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  1. My sister made chicken wings with mushrooms. I know it sounds simple, but they were sublime. Served with a nice brown au jus that wasn't fatty, with nice plump button mushroom slices. I could have hoarded. Hmmmm, I think I DID hoard...
  2. wawairis

    Tommy Want Wingy

    Can I have like 1,000 of those wings right now? That sounds faboo, but I have a serious buffalo wing jones...
  3. I love Rex Stout's books. Fritz is always whipping up something that sounds absolutley delish! It's amusing when Fritz and Nero Wolfe argue over ingredients. The books also have excellent twists and turns in the plots. Lawrence Sanders used to write mysteries with sensational descriptions of food. Check out "The First Deadly Sin". Captain Edward X. Delaney and his "wet" and "dry" sandwiches. Sanders died a few years ago, and I sorely miss his books...
  4. What does it taste like? I did a google on it but didn't find any descriptions of it's taste. I'm awfully fond of their Limonata!
  5. Do you mean Nick Stellini? Does he have a beard?
  6. I think they should be forbidden. If they are allowed entrance, as soon as they started whining, wandering, or screaming they should be removed immediately from the dining room. (I don't have kids)
  7. Jason and Rachel Perlow do a great sandwich shot. Always makes me hungry!
  8. wawairis


    But doesn't cornstarch break after it reaches a certain temperature?
  9. Could you elaborate on that? I'm not quite sure what you meant.
  10. BLEAGH! That sounds disgusting! I wouldn't want to be in the same room as that montrosity! I have to tolerate my sister's green bean casserole every Thanksgiving. I'd much prefer steamed green beans with butter, pepper and a squeeze of lemon, but majority rules...
  11. why do people have to be like that? can't the childless go out and have a nice meal? aren't we entitled to a nice atmosphere? i'm not saying don't bring the kiddies along. just keep an eye (and an ear) on the little goober smoochers. if they get cranky, time to ask for the bill!
  12. WOW! I've always dreamt of doing something like that, but as you say, never had the balls to do it!
  13. Are they saucy? I would think the sauciness of the dish would keep you from eating with your fingers (licking fingers for sauce removal) Personally, I prefer to eat them with knife and fork. I'm not saying that's right, because I've been wrong about so many other things in the past. It's just what I do.
  14. sherribabee, you're my new hero! my friend and I went to a little neighborhood luncheonette one day. this place is very informal but the lunch crowd is usually office workers. ok, so we walk in and there are two mothers sitting at a table chatting and eating lunch. with each mother is what I thought one child, each screaming it's freaking brains out. Do the mothers stop and console their children? No they do not!! With what must be mommy-like deafness they continue to chat and eat lunch. I get a closer look at the strollers sitting beside each respective mommy and see they each have a set of twins. Quadraphenia! ARGGGGHHH! By the time they pay the bill and begin to clear out, the other patrons of the luncheonette are moving tables aside so they can make their exit quicker. When they are finally out the door, the luncheonette owner laid down in the middle of the restaurant floor, kicking her feet and moaning. I just wanted to throttle the mommies. So very clueless...
  15. My husband always comments about my books being my friends. Gee, I thought I was the only person that thought like that. I will lend my books to friends and family, but if I think they won't give it back, they'll never get it. I actually sleep with about 4 books in my bed. I know, I know, I need to go to the life store and get a life!
  16. Hokie smokies! That's a damn fine looking sandwich! I could stand one of those puppies right now!
  17. wawairis

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    A meatloaf sandwich on floppy rye bread with thinly sliced onion and a kiss of ketchup. It was good, but I like a tougher rye. Maybe some of that gum bleeding rye bread A diet Stewart's root beer and a small bag of cottage fry potato chips. Yummy!
  18. I don't know if anyone brought this up (I just browsed the thread), but how about making a big or regular cheesecake and making individual rounds?
  19. I'd like to attend. Where is this pie party gonna happen? I do a good lemon meringue pie with graham cracker crust...
  20. Oh WOW! Everything looks so good. Damn I wish I'd made arrangements to attend. The pig (actually everything) looks just delish! I still want a tote bag...
  21. usually solid white variety. Hard boiled eggs sieved, mayo, chopped onion, a little sweet relish, couple of shakes of hot sauce, salt and pepper. Preferably a nice rye bread with seeds. No toast please. Nice glass of lemonade and some potato chips.
  22. I'm sorry, but I just gotta say this. I tried my first Krispy Kreme donut (glazed) a couple of years ago. It was the WORST donut I've ever had! It tasted like a bunch of chemicals were either in the batter or in the glaze. Very medicinal. I gave my sister a piece and she agreed. We were trying to figure out why everyone goes crazy over them.
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