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  1. Canucklehead: Heh, no resemblance to Stepho's is a good, good thing! Sam: We've tried the Maria's on Denman and was disappointed, but will try the other one. Annanstee: Noted, thank you. Little Frog: Forgot about Anatoli! We were there for a staff Xmas party a couple of years ago and it was pretty good! Will go back again.....when we venture over the bridge Thanks, guys!
  2. While having dinner tonight, my partner in crime and I were discussing Greek. After being disappointed by the ones on Commercial Dr and the West End this past year, I'm reaching out for help. Has anyone had good Greek in the last year? Are the ones way down in Kits still the way to go?
  3. Oh god they're back. We bought a 5 pounder last time they went on sale and I couldn't for the life of me fit it in my already large pot. We had to put the pincers in one load, the head in another and the body in the last. The upshot was I had a tonne of shell for bisque mmmm. ← Bisque was exactly what I was thinking when I spotted them. I also wondered if the flesh was tough, as they're so huge (I'm thinking old). How was the beast you had? I just might have to.....
  4. I had another sighting of the jumbo lobster yesterday at the Tinseltown T&T for 7.99 a pound. Geez, the claw on one of the lobster was almost the size of my head!
  5. ^^ I've quite enjoyed my experiences at La Terrazza. Too bad their cheesecake isn't on the menu this time. It's quite fantastic. Enjoy!
  6. Any idea of when they might actually be opening? ← I walked by a few days ago and it looked like they were open. Not sure if it was just staff inside or not but quite a few people in there. ← I drove by tonight and it was a full house. Also noticed another restaurant going in right next to it called Azia...something fusion, IIRC. It's still papered up, at the moment.
  7. Lombardo's is opening up on Smithe, a few doors down from the Paramount Theatre.
  8. Thanks for the review. I was wondering about Jonker Street. Very disappointing though. The one on Robson is called Prima Taste and it's a Singaporean restaurant. The fried chicken rice and laksa there are very good!
  9. On one visit, they had a Chorizo and Clams appy as a special and I can definitely, wholeheartedly say that they were indeed....throbbingly good.
  10. We were there again on Thursday night. Highlights were the grilled quail salad, pheasant scallopine, the risotto (of course ) and the red deer (another favourite now). My new favourite cocktail is the Italian Job. Would be great for brunch too!! Ahhhh, tis the season for Parkside again! Thanks to Jeff for another entertaining night at the bar!
  11. Sheer devastation ensues. Sigh.... There were definitely small pieces of foie in it. Each bite that had some foie was a nice little surprise that melted in my mouth. They may have also used the fat to enrich the meat juices. I've tried making it at home (without foie) and my meat juices never turn out as dark and rich as they make it, even with a good shot of demi glace in it. I always have to resist dredging that bread in the sauce to sop it all up. It's not very graceful though. Have a great dinner tomorrow night! BTW, the wild mushrooms on brioche was delicious as well.
  12. Due to my weakness for Chef's Wild Mushroom Risotto (my all time favourite dish in the city), I couldn't resist it....thus resulting in my falling off my foie wagon. Yes, the taste buds won over the ethical guilt. The veggie version just wouldn't be the same. It was well worth it though. The Red Deer was fabulous as well. Tender, juicy. Perfection. Me thinks another visit before this festival is over is a necessity!
  13. [Host's note: to minimise the load on our servers, this topic has been split. This discussion continues from here.] In the 500 block Robson St, just under H Mart, there's a new Singaporean place called True. It's a franchise from Singapore with other locations scattered around the globe. It's a nice looking room and the service is great. The food so far is not bad at all. The hilights for me has been the Laksa, Hainanese Chicken rice and the Fried Chicken rice. A plus is that they've got a liquor liscence! Just happy that we've got another lunch option in the hood now!
  14. My mom and I buy the T&T one. It's comparable to what we used to use in Malaysia. IIRC, I think it's in the spice aisle. Not sure what the recipe directions are, but make sure to dry fry it a bit to get all the flavour out. Watch out for the stink though
  15. It's also found in the Vancouver Cooks cookbook that came out last year(?). I made it for Christmas last year and sprinkled pomegranate seeds over the finished dish. Pretty! Samasutra, I'll pm you that recipe.
  16. On a walk the other night, I noticed that Theresa's Diner on Davie is no more and has been replaced by All India. Right across the street from India Bistro! With 2 relatively new ones on Robson St as well, looks like the West End is now being bombarded with Indian restaurants, after the last couple of years of gelato invasion!
  17. How about Go Fish? Their fish tacos are great! Took me right back to Sayulita.....sigh.
  18. We finally made it here the other night and it was dead quiet! We had the clam and chorizo special appy and the batata bravas to start. I think I could've bathed in the garlicky sauce on the clam dish and the potatoes were perhaps one of the best I've ever had. He had the cornish game hen and I had the pork medallions. Both delicious, but I did enjoy the hen much more. I love the smokey char on the skin and moist, moist meat. His leftovers were my dinner the next night! Hot sauces were a piri piri, jalapeno, and strawberry and red wine. The strawberry one was my favourite. Must.go.back. I am already craving the game hen. Finger lick'n good! What stands out for me is how deeply flavourful each dish was. Next time, the salt crusted chicken.
  19. I also saw this at Gourmet Warehouse a while ago. Can't remember the price.
  20. If you don't mind doing a road trip, there's a Le Creuset outlet at that Seattle Premium Outlet Mall. They have a pretty good selection....at least they did, last time I was there.
  21. ^^ You are my hero!! I love this time of year as it evokes fond childhood memories. My taste in mooncakes is simple and traditional. I love the lotus paste ones with salted egg yolks...the more the merrier! I think that a visit to Anna's this weekend is on the top of my list now. The red date one sounds great too! Thanks for doing the research
  22. I was in charge of dessert for a dinner party and decided on the Epicurious Double Chocolate cake. I mixed in some cinnamon and sprinkled on some toasted walnuts in the middle layer. It's not perfect looking (as my cake pans weren't the exact same size) but it tasted pretty damn good!
  23. Do you know if that's a new location or a second location for them? I noticed they are closed for "summer holidays" for two weeks, during what you would think would be prime outdoor dining time? Is it the same people who bought it from Chico a couple of years ago? ← I have no idea, we just saw a sign with a menu up in the papered up windows.
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