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  1. Welcome to eGullet makan²! (sorry, lazy typist). I'm not sure if an italian sausage on a bun counts ... but they're damn good! Our local coffee place does them during the summer. Perfect with a Stella! A. ← thank you, daddy-a! ummmm, do you care to share with me where this coffee place is?? pretty please?~!!!
  2. i finally got the chance to try out one saigon deli on hornby and was quite happy with my banh mi. got the chicken one with an iced vietnamese coffee and i was in happy lunch heaven! i do prefer the banh mi's at ba le and au petit cafe, but living and working downtown, it is a glorious thing to have in the neighbourhood (finally). it is amazing to me that a sandwich/sub that tastes sooooo good is at least half the price of regular sandwiches. not that i'm complaining at all!! next stop, i think i'll try the kingsway deli and pop over to the other bakery a couple of doors down to try that durian bun! being from malaysia, that sounds like heaven to me....as do the pandan flavoured ones that were mentioned upthread!
  3. hey, i need that for my weiner dog!!! not sure if this counts, but we had a damn good "dog" at the commercial drive festival. a bunch of restaurants were grilling italian sausages on the street served in warmed portugese buns and grilled mixed peppers. it was delish!
  4. we've been to stella's a couple of times now and it's such a great addition to the drive. the beer is awesome, always, the service is pretty good, and so far, i've been pretty happy with the food. so far, we've done... chicken sticks ~ pretty good, but the oil drizzled on afterwards tends to make it taste a little greasy roasted beet salad ~ yummm crab and shrimp cake with the apple coleslaw ~ yummy beef tenderloin sticks ~ the tandoori seemed to be missing and the beef was overcooked for our liking butter poached tiger prawns ~ want to bathe in the sauce, juicy and tasty prawns orleans and madrid mussels and frites ~ i looove the mussels, him, not so much, but the frites, i think they're better than chambar's and the aioli is delicious too! we also tried the chocolate cake made with the bellevue kriek (sp?) and it was delicious, warm gooey puddingy cake and a cherry sauce over it. damn, i'm hungry again
  5. jumping in late here.....west end, saigon restaurant. it's not the greatest, but it'll do on those nights that you just can't go out.
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