting conversations with some of the competitors and coffee roasting shop owners. Now when I travel, I will be on the lookout not only for bbq but also coffee, oh and i forgot beer. oops.
  22. joiei

    Urban honey

    My local honey producer of choice is an urban business. Shadow Mountain Honey I love their honey, it has an almost spicyness I find. As for disturbing the bees I have found that when I am watering in the garden, especially the mint bed, that the bees don't care. I guess they think it is raining. Same with the butterflys and other flying insects including wasps. I don't bother them and they don't bother me.
  23. THanks for this info. It is looking like i will have a bumper fall crop of poblanos and love chili rellenos and will follow your directions on this. Now as to the stuffing, does it have to be just cheese? I am thinking something along the lines of a seafood and cheese.
  24. I have eaten at Tusk and Trotter a couple of times, very good brunch, order the carrot cake waffle. Susie Q looks like it has potential. We have several old line burger joints over here that are worth their reputation. Thanks for the suggestions.
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