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  1. We were just there this past weekend. I had the bavarian sausage one with heaps fo mustard (kinda like a hot dog in a puff pastry), and A had the potato, mushroom, cheese one. Both fantastic!
  2. Thanks, Chocomoo! Best news I've heard all day! I can't manage to upload my pic of it onto the image gullet so here it is.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/qbots/451935119/
  3. I just returned from a trip to Seattle over the weekend and went back to my favourite brunch place, Cafe Campagne. Again, I couldn't be swayed from my usual dish there...wobbly poached eggs over a crouton, mushrooms, bacon and pearl onions all, bathed in a red wine, foie gras sauce. As if that wasn't heart stopping enough, a basket of perfect frites topped the dish. I don't think I've seen this anywhere here, but am I possibly wrong? Is there anyone serving Oeufs en Meurette in this fair city of ours? ps. the butter that came with my partner's baguette was positively knee buckling. We bought a stack at Trader Joe's on the way home...anyone seen it here? It's called Plugra.
  4. For cheap pizza on the Drive, hands down, the garlic pizza at Pizza Garden. Commercial and Napier.
  5. Tandoori Palace (across the street from Stormin' Norman's...or around there) for fantastic naans, curries and tandoori, of course! Tiny space, but they do have a tandoori oven. Don't forget Stella's too!
  6. We went last week with another couple and asked Andrey to please, kindly feed us. Wow, what a treat we were in for. First course came and it was a Tuscan Bean Soup. Along with the garlic bread and breadsticks. Next came the pasta. The Spaghetti Vongole was my favourite. Just so savoury and rich and perfectly al dente. The others that were equally good were the Bolognese and a layered pasta that was ooey gooey fontina goodness. Next up was the proteins. Halibut with wild mushrooms, Osso Bucco with a saffron risotto, and a half of a crispy chicken. What that man can do with risotto is magic. The crispy chicken satisfied my many month long craving for fried chicken. Next came dessert. My God. Pannacotta with Saskatoon berries. I had to resist stealing that whole thing for myself. Tiramisu and a dark chocolate torte were the other sweets and a cheese plate that had a fantastic soft stinky cheese that I can never remember the name of, paired with some quince jelly. All that and a fantastic Chianti, my friends and I were in Andrey heaven. Thanks again, Andrey and fantastic crew. You guys have now given me the best dining experience ever!
  7. Gourmet Warehouse, Cookshop @ City Square, Stock Market ← And maybe the Ming Wo on Pender?
  8. ^^That's very happy news! Did they move from Fraser or open a second location?
  9. Growing up in Malaysia, my grandmother had one of those machines! Every Sunday, we'd drive for an hour to visit them, and were always greeted with fresh sugar cane juice.
  10. 9.95 for a dozen freshly shucked locally grown BC oysters. Beat that, Rodneys or Forte's! Available at the Bearfoot Bistro between 3-6 p.m. Keep on shucking Oyster Guy ← We're so there! Save a couple of stools at the bar for us!
  11. I'll be up in Whistler in a few weekends. What's the oyster special?
  12. I picked up a phenomenal chocolate cake from Ganache yesterday, with layers of black pepper strawberry gelee, passionfriuit gelee, and hazelnut daquoise in it. Gorgeous to look at and delicious.
  13. This is the draw for me. Ketupat (rice cakes) is not very easily found in this city. Glad someone is making it! Thanks for the review. We'll be going this weekend to check it out!
  14. Wow! Congratulations to the team! The photos of the dishes were incredible. Thanks Barolo. Lucky me, got taken to the Pear Tree for my birthday late last year and we were very impressed. The first course I had were the oysters with the tomato "pearls" and they were little bits of tomato bliss! How lucky we are, to have him in our city!
  15. ^^ We left with the same love for Rare after dining there last night. The room is beautiful and even though the room was packed, it didn't feel like it. Peter, our server was fantastic. Attentive and informative and not rushed at all. Brian and another server welcomed us warmly when we arrived. We loved our food and were pleasantly surprised with the little extras. Amuse of a veal consommé with short ribs and cabbage, a shot of rosemary seltzer and the chocolate/banana foam. OMG, the chocolate foam, how I loved you! Can't wait to go back. This could become my new favourite hang out!
  16. We're going tomorrow night! Thanks for the great report. Definitely looking very forward to it!
  17. The Bacchus Lounge (at the Wedgewood Hotel) is also a very lovely place to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon, between meals!
  18. If I'm thinking of the right person, he was at En before he opened Umami. He's now at Kingyo on Denman St. Lovely guy with a great knowledge of sake! My muddled brain seems to think his name is Hiro.
  19. Kingyo IS my new favourite Izakaya. Gorgeous room and such great staff. Every dish I've had so far, I've thoroughly enjoyed. The wine list and sake list are interesting as well. Bonus that it's a short stumble home
  20. We had a bottle of Zanatta's Allegria Brut Rose last night. Very lovely with our dinner. Can't remember the price as we picked it up during the summer. If you are in that area of the Island, do go by their winery as all the bubblies we've had from there are fantastic! The Taglio Rosso brut was fantastic with a dark chocolate cake.
  21. A very short cab ride (about $7) or a pleasant 30 minutes walk away is Parkside. If you haven't been it's a must try. Lovely room, lovely staff and gorgeous food....not to mention a great bartender! I also second all of the above. Sadly, no grilled fresh sardines to be found in these parts.
  22. That reminds me of one of my favourite dishes in the Costa Del Sol. Fresh sardines, skewered onto sticks and grilled over a small charcoal fire, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of salt just before being whisked to our table.
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