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  1. It is Tulsa State Fair time again for the next 10 days. I will be there this weekend working the Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show with Kerry Vincent. Channel 2 did a review of all the Fair Food appearing at the fair this year. Which one shall I try first? Channel 2's listing of New Foods at the 2018 Tulsa State Fair.  
  2. In these parts, Mazzio's Pizza has the best Ranch Dressing. You can even buy containers of it people like it so much. Me too.
  3. Chillies -in-oil My jalapenos have become very prolific late in the season and I remembered an old recipe that I did for a couple of years. The thread was by Foodman. This was back when we had a fairly active Middle East group. I know he used a different pepper but I have Jalapenos. After 3 months of curing, these tasty treats saw life on a crudite platter at a meeting of the farmer's market board I was on at the time. They did not last. I love going back to the old days of eG and revisit threads from the early days. Such good stuff. I learned to not be afraid of trying to cook Middle Eastern from Elie.
  4. Ranch Dressing, the unofficial ketchup of Oklahoma.
  5. joiei


    My closest Aldi is less than 3 miles from my house. I am so lucky.
  6. Sorry I am so late seeing this. Shreveport, for dinner, the Lucky Palace in Bossier City is the best. Really good Chinese. Nothing like most. Don't be put off by the motel it is located in. The food is so worth it and Lim has created an incredible wine selection. Depending on what time your driving Natchitoches for meat pies. If you go all the way down to Lafayette to get on I-10 lots of good cajun choices. If you take US90 through Baton Rouge, find Stinky's Fish Camp. It just opened. I still remember Chef Jim Richards (Ree-chard) gumbo from when I dined at his place down in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Make sure you fill the gas tank before leaving S'port, not to many stations on l-49 t
  7. I really like Mesa, two locations, the chef/owners are from Veracruz. The seafood is great. And the mole is delicious. Tell Sandor Larry from Tulsa said HI.
  8. When you all are here try to get over to The Gathering Place. The Gathering Place It is our new city park on the river and it opened today. Took 3 years to build. Amazing place. We are very thankful to the George Kaiser Family Foundation and this wonderful gift to Tulsa. Sorry for getting off topic.
  9. joiei


    WIth the liquor laws changing in October, maybe we will finally get the beer and wine that i have seen in the Missouri stores. The last time I was there I picked up a hatch chili cheddar that is decent. Very very mild on the pepper.
  10. joiei


    THat store is way larger than any of the stores around here. Prices seemed similar. did they expand the selection or just put more product on the shelves?
  11. There is a new Mexican restaurant in Tulsa. Fabulosos Mariscos A La Antigua For the almost 20 years that I have lived here all Mexican restaurants were the same. Same menu, same recipes, on and on. There is this new place created by a chef who is from Puerto Vallarta and he brought his recipes with him. There is no refried beans, no Mexican rice, no tacos, no burritos and on and on. For lunch I had a Filetes de Pescado grilled and topped with a spicy garlic butter sauce. Presentation was refreshing, service was a bit slow but the quality of the food more than made up for it. I was sopping the sauce with the griddled slice of french bread that was on the plate. Oh, no chips and salsa except for a very nice and very spicy house made salsa, a piquant tomatillo salsa and a small dish of ceviche. This place was so refreshing. And it was not a corporate from Austin invading. We are getting a lot of that these days. *edited to correct spelling
  12. This morning in the garden, to get ready for fall, I planted radishes, lots of beets, onions to overwinter, sugar snaps, and nasturtiums to add to salads. Tomatoes are still producing, so are the jalapenos. I am leaving the sage till later to create smudge sticks. Fresh sage just smells like thanksgiving.
  13. Kerry Vincent has asked if I would help out during the 2018 Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show. Of course I said yes. So excited. I realize that it will probably a LOT of work. Heck, I even am even forgoing the KCBS Bikes, Blues and BBQ event this year. Was not a hard decision. The work that the cake artists put out is truly amazing. Besides being totally blown away every year by the wedding cakes, the kids cakes are so great. All of this goes down the last weekend of September here at the Tulsa State Fair. And you can maybe get a chance to see our new city park. http://www.oklahomasugarartists.com/
  14. Went to the garden after an intense rain storm just now and pulled an ear of corn. Discovered that it was starting to smut. Dang. Now I'm afraid to pull any more ears in hopes that it does the magic huitlacoche dang.
  15. Just pulled a banana pudding cheesecake out of the oven to cool before finishing. A nice use of way over-ripe bananas. Next time I plan on making my own vanilla wafers.
  16. A very real and interested newbie here. I have never baked a loaf of bread that I though was interesting. I saw a recipe for creating a homemade starter a couple of weeks ago. I really have no idea what I am doing. I went for it. My memories of the best breads in my history is the loaves the bakeries in Tampa used to leave for the Cuban Sandwich places, I was in college and we would occasionally wander around Ybor city and help ourselves, we were so bad. Then in the mid to late 70s when I lived in San Francisco the Larabaru guy left bread for the day in the morning. Sometimes it was even still warm. Needless to say, 3 staff and a lb of butter stopped for this we called it breakfast. So my experiences with bread making pretty much is some incredible bread memories and very little experience. I have started creating a starter over the last week. What do I do next. I have about 2 cups of starter, remember this started as an experiment so can I actually bake a loaf of bread that I enjoy. What I have now is this sort of medium thick mass, how do I use it? The starter is in the fridge, do I feed it and immediately put it back in the fridge? Unfortunately where I live there is no incredible bread bakery. There are now a few patisseries that make acceptable bread but I want to make it my self dang it. I have made loaf bread and i have experimented with the no-knead bread but they are boring. Give me some direction. I will be busy with steak judging this weekend but next week, my calendar is clear.
  17. How about some gazpacho, cooling and if you need meat, add some steamed shrimp right as you dish it up. Sometimes I cut some fresh vegies and serve with hummus. Some tabbouleh topped with grilled chicken from the store. I'm with you on the heat, it has been hot and muggy here. My garden is starting to suffer and so am I. Another idea, how about a charcuterie plate with some pickled vegies on the side.
  18. For just thin slices I use my cheese plane. If I want to get a bit fancy and have some Tete de Moine or Petit Basque I break out the girolle.
  19. finally remembered to take the cell phone to the garden. In order, 1. meet George, he really seems to love dill. Go for it little dude. 2. an over view of my 4x5 1/2 foot space. 3. Brandywines for fresh fall production. 4. Oh My Gosh, is that what I think it is? Silks on one of the corn plants? Will I really have homegrown corn on the cob sometime this summer? I'm so excited. I'll be out there shaking that corn every morning. Meet George,
  20. I have enough dill and parsley to share with the feeders. A fellow gardener in the community has let his mint go to flower and the bees are enjoying their buffet. The horn worms I throw into the koi pond right next to the garden for the fishes. Tomato report, the plants I bought are just slow. The volunteers that just came up and I moved to one area are going to town, mostly yellow sungolds I hope. I planted some brandywine starts today for fall harvest. Before planting I did some amending to about 6 inches deep with what was labeled growing soil. The area is mostly dark clay type soil and gets hard as concrete. About the only thing that seems to thrive in that soil is thai basil. The peas are starting to bloom.
  21. joiei

    Breakfast! 2018

    THis morning I toasted some sourdough slices and topped them with fresh pesto and sliced tomatoes fresh from the garden. So good that I will be slacking off on the avocado toast and going with Pesto toast for a while.
  22. My heart goes out for your problem.
  23. The Carl's here has biscuits, most likely the best breakfast fast foods in this area. McDonalds biscuits are all made in advance by Bama Pies and just reheated. The Whataburger biscuits are also just reheated. The ones with hatch chilies must be really good when fresh. The Carl's seem to be made from scratch.
  24. Where I live we only have Carl's. When I lived in the Bay Area there was Carl's and the reputation was not that good. My first experience with Hardee's was their store in the mid-60s on Eglin Parkway in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Great Burgers for the uninitiated. Jumping over the time machine, my step-dad went to the local Hardee's every morning for his free cup of coffee and to hang out with all the other old farts in Milton, FL. Now when the family gets together one event that is not missed by anyone is the Bill Walters Memorial Breakfast at the Hardee's. When he was in the later stages of Alzheimer we would take him through the drive in, it made his day. We all miss our dad. He would of probably just laughed at the sex burgers.
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