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  1. She should have been arrested on the spot! Mayo? Mayo??
  2. I LOVE bugles, always have, and probably always will. I loved them as a child, teen, young woman. I don't eat them very often tho. I'm trying to reduce my size (down 52 lbs - YAAAAY!) and Bugles are loaded with fat and salt. Every once in a while a bag will stare me down and I'll be hard pressed to buy it and take it home with me. Taunting little buggers!
  3. Cold fried or roasted chicken, ham, turkey and turkey dressing, meatloaf, pizza, lasagne. I especially like cold fried chicken with a piece of REAL pound cake. Then there's one of my favorite sandwiches: cold meatloaf thinly sliced on a nice rye bread with thinly sliced onions and a blob of ketchup!
  4. ninetofive, I have a rather silly question - why did you add vodka to the ice cream? Were you just fooling?
  5. "But man I just want to take the lot of them and march them off to the showers." I saw the commercial and thought the same thing. I thought I was just being excessively middle aged...
  6. I love the cheese too! What about shredding the cheese instead of slicing it. It might give you more control over your cheese to crust ratio.
  7. It's over??? Oh no! Kathleen, I truly enjoyed your blog and pictures. So very interesting and informative. Good luck with your singing career. (I couldn't download the singing clip!)
  8. After reading this thread I couldn't wait to get home and make a tamater sandwich last night. Super ripe tomato on seed rye bread with sliced colby, kiss of mayo and lots of salt and pepper. Absolutely FABOO!
  9. Oh wow! I never thought about using olive oil (DUH!). That would definitely bring out the tomatoey goodness. Thanks for the idea! I have some tomato experiments to conduct.
  10. Personally, I like to have just a kiss of mayo, a mere smattering on the bread, but I also add a slice of cheese (perferably cheddar). My sequence goes like this: bread, mayo kiss, slice of cheese, sliced tomatoes, and the bread topper. The slice of cheese stabilizes against the chance of a tomato meltdown... Full of tomatoey goodness! ← Hey, for purposes of standardized testing I opted not to embellish the sandwich with other stuff. One of my favoritr derivatives is the BLOTCH; Bacson. lettuce, onion tomato and cheese.. ← Bacon improves EVERYTHING! The other ingredients are a good backup! Can I assume you mean red onion?
  11. Personally, I like to have just a kiss of mayo, a mere smattering on the bread, but I also add a slice of cheese (perferably cheddar). My sequence goes like this: bread, mayo kiss, slice of cheese, sliced tomatoes, and the bread topper. The slice of cheese stabilizes against the chance of a tomato meltdown... Full of tomatoey goodness!
  12. Hi! There's a new restaurant on the Jersey shore called "The Palm". Is anyone familiar with it? I hoping to go sometime next week and would appreciate and opinions you might have. It's supposed to be French Vietnamese. Thank you (bowing out...)
  13. Okay, I guess Michael Jackson turning himself into Diana Ross isn’t that huge of a leap when you think about it…….but why is Rocco turning himself into Elizabeth Falkner from Citizen Cake? They don’t cook similar food, live in the same city or anything! ← Wait a minute!! Rocco had plastic surgery on his face?? Damn, I always did think he was rather shallow. Ah, well...
  14. And re: the charcoal point. Kingsford or not, there are much better ways to light charcoal than lighter fluid. A charcoal chimney works every time. I can't believe these guys know monkfish liver, but some of them seemed mystified by charcoal. ←
  15. A nice spicy mustard. I like the flavor of the dog to come shining through.
  16. - a meatloaf, with sides such as potato salad and fresh veggies (beans, etc.) I agree with the meatloaf suggestion. When my Dad died years ago, me and my siblings subsisted off of a magical meatloaf and pan of mac and cheese that one of my Mom's friends dropped off. To this day meatloaf and mac and cheese are my ultimate comfort food.
  17. Upon her return, after plunking my tea in front of me spilling in the process, without the lemon I asked for, she again asked if we were ready to order, glancing at me and staring at the man. I informed her that we would like a few more minutes, but could she please bring the bread. And the lemon. She does, sets it down in front of the boys and withdraws her thumb from the butter. No lemon. Loooooooooong silence, as she just stares at us with her order pad and pen in hands. Once again, I request a few minutes, and my lemon, she tells me to take my time, and continues to stand at our side. This was, no joke, at least 5 minutes of torture! Finaly, She takes my hubbies order, then my sons, before turning to me, not asking, just staring. I could go on and on with this evenings story, but it is just more of the same. Needless to say, her tip reflected her service. 1....Allways serve the female first. 2....Never hover. 3....Clean up your mess. 4....Keep fingers and all other body parts out of the food and drinks. Especially hair! 5....Take notes if you must, never make us ask more than twice. 6....Please, do not remove my food while I am eating it, even if the others are finished. (yes, she did this also) 7....Do not assume you are to keep all the change, say thanks and walk away. Your service was Not worth the $19.95 change due. 8....Don't forget, the wife realy Does decide how much to tip. It will reflect the service given, generous or otherwise. That is just SOOOO rude! I would have been fuming! My sister and I went to Toronto years ago and we had to have the world's worst waitress (Lime Ricky's). Slow service, condescending manner, and she thought we were leaving her a tip (I ALWAYS leave a tip!). But I just couldn't this time! I snatched the change off the table and bustled out the building!
  18. That's how my Mom made tuna salad when I was a kid. I suspect it was cheap way to stretch the tuna salad between four kids, but we all grew to love it. I still make it like that occasionally, and enjoy. The best egg salad sandwich (with bacon) I ever had was at a little luncheonette not far from my job. The bread was rye, the portion of egg salad to bread was sublime and the bacon was crisp. It was a poem! And only like $3.25! What's not to love?
  19. HMMMMM, egg salad! I like to add a little paprika and/or cayenne to the mixture. Serve it on a couple of slices of nice rye bread with caraway seeds! I also like egg and bacon salad on sturdy white bread. I'm hungry!
  20. If you *really* need a fix you can check out my poultry prose. Cluck! ← I just LOVE that story!
  21. Thanks for the addiction! I'll keep at it! Here's a temporary fix for you - this is the first piece I ever wrote on eGullet. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=93380 ← OMG! How could I have missed this? It's hilarious! I can just imagine "the girls" kicking that poor little rooster's butt! I know birds can be nasty little buggers having witnesses some duck on duck violence myself. Horrible! Just horrible! Soooo, will you autograph my copy of your upcoming book? I can't wait to check out your other books too. I just love a good sense of humor...
  22. Uh Oh! I, too, am addicted to this saga. Now you HAVE TO publish! I'm with Jason Z, you publish and I'll buy! Oh boy, 2 good stories in as many months...!
  23. That's got to be one of the best blogs I've ever read! Fantastic pictures and great narration. You've got t great family and please go on another vacation REAL soon! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful stories.
  24. OH NO! Stay a few more weeks! I'll miss searching on 'vermin' in egullet! I truly hope you plan on publishing something in the near future! I'll buy it!
  25. OMG!! That's the way to live! I'll have one of each please... The meringue alone made me swoon!
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