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  1. There's going to be an El Patio on Denman St., just under the Pacific Oyster Co.
  2. For those who can't make it out to RNM, and need a fix of both of these, the food court at the Robson HMart has a little stall that has both of these. 50 cents for the red bean fishies, 75 cents for fishes with pork and veg and a dollar for those pancakes (regular or green tea). A regular snack for me!!
  3. I haven't been for a while either, but I have to recommend a couple of dishes that I obsessed about when I first had them. The tuna nori and the aburi salmon. Their miso soup is also the most interesting that I've ever had anywhere!
  4. We finally got to Chilo's last week and loved it! It was definitely like stepping back into a neighborhood taqueria in Mexico. We sat down and a woman came up with her notepad and rattled off the night's offerings in Spanish! A little taken aback, I asked her to repeat it and we ordered what we understood in our very broken Spanish. We had a couple carnitas, chorizo, lengua, and camaron tacos and a shared a bowl of pozole. Lovely, simple and so very flavourful. The salsas, green and red were nicely spiced. Will definitely be back for our next taco craving and to practice our Spanish....and to watch a cheesey Spanish movie!
  5. Here here for Charles's lemon drop. I'm here to add another thing to my list. Wingnuts! For kick ass wings and beer. Simple as finger lickin' good. Must have is the honey garlic.
  6. Donuts from Honey's in Deep Cove. Either the plain or maple for me, thanks! I'll also vouch for the cookies at the Dish. Best ever in town. Jyako salad at Zakushi. Thin slices of cucumber and daikon with a ume dressing. Cilantro and fish congee at Congee Noodle House. We just discovered the Crab Shack on Dollarton Hwy. The fish and chips there are great! The fish is so tender and juicy and the batter is delicate and probably the most seasoned batter I've ever had. The chips were just ok, but oh, the fish.....
  7. I'm speechless and in awe. Happy birthday and congratulations on an amazing job done! Good luck with your move to Seattle and when you settle in, come on up to Vancouver for more food adventures!
  8. Wow! Happy birthday and good luck! I am anxiously awaiting pictures of that burger. Lord help me.
  9. Yup! They're opening around the Lonsdale and 16th area, if I remember right. They're also looking to the Marine Dr/Fraser River area, where they're currently developing.
  10. a good friend of mine commuted weekly from bellingham to take the last session upon my raving about it!
  11. I've always wondered about this place....it's been there forever. Since it's in our hood, we'll go check it out in the next week or so and report back! Thanks for the heads up.
  12. yup, actually going to make our own ← Well Amigo Mio you're about to learn a helluva lot about Maiz-more than you ever thought possible. It's easy to work with but sours quickly you need a helluva lotta turnover to make producing tortillas pay. I say this as a long time customer of Mexican tortillerrias-most of which would go broke overnight without Govt subsidies. Que Pasa un Buen Tortilla! ← thanks sam, already have, hopefully pills wll take the headache away ← Is there a possibility of selling packages of tortillas? Frozen perhaps?
  13. I loved my meal at Aurora a couple of weeks ago. Just my luck, I was there on a "comfort food" week, yum! 3 courses, 3 wines, $48, plus $10 if you want dessert. Tuesdays to Thursdays, I believe. Cru also has a good value dinner as well. 3 courses $38.
  14. ^^ Phew, it's about time someone finally opened a taco stand! Looking forward to it.
  15. Next Noodle Bar has finally opened on Robson st, just underneath H Mart. My boss and I ventured in yesterday for lunch and had a delicious seafood laksa and "mini me" rolls. The laksa is not totally authentic, but still had a delicious coconuty cury broth, and generous seafood which included prawns, mussels, scallops, fish cakes and cuttlefish. The rolls were little spring rolls with prawn, taro and something else in it which i can't remember, with a sweet chilli sauce dip. They have an interesting menu. Noodle dishes from different Asian cultures, both in soup and fried, and appetizers and nibblies that include different rolls, little bite size hainan chicken rice. The prices are reasonable as well. Ooh, we also had a lovely tea, white peony, which was served in a lovely little teapot and brought out in a little tray.
  16. We were there last Thursday night and it was packed to the rafters, practically. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the menu, both food and drink, the service and quality of food we had. The wine list is small but very nice and the coctail list is very interesting. I started with the "desert rose" which was a citrus and rose vodka mixed with something which I can't recall. It was slightly sweet and had an interesting flavour...very good. My partner had a coctail that included pureed figs, also very good. The group then moved onto the wines....which is why I can't quite remember the drink details. For the food, we ordered a lamb trio and a trio from the bottom of the page where you can mix and match. The lamb came first and the star of the trio was the carpaccio with a pile of slaw on top. The lamb was flavourfull, tender and the slaw a good match of flavours. The other trio incudluded a prawn dish, ahi tuna spring roll, and an oxtail stuffed pasta with a truffle cream sauce. The oxtail was superb. The filling was melt in your mouth and satisfyingly savoury and the sauce was like crack! The room was gorgeous, and it gets better as it gets dark out. I do have to agree with the above, with regards to the "scene" there. Next time we go, it'll definitely be early on a Monday or Tuesday. My only irk that night was that our table was a large square shape, and we were only able to sit on 3 sides of it. Not very condusive to a group conversation when the noise of the room grew. This only bugged me as we were with friends that were visiting from abroad and weren't able to talk to everyone. Little irk, that's all.
  17. Finally got to H mart's food court today and more importantly, to the fried chicken. I got the little lunch special, 5 small pieces of crunchy, juicy, savoury goodness. Only 2 of my pieces had a bone in it. This definitely satiated my deep fried chicken craving!
  18. Explain Please. ← Heh. They sell these waffles shaped like fish (very pretty) and filled with either red bean paste, or pork and veg and sometimes a blueberry filling. The red bean ones are 50 cents and the pork and veg ones are 75 cents. Cheap, tasty and satsifying snack that's not greasy. and now, back to fried chicken goodness!
  19. You can sample the H-Mart chicken at their downtown location - which is great shopping fun btw. The chicken comes is small bone in pieces - mostly dark meat. It caters to the whole Asian chomping on bones kind of thing. The spicy sauce is like a very sweet bbq sauce - and surprisingly - not alot of heat but with strong cinnamon undertones. If you can get your head around it - the chicken itself is very juicy and the batter is nicely crunchy. 4 small pieces set me back $4. ← ooh good call, Flowbee and Canucklehead. That's right next door to my work. How could I have forgotten about that?!! I'm addicted to their fish waffles.
  20. I'm dragging this out of the depths of the deep fryer as I've had a serious fried chicken craving for the last few weeks. Other than Lee's (that I still haven't tried) is there really no where else (other than KFC) that I can fulfill this greasy craving? Somewhere that I don't have to cross 2 bridges to get to? Somewhere in the downtown vicinity or am I out of luck? My greasy fingers thank y'all.
  21. From what I understood after talking to them last night, they were there doing cheap breakfasts....and not exactgly enjoying being a diner. They decided then, that they would go back to doing what they did best. Do go and enjoy!
  22. do we have to sell our soul to the devil to walk through the door?
  23. Confirmation. I passed by today and in fact there was an open sign in the window. Didn't have a chance to try it out. But will soon! (There is free parking in the back as well by the way.) Cheers! ← Was just there and now have a happy full belly! In other opening news, not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but a new, very cool and slick looking lounge just opened on Davie st. 1181 is the address and the name. Haven't been myself, but a few friends have, and all have given it rave reviews. As far as I know, it's just drinks....no munchies.
  24. When I read the news that OD was opening on Burrard and Broadway, I was jumping for joy as I dialled my sister's number! This was our family's "go to" for home cooked Singaporean and Malaysian food when they were in Burnaby. Needless to say, we were heartbroken when they shut their doors. Going there was like going home..... My sister and I just got back from a feast there. The space is lovely, clean and simply decorated. The menu is easy to read and decifer for new comers to the food...and a good broad sampling of the cuisine. Our first words to the server, which was the son, were "please bear in mind that we want leftovers"! We had the oyster omelette, lemak laksa, singaporean style hor fun, and the hainanese chicken rice. We pretty much had decided this early today. Oh, I can't forget about the sambal (heaven). Bonus was that it was freshly cooked and still hot from the wok. Everything was delicious, with just the right amount of heat. It's simple food, simply cooked, with clean flavours and fresh ingredients. Washed down with a Tiger beer, this girl is a happy camper! The price...so reasonable. With all that food, a Tiger beer and an iced lychee drink ran us about $55, with plenty of leftovers for lunch for both of us. I love this place. It's a family owned and operated little place. The parents are from Sinagpore and have the South East Asian hospitality. Lovely people, lovely food, lovely place. Orchid Delight 2445 Burrard St. 604-731-0221 Hours are from about 11:30 to 3, 5:30 to 9
  25. This is the best news of the day! Better yet that now it's closer to me! Don't forget their Laksa.
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