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  1. As explained on Eater http://www.eater.com/2016/4/3/11326520/frito-pie-explained I have eaten frito pie all my life. I was born in the real West Texas, 100 miles west of San Angelo in a little town that was just a wide spot in the road and it is still just a wide spot in the road. My mom would serve frito pie and sometimes she made a frito pie cassarole. I don't know where those folks from New Mexico get the idea that it started there in the 60's because I am older than that. So Jaymes, when we get together in Austin, we will have to have frito pie at least once. I'm looking at the end of May. And bbq of course.
  2. When you get to Oklahoma get in touch, we can do some bbq here in Tulsa. Oh, and the Farmers Market.
  3. Stopped off at the Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa this morning. First day of the season. It was beautiful weather and so fun. Lots of people shopping. I picked up some spinach and radishes (need some butter) and some tulips. Almost got some bacon but resisted. It has been interesting watching this market go from just a little thing in a parking lot to being the premier Farmers Market in the whole state of Oklahoma and knowing that I was a part of it. Life is good, now to go find some really good butter to go with those radishes.
  4. A couple of roses and my limit of 3 Pirate Bombs from Prairie Artisian Ales. The Pirate is going into the closet. Very limited and oh so delicious. An imperial stout aged in rum casks.
  5. cylexa, hang on Oscar Blues is coming to Oklahoma in April. Yea us.
  6. Here are the rules and regulations for judges to follow for the 2016 competition year. http://www.kcbs.us/pdf/2016_rules.pdf And Jaymes, I hope to get to be a judge at a new contest in Robinson (Waco) in May. If it happens let have a date in Austin.
  7. I had a duet of salads, a white bean and tuna with lemon vinagrette and my quinoa tabbouleh. FInished with some fresh pinepple and greek yogurt topped with toasted almond slices. Beverage was iced hisbiscus tea.
  8. Here in the land of hardly any seafood, we are going to get a new oyster bar sometime this summer. I can hardly wait. It is from Virgola out of NYC. Just hope I can afford it. http://www.virgolausa.com/brookside.html
  9. I have found dried currents at Whole Foods here. But that was a while ago.
  10. How about one day for Memphis and a half day to hit NE Arkansas. But then we would need another day to do Highway 61 going south to get some delta style tamales. I have been to Germantown Commissary, excellent especially the coconut cream pie. Maybe we can find a time when Jaymes can join us. My leftovers, even less than cyalexa. I made a bbq frittata this morning topped with sliced avocado and a sprinkle of feta cheese.
  11. Are you including The Dixie Pig in Blytheville? Interesting but different.
  12. I had a ball. How does one spend a fun Saturday?? By having an Okie BBQ crawl. THe weather was perfect, overcast but not drippy, a light jacket was perfect. Let me tell you, eG folks are the best. We are already talking about a possible crawl through Asia town over in OKC or a Mexican crawl possibly. Back to the subject at hand. I made some new friends today. eG tends to do that. If you have never met another eG'er then what are you waiting for? Start your own meet-up, who knows I might even show up. I have so many good friends from my early days of posting on these here boards. Kansas City, DFW, Austin, Springfield, MO. Burnco, they all wanted recommendations, I go there for the ribs and if they have it the mac and cheese which wasn't available today. I am scheduled to be in a sausage making class there later this month. Everything at Burnco is cooked on 12 Hastybake grills. Everything. They have no stove, no deep fryer, nada. Get the ribs. I ordered a girlie cut of ribs for myself, 4 ribs and ate 3. Now I have some bbq for breakfast. I'm thinking maybe a fritatta, asparagus grits and a cup of hot coffee. (aspargus grits, sort of like asparagus risotto). Oklahoma joes is not the place that was in Kansas City for many years and recently renamed Joe's Kansas City. John Davidson was the creator of the original Oklahoma Joes smokers in Stillwater, OK. A couple of years ago he opened his own OK Joes here in Tulsa (Broken Arrow). If you don't think people in Oklahoma are serious about smoked meats, the Hastybake grills are coveted and passed down in wills. Have you ever tasted an Oklahoma tenderloin (a bologna chub) then your missing something in your life. Back to today. Chris ordered the special, a full rack of ribs, it was huge. I have been there so I ordered the Z-man burnt ends sandwich. I was trying to be careful because being a master bbq judge I know that too much of a good thing can spoil a great time. I have been judging bbq for 12 years. Then we took at break wandering the aisles of the New Trader Joe's, the first one in OK here in Tulsa. Thinnest crowd I have seen yet, Lots of Arkansas tags in the parking lot along with some Missouri and Kansas. I managed to walk on by the bacon-parmesan popcorn. Control. THen after a drive down the turnpike to Wellston, we met up again at Butchers BBQ Stand. Butchers is the creation of Dave Bruska. If the name is familier, he was on the Pittmaster show. Interesting stuff, made more for the dining public than for judges. I'll never understand the people who want the meat falling off the bone, that means it is over cooked. It should have a texture or chew and not be mush. I just don't understand some of these Oklahomans. At least no one was using Blues Hog bbq sauce on anything. Shelby, let me know when your passing through. We can do a burnco run. Now for an early nap. I don't think dinner will happen tonight.
  13. Hi Chris. I'm the big guy with grey hair in front of you. Come join me. Larry
  14. Smithy, since your chasing the sun, don't stop in DFW, just come one up. I can pick you up at TIA and we will have a great time. I know, for some reason it is listed at TUL but come on anyway. I know of at least 3 places to have an incredible meal in Joplin, MO. Can you believe that? One day Jaymes will return and it will take us a week to do all that has happened sinced she left.
  15. Here is what I have gotten so far, It is cylexa possibly plus one, Chris and plus one and myself. I'm so excited. I went by Burnco today and had the ribs. OMG. THe very best thing they do. We will be starting at Burnco at 10:30 am Then head over to Oklahoma Joes. THen we will stop off at Trader Joes, dont forget to bring your cooler with you. After wards we will head over to Wellston for Butchers. I am so excited. Burnco, ribs, OK joes, burnt' ends if they are on the menu, and they have good beans. Butchers, lets explore. I will be the one in line wearing the Sam Adams baseball cap and the round glasses. I will be there early to claim a line placement but recommend we meet up before 10:15. We need some time to say hello afterall. Google maps will be your friend in the locations. I am so ready for bbq judging season to start.
  16. ohh, I never thought about fernet and a bag of bacon popcorn.. that could work. I have tomorrow off and I can see a trainwreck happening.
  17. Holy moly, Chris Hennes, next weekend keep me away from the bacon popcorn. That stuff is sinful.
  18. I heard from Butchers and they are excited about serving us.
  19. Okay, serious planning starts now. Here is what I propose. We will start at Burnco BBQ at 18th and Boston for our first stop of the day. In my not so humble opinion, some of the finest bbq coming out of the state of Oklahoma. Buffalo BBQ in Sperry is out, Donny Teel is taking his family away for Spring Break. So now we will have an excellent excuse for a second tour. Jon Davidson, the original Oklahoma Joes is in Broken Arrow or I just had a though, how would you like to stop off at Hasty Bake where they make those fabulous grills. People in these parts collect them. Then on our way to The Butcher BBQ Stand in Wellston, over near OKC, we can stop off for a visit to the brand new Trader Joe's here in Tulsa. That should make for a full and at least to me interesting day. I will get with the folks at Hasty Bake and see if we can get a tour set up. Butcher will be the final stop. Here is what I propose, Saturday, March 12. 10:15am - Meet up at Burnco at 18th and Boston near downtown Tulsa (second breakfast or first lunch - your choice) 11:30ish or later - Head over to Oklahoma Joe's in Broken Arrow (second lunch or just get the burnt ends) 1 or so - Stop off to oogle Trader Joe's (not really experienced with TJ's so I have no idea.) 3 or so - meet up at The Butchers BBQ Stand in Wellston for the finale.(this is about 90 miles from Tulsa)(that way most of you will be closer to home than me) somewhere in there I will throw in Hasty BAke if there is an interest. Or maybe we should save that for the second tour. Let the sign-ups begin. We will take out of staters who might also be interested. Any Texans or Arkansans ready to eat some real BBQ?
  20. Not until Friday the 26th. Maybe we should include a stop off there during the Tulsa BBQ tour on the 12th of March.
  21. The new store is about 5 miles from my house. That part of town is where I go to pick up anything I need from Whole Foods (doesn't happen often plus the winter farmers market is there. It pays to live in lower Mid-town Tulsa. OKC should be getting one soon.
  22. I'm heading out for a crawfish po'boy for lunch.
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