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  1. Do grits count or are they too low class? I could have them everyday with butter, salt, pepper. Unfortunately I live in the North East and it's almost impossible to find them served in restaurants.
  2. Some of the best clam chowder. Ray's in Long Branch and Klein's in Belmar are in fierce competition. still ignoring. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!! When will it end?
  3. Some of the best clam chowder. Ray's in Long Branch and Klein's in Belmar are in fierce competition.
  4. There's a Windmill in West Long Branch? Where is it? West Long Branch does not have a Windmill. There is a Windmill (actually the original Windmill) in the West End section of Long Branch. The Man, The Myth TapItorScrapIt.com Hmmmmm, that's what I thought...
  5. Mmmmmm, Marlene, that sounds wonderful. I just love Skor candy! May I have the recipe? Thank you.
  6. Dropped a marble paper towel holder on my foot and broke my big toe. My hands were wet and it just slipped out. I've stabbed myself in the lip while trying to eat a club sandwich with the toothpick still in it. DUH!!!
  7. I used to make individual fruit pies when I was a teenager. Made my own pie crust and peeled the apples myself. Rolled the crust as thin as possible without fruit damage and a little sugar, flour and lemon over the apples. Seal and fry. I guess they were more like turnovers...
  8. There's a Windmill in West Long Branch? Where is it?
  9. wawairis

    Buffalo Basting

    Equal parts of hot sauce (I usually use Frank's) and butter. Toss to coat...
  10. wawairis

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    oh man, i *love* mickey's!!! with that wide mouth and all! damn. I've enjoyed many Mickey's wide mouth during the hot summer days of my ute!
  11. wawairis

    Cold Meat

    Cold fried chicken and homemade pound cake! Yummmmmmm! Cold meatloaf on hearty rye with thinly sliced onions. MMMMMMMMM! Cold pizza and coffee for breakfast.
  12. Well, crustaceans, shrimp, crab, crayfish, and lobster are in the same class as insects, arthropoda, so you're not too far off. And aren't crayfish called mudbugs and some lobsters called bugs? BLEAGH!!! GAGE ME!! An ex-boyfriend once made me a lovely dinner of lobster tails, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. But I coouldn't eat it! I kept picking at the lobster tail thinking how much it looked like a segmented insect.
  13. Why is that strange? I did read the weed and brownie thread and I'm seriously jonesing... I'm sorry. Jonesing means craving.
  14. Why is that strange? I did read the weed and brownie thread and I'm seriously jonesing...
  15. ARGGGGHHH!! I want a brownie now! I swear you guys will wreck a diet!!
  16. Spinach. My mother would cook the life out of it and she always served it with my favorite meal - meatloaf and macaroni and cheese. I used to do major neogotiations to try to get out of eating it. Mayo - My evil older brother and sisters used to tell me it was poisonous (ok, so I was a gullible child!) Any kind of shellfish. It just seemed like eating insects...
  17. wawairis

    Potato Salad

    I usually use Yukon gold. Boil potatoes with skin on until tender, but not mushy. Cool until able to handle. Chop potatoes into approx 1/2 inch size pieces. Chop 1 yellow (or red) onion into small dice. Add to potatoes, chop 2 hard boiled eggs into small dice and add to potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Add approx 1 Tbsp of hearty prepared mustard and 1 Tbsp of sweet relish. Throw in a couple of shots of your favorite hot sauce and add mayo to dress the mixture until your desired consistency. This was my Mom's recipe and it's been requested repeatedly at family/friend and work gatherings. Everyone always wants to know the recipe. IMHO, it's what I like... BTW, my Mom used to add a pinch of sugar too.
  18. wawairis

    Fried Chicken

    I've soaked chicken in lemon water to get rid of the excess blood. It all depends on how much prep time I'm afforded... I've never tried the milk or buttermilk soak tho...
  19. wawairis

    Fried Chicken

    Hehehe! Of course southern fried chicken is associated with southern states. DUH!! Pardon my mistake. What I meant to say is that chicken with gravy seems to be associated with southern states. Personally, I just don't like gravy. I'll only eat turkey and liver gravy, everything else is bleagh IMHO. I do like a nice reduction tho...
  20. wawairis

    Fried Chicken

    I wonder if that is a regional thing? We wouldn't think of having fried chicken and mashed potatoes without having made pan gravy to go with the mashers. What Ron said. Although if we're having potato salad, then, no -- no gravy. The gravy never goes on the chicken (unless Paul dips when I'm not looking ) It could very well be a regional thing. I live in NJ and I guess southern fried chicken is more associated with the southern states. We never had gravy with fried chicken when I was a kid. My father was from NC and would definitely requested it if he thought it was necessary...
  21. wawairis

    Fried Chicken

    Oh and BTW, I never make gravy with fried chicken. I think it ruins the whole dish!
  22. wawairis

    Fried Chicken

    I don't always do a pre-soak with lemon water or milk, so I guess I consider that optional. I put whatever seasoning I'm going to use (salt, pepper, cayenne, dried oregano, etc.) in a bag with some flour and shake until incorporated. Put a couple of pieces of chix in the bag at a time and shake to coat. You don't want the chicken pieces too floury, just coated. Preheat a nice heavy cast iron skillet with vegetable oil until hot. Chicken pieces should sizzle when placed in the oil. Don't crowd the skillet and fry on medium until golden brown. I usually try to do the smaller pieces first.
  23. oOOOOOOOOOh! That sounds truly icky! But then again I don't like licorice. All this talk and now I want to scarf down some ice cream!
  24. I've stabbed myself in the lip with a toothpick while eating a club sandwich. (DUH!) I don't know if this is acceptable, but I once broke a toe when a marble paper towel holder fell on my foot.
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