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  1. ling, that looks and sounds so amazing. like zuke, i think that i'll have to pick up a copy and try that cake out! thanks for sharing your tweaks, i'm liking the choice of spices that you've added into it.
  2. ouch, sorry to hear that, laura. i know that we are working in groups (of either 2 or 3, can't remember) so i'm sure that everyone can pitch in. maybe give the school a call and ask. hopefully it will all work out.
  3. Gauging from last session, your class might be the lucky recipient of a plate or two of truffles to sample at some point. The ones that Chef Marco left for us to try were amazing. ← i was lucky enough to also try a sampling of those truffles from that same class as i was in a pastry and choc class in the evening! and yes, they were so good! mmmmm.....chocolate i will cross my fingers....lol!
  4. chef marco from the pastry classes is doing a week long chocolate class in feb. i wonder if we'll be treated to some samples?!! heh!
  5. we were told that it was going to be a korean food mart. they have the whole second floor, i think. i'm thinking it's going to be a korean version of t&t. ← I wonder if it is the same chain of Korean groceries that is popular in the Eastern United States? Hmart homepage? Those are some wonderful stores! Or do you think they are just ripping off the name similarity? In either case it will be a welcome addition! When is it slated for opening? Cheers! ← i think that it is the same chain. i'd never heard of them before this, but people who have are very excited about it. if i remember correctly, i think that it is mid or end of feb for opening. i'll try to find out and will update!
  6. after reading the story on waiterblog about the practical joke done to a staff member, i wouldn't doubt this!
  7. I'm curious how you can have a DOV meal when DOV doesn't begin until January 20th? [hots] I want to repeat the request made in this previous post [CLICK] that DOV reviews be made in separate threads, with the name of the Restaurant as the title, and "DOV 2006 Experience" as the descritption. Trust me, it makes searching for such things somuch easier lateron. A. [/host] ← C has extended their dine out dates. as for the review, oops, my bad.
  8. i'm about to try out the feenie's roast chicken with tomatoes, roasted peppers, olives and capers tonight! i'll have a report later.
  9. i'll see you all there on monday! don't forget the gear and your empty stomach!!
  10. ^^ ooh, that's good to know. i've always wondered about that place! i have a question regarding xia long bao, for all the experts. i know the best places are in richmond, but are there any good places in vancouver proper? i rarely get to richmond, it's two bridges away!
  11. we had our first DOV meal last night at C. it was his first time and my second time there. i absolutely love the space and the service there. they are offering a $35 and a $45 menu, with special coctails, non alcoholics, and add ons, as well as a few a la carte appetisers. we started with a cocktail each, i had the raspberry champagne and he had the wall coctail. they were enjoyed with a half dozen oysters (effingham, i think), which was on the a la carte offering. they were served with 2 accompaniments. a green apple with black pepper and juniper oil, and a shallots with red wine and cream. both were so good. our first course of the prix fixe was the soup for him (Porcini Mushroom and Yukon Gold Potato Soup smoked sablefish, creme fraiche, fennel pollen) and i had the prawn and scallop with leek ravioli (which was a $8 supplement, but well worth it). what can i say, both were delicious. we also did the wine pairing which was all cedar creek wines, and for this course, it was the pinot blanc. for our mains, he had the sirloin and i had the risotto. we were both surprised by the sirloin. it was the only downer in the meal. we were expecting a grilled piece of beef, but instead, it was 3 pieces of thick sliced beef, roasted. although it was done medium rare, it was borderline a little dry. still tasted good and the gnocchi that accompanied it was amazing. my risotto was so good. big chunks of trumpet mushrooms, a little pile of shrimp on top and the broth was creamy and so savoury. his was paired with the cab/merlot and mine was paired with the cab franc. desserts....there were two choices, so we opted to order one of each! Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon Mousse Cake white chocolate ice cream, dried cherry, and a Ginger and Brown Butter Financier caramel, pears, figs. we also decided to have the ice cream add on for the ginger and brown butter financier. paired with the late harvest optima. both desserts were polished off without much talking.....how's that for how good they were?!!! just wanted to note a couple of things. first off, the wines were bang on. i'm glad that the DOV is doing a VQA thing this year. it's a great way to spotlight on local wines. secondly, we both noticed, all through our evening, just how high the level of service they have. it's amazing to watch all the staff breeze in and out with dishes to tables at the same time, and cleared off at the perfect moment. not once did we have to wait a second too long for anything. well done, leonard and team, you guys have a well oiled machine! and i should not forget to thank jenny, our server, for a great evening! if you don't have a table at C yet, and if they still have space, run for it!!! happy DOV, folks
  12. great topic, zuke! i love the rebar cookbook as well. i'm embarrased to admit that i've only used it for their salads. i will definitely try that cake that you just talked about. sounds delish! i made the vij's lamb popsicles from the vancouver cooks cookbook and it was so easy and yummy. i think that the sauce is going make a lot of appearances in my kitchen to pair with various things. sooooo good. there's also the roasted carrot and brie soup from chef bernard's in whistler that i've made from a little book called whistler weekend cookbook. so rich and delicious. i've just picked up the la regelade and feenie's books and have plans to make the coq au vin from la regalade very soon. geez, i'm hungry now edited to add: deborah, that tart looks so good!
  13. thank you! i've been meaning to try out cafe d'lite and now i have more of a reason!
  14. Many fond memories of bak kut teh. There are two distinct version as I recall: one very plain (just pork bones essentially) and the other - the Nonya version - highly aromatic with star anise, cinnamon, cloves and a host of other spices. I haven't found a source in Vancouver - but please let me know if you do. ← the one i remember from my childhood is the nonya version. very aromatic, very savoury and very rich. an unforgettable blend of flavours. i'm not familiar with the plain one. maybe my family called it something else, which is highly possible!
  15. i'm malaysian and you're probably right about steering him away from kam's! it's not terrible, but it's not (imho), very authentic. i'm pretty picky about south east asian food though...heh. i also will vouch for india bistro. samurai sushi is around the corner from the hospital, on davie st, and has really good sushi with good value. another one close by is guu on thurlow and robson. great izakaya with a great atmosphere. if he really has a craving for malaysian food, and he has a car, try kedah house. it's on fraser, between 41st and 42nd. it's owned by a family from kedah and it is pretty much the most authentic my family has found here. they're also halal. hope all is going to be alright with granny.
  16. has anyone ever heard of "bak ku teh"?? it's a chinese malaysian pork tea herbal soup. it's quite popular in the homeland, but i've never seen it here. just wondering if any of you have seen it on a menu somewhere around town.
  17. although havana is not on main st, but on commercial, i've always been disappointed there. i won't go anymore. thank the food (and beer) gods for stella's across the street.
  18. we were told that it was going to be a korean food mart. they have the whole second floor, i think. i'm thinking it's going to be a korean version of t&t. there's also a rumour that there's also going to be a noodle house on the same block. a very welcome change to the lunch repetoire in the hood.
  19. i had NO idea that GI was open till 7 now. armed with that now, i will definitely make it there more often. yay!
  20. the mural looks pretty cool. from what i can see, sort of an early century cowboy theme. i like it! the light fixture looks familiar. i'm guessing it's by propellor, who also did the light fixture in my salon. ours also has the rectangle acrylic panels. looking forward to the finished product. any guesses on opening day?
  21. apparently, the kingsway location is not busy with sales (i think they're only open a few days a week due to that), but that location is where they have a permit that allows them to make the pies. the robson location, however, is very busy with sales, but doesn't have the appropriate permit to make the pies. even though one location has high sales, it can't keep both afloat.
  22. .....and another sushi joint is taking it's place in the robson location. i'll be crossing my fingers in hopes that it is decent sushi. i'll be stocking up on some butter chicken pie, chicken and ham hock pie, and some steak and dark ale pie this week.
  23. ^^ that's good to know. i was given a gift cert for there and now i have to figure out what to get with it. i was going to get my knives sharpened, but with your experience, i think not. guess i'll just have to get another knife!
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