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  1. To add to that list.. For a lovely morning/early afternoon (awesome) coffee and snack, Uva. Open 7 - 2. Then they open back up at 5:30 as a wine bar. Campagnolo for inexpensive delicious casual Italian. On Wednesdays, they do market specials as there's a farmer's market close by that day. The restaurant has a dining room up front and a wine bar in the back.
  2. I've bought it years ago at the Thai Away Home on Davie. Not sure if they still carry it though...
  3. Have you checked out Uva? They're operating as an espresso bar on Mondays to Fridays, from 7 - 2. The barista pulls an excellent espresso, and it's a lovely room to boot!
  4. Speaking of Spanish, can I put a request in for kick ass Churros? Light, crispy on the outside, a bit of chew in the middle, dipped in the richest dark hot chocolate....
  5. Looks pretty good to me, Chef. The French bennie is right up my alley. Perhaps another sweet dish? When will this start? ← I need a week or two to test and try the details - tonight I was working on the Italian Benny - I am poaching the eggs in tomato sauce - really cool effect and flavour --- it is great to be back experimenting and pushing the boundries of flavour. Brian. ← So good. I tried that this summer, with great result. Got the idea from here... http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/09/eggs-in-...ontest-winners/ Great to see you back in the saddle! We shall be coming in soon!
  6. Looks pretty good to me, Chef. The French bennie is right up my alley. Perhaps another sweet dish? When will this start?
  7. Try La Brasserie after 8:30. It seems to empty around then. La Brasserie (7pm standing room only, 7:30 seated, 9:30 last table in the place) Cibo La Terrazza ← We got to the Brasserie tonight around 8:30 and only waited about 20 mins...and with a glass of wine in hand.
  8. We just came back from the Brasserie. Wow. We had the Alsatian Onion Tart and the Rocket Salad to start. He had the Rotisserie Chicken and I had the Thursday special Schnitzel. Then ended with a Lemon Sabayon Tart. A few glasses of bubbly, reisling and malbec and topped off with an eau de vie. What a lovely evening. The food was fantastic and the bill came to $112. So so reasonable. Will definitely be back. I want a taste of EVERYTHING on the menu! Oh, and they serve the baguette with a ramekin of butter and a ramekin of chicken rillette. My God.
  9. Artisan Sake Maker. http://www.artisansakemaker.com/ It's at Railspur Alley. If you do end up at Oyama, be sure to pick up the "beef kazu'. It's a tenderloin that's cured in sake from said sake maker. Delicious!
  10. Haven't tried Menya but we always seem to go back to Motomachi. Was there last night again, and the New Generation Miso is so damn good. Beautiful space, as well. Personally, I find Benkei to be a bit on the greasy side....and Kintaro needs a good scrub down.
  11. Wow Vancouver - this is an amazing map! Tons of my favourites as well as quite a few I'm looking forward to trying. I had no idea there was a Japanese-run gelato place on Granville Island...Will you take suggestions for additional restaurants? Congee Noodle House at Main @ Bway would be one of mine... ← I recently went by Congee Noodle house, and they were closed with newspapers on the windows. Perhaps a renovation? ← I was there the night before they closed. They've closed down till early December for renos....or at least that's what the sign said on the door.
  12. - Cookies by George has just opened. - Indica is papered up and will become something called "ReaL", serving "Urban Chinese Specialty", no idea what that means. ← What was supposed to be Bob and Stella's Chicken and Ribs is now Fun-o-rama.
  13. And where's the recipe for that pie?????? That's a fine looking pie, and I really need some!! ← Ditto. Recipe please! I just stocked up on apples at the local apple festival and need to make a pie. Thank you!
  14. Thanks Vancouver. That makes the decision much easier. Canucklehead, thank you. I'm familiar with Jim's Noodle House. Unfortunately, I walked by a couple of weeks ago and it was dark and there was a note about another noodle joint coming in. Too bad, I liked their wontons and it was close to work. I'll have to go to the Richmond one next time I'm in the hood.
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