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  1. In the northwest is a chain of restaurant supply grocery and supply stores called "Cash and Carry". I saw 1000 sheet boxes of full size sheets for about $28 last week there. I was looking for the small rolls.
  2. I'm about 25% thru and just the essay on seasoning/salting is worth the cost of the book. Ruhlman, is a really good writer. I feel like I'm listening to a good story-teller spin a yarn and I mean this in a good sense. MR just writes well. I've never heard him speak but I'll bet he talks much as he writes.
  3. I have the grain mill we had on the farm in the 60s and so I'm really not much help but; Here is a comparison of at least some. Hope it helps you get started with your search. I'd tell you what our machine is but I'd have to dig it out of storage to find out as we will no longer eat the grain grown on our farms by our factory farmer tenant.
  4. I spent an hour there and another 1/2 hr at the greenwood store; NO ONE has a clue what it is or where to look. I have hated Fred Meyer for years- they make K-mart look like Tiffinay's- since Kroger bought them and introduced more bad service and cheap products to the west, I prefer Albertson's and I can't imagine a trailer park bad enough to accept them. My God, I'm going to see if there is a Wally World in Seattle's area. All this for a ten dollar device that sux.
  5. I've had my KA 5 since 1976 and it has been repaired twice. One of those times was me not being smarter than the tool. Yeah white is out of style but you know.... I bought my daughter the 6 qt for Xmas last year and that is what I want to tell about. I can't attest to the unit Pax, I haven't used it and my daughter loves it but doesn't make bread [nor do I] but you have the price down right. If you wish to get it in what ever color and possibly less cost, go to the Kitchen Aid web site and find their refurbished and close out section. Your kind of price and if you keep checking, most any color. Of course, green is my favorite color. I don't know but I'll bet that the other brands may have a similar site. A last thought, I often see baby real Hobarts used in restaurant supply stores. Eat Well
  6. It ain't bragging if it is true! This book is a must read, in fact the only one even close in shear must have quality that I"ve found this year -or maybe that was last- was "Charcutrie". Great Job Mr. Parsons. Thanks for your good work.
  7. I wrote to Lundberg Rice company and asked about what we called the little moths, "Millers". They advised me to put my grains in the freezer for a couple weeks. It works as the things are apparently originally from India. Chilies are also infested and will freeze the eggs out just as well. We even freeze our purchases of flour and other grain products. My farmer father-in-law once commented to me after I had complained of insects and food, "Would you want to eat the food if the insects wouldn't?"
  8. I googled it and this looks like a good source source
  9. Well thank you to all. It seems that there is more than enough here already to eat up my week-end with this great start. After spending a good long time reading the "Charcuterie" thread and then spending a couple weeks in the north of Germany; I can't get enough sausage and bread.
  10. I recently came back from Hamberg where I ate some of the most amazing breads I've ever tasted. I want to find a book that will describe and tell me how to make these breads. I I'm not real interested in pastry but breads and rolls that are savory. Any and all ideas will be pursued, Thanks. Robert
  11. I have had excellent service from Epicurean Edge in Kirkland, WA. Last year sharpening my Japanese knives was $1.65 per inch. I've since then bought the Edge Pro system and am very pleased that I did.
  12. HK Dave said 50 degrees C which is 142 degrees F. The time of <45 minutes was thrown out but so was until it felt just right. I would opt for the idea of cutting a piece and getting it off the fire while still pink. Good Luck
  13. Would somebody please post a pix of a hot-dog tong. I am drawing a real blank on what that is. My mom used a fork to stab our hot dogs which had to boil at least 15 minutes to make they were "something", although, that something was popped apart. Finally learned what a hot-dog should be from a little stand called GILLY'S on the square in Portsmouth N.H years later.
  14. According to Mr.s Ruhlman and Polcyn, Pork shoulder butt and veal and pork back fat in a ratio of 3:1:1. This from pg 121 of their book CHARCUTERIE.
  15. Do you wash the eggs? If you just towel the most excessive mess off, the eggs will keep unrefrigerated for months. Next time you are in Europe notice that eggs there aren't refrigerated in the markets. Here [uSA] the government requires one to wash off natures protective coating on the shells which make the egg susceptible to all kind of nasties if you don't keep it in the reefer. Of course, the problem will only become a problem when you let the quantity increase beyond two or three a day that are instantly eaten.
  16. First thing, DO NOT use the dryer hose you started out with in this thread. A dryer can only exceed 212 degrees by a small amount and the hose is made to deal with that. It isn't food safe. You don't really want the off gassing plastic products in/ on your food. Maybe your shorts but not your food. To find all the smoker plans in the world- well sort of- go here:http://www.google.com/search?q=smoke+ring&sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS226US226 Smokers aren't that hard to do. Want cold smoke, lengthen the metal pipe between the fire-box and the product location box. Sorry, I bet there are some really specific words to describe this, I don't know them.
  17. I guess some would have a cow if they visited my kitchen. I don't have a lid for my garbage cans, they have their own drawers- they also go out often and more in the summer. I have been known to go read the paper and leave the supper dishes 'til the morning. I mostly practice the basic hygiene things, the most important being to often wash my hands. I guess I'd sum up my view of much that has been written in this thread; Hygiene is important as is basic workplace safety, much of this thread borders on just plain being anal. Now some would annoy me as well but I just wouldn't go back like to the house with the damn cats on the counter [hasn't anyone ever sprayed the cats with a soap solution, they, cats, are trainable].
  18. Often one can pull the Temp setting Knob off its stem. Behind the knob is a little adjustment mechanism. In my experience this is a curved slotted piece of metal with one or two small phillips screw(s). Heat oven to a normal use temp setting- I use 350. Loosen this screw and turn the setting mechanism so that the Knob reads the same as the oven temp. Re tighten screw, put knob back on. Hope this works for that oven.
  19. I made my first Larb last night and it was wonderful. Used it as our salad followed by Ratatouille. That didn't work. The Ratatouille tasted bland. I should have realized that next too all that spiciness. My Larb was mostly from the Hot sour salty Sweet book except I added fresh Galangal and ground duck breast. I wish I had made it hotter, I ended up making a quick batch of plig nam pla to up the ante. All in all, good food. I have now read all 624 posting in this thread and need one lesson. That is will some one explain the concept and method of the two knife meat chopping? Duck thru the Kitchen aid was not the texture this dish needed. This has been an expensive thread. Not so much the food cost but the Kaffir tree and since I was there any way the Meyer Lemon tree plus shipping, BAM, a C note gone. It was worth it.
  20. You might look at these sights: http://www.epicedge.com/shopdisplaycategor...=91402429796092 http://www.foodieforums.com/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=6 http://www.korin.com/mainCategory.php?cat=...knife&thekife=6
  21. I build a 7' x 13 Pantry into my new house. It is great but tends to need culling of " stuff " every so often or you can not find any thing. Of course most people are more organized than me. I have a friend who is building his new house with a pantry that will be refrigerated to 55-60 degrees. and a walk in reefer in addition. Now it looks like I have to build a new house. Dang him.
  22. I too had to mix the coloring into the mass. That was the 50's for me. Dad said that the goo tasted like lard if you didn't mix the yellow in. I could never tell the difference. If Dad told me that now I'd have to ask "so?".
  23. I take the remains of a bought "hand" of Ginger and put in a 1 qt. zip bag and throw it in the veggie drawer in the reefer where it keeps without apparent damage for 6 - 8 weeks. hummingbirdkiss, thanks for the NW gardening report on Ginger, now I'll have to try it.
  24. I have bought two Furi's; they have both been given away to others who thought they got a gift even after I explained my view-point. The steel is way too soft, the handle is too slick [but I must say if it wasn't too small and then too slick it'd be fine]. An example of over hype under quality, I don't know but I think "Made in China" {by no one they will admit to doing it} just wasn't good enough. BTW, as the USA was after it became the largest economy in the world in about 1850, China is now. I don't mean to say they can't catch up, they will if that government of theirs ever gets off their duf and stops hiding their 'goof ups'. In short, I dislike all the Furi's I have seen and the two I have owned.
  25. I agree on Baird and Peterson, the others I haven't seen. I tend to have few fish or seafood only cookbooks, however, where I have found the most inspiration in fish cookery is from Mark Bittman's books in which seafood is only a part {at least in the few I have}. I agree with Russ Parsons on the difference in fisheries between coasts but find Bittman still gets me going even if I don't know what a Bluefish tastes like.
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