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  1. Mistral Bistro on Broadway @ Trafalgar- 4 menues with 2 options each for starters and main, ranging from $18-$22 http://www.mistralbistro.ca/menu-en.htm
  2. Whoops, I hope you weren't planning on Patisserie Lebeau at any time this Canada Day weekend - they're closed Fri-Mon (and as I recall, they close most holiday weekends).
  3. It's pretty unlikely that Patisserie Lebeau will open on the holiday Monday. If you can make it there on a Saturday morning, the freshly made Brussels waffle with berries, cream and custard is a divine treat. The Leige waffles are sold frozen in boxes of 6. Burgoo up on W 10th has waffles on their brunch menu - haven't tried them but they sound rather yummy: http://www.burgoo.ca/menus/brunch/brunch.pdf There's Provence as well http://www.provencevancouver.com/marinasid...menu/brunch.htm
  4. Organic Meadow ← Any idea where I can get it in Vancouver? Where is it made? I should have mentioned, I prefer to buy local. ← You can find it in Choices stores (note that it's a pressed cottage cheese, so if you were looking for a tub, you may have missed it).
  5. Yep! Happiness is: slice of lemon buttermilk pie w/berries, fresh and ripe local strawberries, and a dollop of whipped cream with a strong cuppa tea We were on a rare visit to the north shore yesterday and treated ourselves to coffee and treats (pecan cranberry muffin for me, cheese and dill scone for DH), and some pie and Italian bread to take home.
  6. I noticed a Mexican place in Fort Langley last time I was there, near the pub. Not sure if it was new, or if I just hadn't noticed it before. Has anyone tried it?
  7. run2eat


    I second Amadeus . Nat's NY suits me fine too. Still, nothing here to match the Montreal pizzas of my childhood. The simple "All Dressed" from the pizza joint on my block, hand tossed with a superb sauce, great cheese - not too much, not too little. Nothing here comes close. But - how do you prefer your pizza? Thick crust or thin? Saucy? Cheesy?
  8. OMG! Thank you for that! I love that watermelon candy dish cookie! I'll be beating a path to their door asap - where on Cambie? Do they have a storefront? The mailing address is off Kingsway. Thanks.
  9. Surprising - I wouldn't have pegged Parkside as "kid-friendly" but they are so gracious and it's so comfortable there that I can imagine it working: Less local, recent travels to the island suggested the following are welcoming of young foodies: - Cafe Brio, Brasserie L'ecole - The bistro at Merridale Cidery (coupled with a tour of the cidery - would be a fun day out) Here in Vancouver, how about Figmint?
  10. Any idea where it will be held? Doesn't look like the site has been updated ← After a long time lurking, I have some information to share, but I wish it was more positive: At the last winter farmer's market, I was told by someone at the VFM membership table that the site for the Kitsilano farmer's market had had been a opposed by a couple of people who live nearby. Unfortunately, she said they would have to find a new site, which could not be done in time for this upcoming season. ← Not sure if that is quite true at this point. I was also at the last Farmer's Market and although I was told the NIMBY factor among others is true there is still hope for a market somewhere in Kits. Time is getting short though for a June launch (and then they have to find some quality farm produce). Since both Trout Lake and the West End Farmer's Markets fall on the Saturday it'll be interesting to see who is available for the Sunday market with produce. ← It appears to be a go! This is is what I heard from a friend today: - A 14 week trial has been approved - begins July 15, Sundays 10 am to 2 pm, until Oct 14 - Location: rinkside parking lot of the Kitsilano Community Centre- 2960 Larch Street. I guess the public consultations and open house went well! The parks board planning committee minutes indicate 30+ vendors have committed to the Sunday market.
  11. My personal favourite book on Canadian cookery is "Across the Table, an Indulgent Look at Food in Canada" by Cynthia Wine. Now out of print, but I've found copies here and there (try abebooks.com or Barbara Joe's bookstocooks.com). It's pan-Canadian look at regional cooking, beautifully illustrated by Mary Pratt. Not Canadian perhaps, but the "Ukrainian Daughter's Cookbook" takes me back to my Prairie childhood :-)
  12. If you only want the pies - I think that Stong's sells them in Vancouver. ← Yes, I see them there regularly. The deliver too (that could be dangerous!) ! Link to Stong's Savary Pie stock
  13. Koerner's Pub in the UBC Graduate Gtudent Centre had/has a pretty good selection, from what I recall (haven't been for a couple of years). This time of year, it's lovely on the patio.
  14. Ooh, looking forward to that! Wonder if it's the Bravo Bistro folks:
  15. Here's a couple (hint: same artist) ...eggs and sausage and a side of toast coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy chile in a bowl with burgers and fries what kind of pie?... and more recently, ..Fish in the jailhouse tonight, all right, oh boy They're serving fish in the jailhouse tonight, all right, oh boy They're serving fish in the jailhouse tonight, all right, oh boy They're serving fish in the jailhouse Fish in the jailhouse tonight...
  16. Kerrisdale Lumber has at least a couple of varieties - BGE is one, can't remember wha the other is. - what's your favorite dish to grill? big juicy steaks, veggies of all sorts, esp. corn on the cob (when yummy local yellow corn is in season). - do you know how to tell if your steak is done (without cutting it all up on the grill)? poke it - do you use charcoal or stick to the "easier-to-use" gas? good ol' Weber charcoal kettle - sources for charcoal, woods and cookers Kerrisdale Lumber, Cdn Tire - what do you want to know how to do better on your grill? Smoking and slow cooking ( - what secret ingredient do you like to play with while outdoor cooking? Still getting the basics down and learning how to use indirect heat, wood chips etc. I love my chimney thingamajig. - and if you are willing, what did you screw up for your guests? No big disasters... yet. Edited to add the lump charcoal database (fwiw): link
  17. Thanks for the info Clover and eatrustic. I started to reply earlier but it was turning into a rant against NIMBYism Ah well, I haven't given up hope. I wonder what's been done to survey the community and to solicit support?
  18. May I suggest the bistro at Merridale Cidery. We've had some lovely meals there.
  19. Might be out of your way, but Quince on 3rd and Burrard makes divine croissants!
  20. ^ Oooh! Thank you for that!! I've been wanting to try Jules and that gives me even more reason to do so ASAP!
  21. If any one knows, I'm eager to know too! Les Oeufs en Meurette at Cafe Campagne is my must-have brunch when in Seattle. Oddly - I didn't have it last time I was there, and had Oeufs en Cocotte instead - eggs baked in delicate leek cream with some Comte cheese, spinach and tomato tucked in.
  22. I've been. Pretty sure it's a daily breakfast menu, although we had it on a Saturday. There's a brunch menu on Sundays. My husband and I really enjoyed our breakfast - he had the beans on toast (served as 2 sunny side up eggs on top of very tasty baked beans on top of brioche toast. I had the eggs benedict - nice ham, perfectly poached eggs (soft, just as I like 'em) and a very nice Hollandaise sauce, served with yummy potatoes. Interesting tea selection, great coffee, great service. Loved it and hope to return soon.
  23. Not sure if it's been posted about yet or not, but this was mentioned in an email received today from the Farmers Market Society: "The New Kitsilano Market will open mid-Juy and run until mid-October, Sundays 10am – 2 pm location to be determined." Great news!
  24. ^^ Say, I went to the Monday night tasting at Les Amis! Oh my. Cheese Coma afterwards but well worth it. We had a few Epoisses fans at my table - me included - I enjoyed a goodly bit. The 3rd plate was my favourite - Tomme Welsche with the Gewurtz wash paired with the Gewurtz , Comte, Maroilles. Oh my! Oh, and then there was the exquisitely salty Bleu des Causses. Last 3 eh? Yesterday, A Meat Deluxe from Nat's New York Tuesday, Take out butter chicken entree from Costco Monday, Cheeeeeeeeze
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