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  1. Yikes! What's that all about. I've been buying stuff from them for about a year & they've been great to deal with. What don't I know (that I probably should)? pat w.
  2. Pat W

    Jar Openers

    I have the Kuhn Rikon Gripper & I really, really like it. I still use the little blue plastic gizmo to pop the seal on jars of salsa, etc, but I use this one for just about everything else. pat w.
  3. Yes, and Yes! Do I feel serious pangs of envy, you lucky baker, you? YES! pat w.
  4. Wow! That brownie looks wonderful. pat w.
  5. Pat W

    Le Creuset

    Thank you Prasatrin & Marlene - I'm convinced. By the way, I'd like to hear how the half a loaf of no-knead bread idea works out. pat w.
  6. Pat W

    Le Creuset

    Just noticed that it's also on the cutleryandmore.com website http://www.cutleryandmore.com/details.asp?SKU=12994 and they have it in the new Caribbean color. I'm trying to picture just how useful the 2 3/4 quart size would be. What do you think it might be good for? pat w.
  7. Thank you for resurrecting this thread! I had missed it the first time around. Coincidentally, I was planning on cooking some Rancho Gordo Red Nightfall beans today. I'll give this method a try. The only problem with Rancho Gordo beans is that they are too beautiful to cook. On the other hand, they are way too delicious to save. pat w.
  8. I enthusiastically second the coconut cranberry chews. They were a total success. I had wanted to try Michael M's Cuccidati cookies (page 11 of this thread), but ran out of time. They are at the top of my list for this year. Can you believe that it's the end of October already? Yikes! pat w.
  9. I tried the Cook's Illustrated recipe last night. It made a very tasty pie crust.
  10. Oooh I wish you'd mentioned that sooner. It never occurred to me that I should ask him not to do the groove. Oh well, I'm pretty sure that whatever he does will be splendid. Hopefully I'll be hearing from Dave in the next week or so. Will post photos when it arrives. pat w.
  11. Thanks to this thread, especially the posts by Octaveman, I've had a very pleasant exchange of emails and a couple of enjoyable phone conversations with David Smith (The Boardsmith) over the last few days. He is going to make a custom size maple block that will fit over the unused half of my double sink. It should take three weeks or so. I'm so happy about this that I'm driving my husband nuts with my incessant bubbling. pat w.
  12. Wow! What a beautiful job! Your photos & layout are stellar. (Recipes look good too.) pat w.
  13. Pat W

    Roasted Cauliflower

    That's the problem we've had. There are only two of us & we've never had leftovers. Must work on moderation. pat w.
  14. ← Actually, the Lincoln store has been out of business for some time, but thanks for getting me thinking. We have an Indian restaurant near our shop that I'm very fond of. I'll ask them for suggestions. pat w.
  15. I found it. Page 36. Have you used the basil leaf substitution? And if so, do you stir them into the hot oil as if they were curry leaves? Even though the author frequently says substitute basil for a completely different but equally interesting flavor, I wish I could get my hands on some curry leaves. Until that happy day, I'll be giving the recipes a try with basil leaves. pat w.
  16. Once again, Egulleteers have led me astray and I want to thank you all. After reading this thread I ordered my copy & it arrived yesterday. I've already spent a couple of hours reading through it. It's hard to put down. Curry leaves are a mystery to me. It seems like quite a number of the recipes call for them. Can anyone give me an idea what they are like? Do the basil substitutions work out well? There are so many interesting recipes in this book that the only problem I'm having (besides the curry leaves) is deciding where to begin. pat w.
  17. What might be a better way? I have some older silver-plated forks, knives & spoons that accidentally (I had nothing to do with this, trust me!) went into the dishwasher one Thanksgiving and came out, for want of a better word, cloudy. They might not have much monetary value, but they have enormous sentimental value. Can they be saved? pat w.
  18. That looks incredibly tasty. Much better than any chilaquiles I've had in the past. Thank you for the tutorial. pat w.
  19. Pat W

    Basic Breading Tactics

    Thank you! Mayonnaise hadn't occurred to me, but it makes sense. I'm thinking that mixing in some fresh dill or lemon zest might be just the ticket for fish. We have a couple of beautiful eggplants from our CSA. Can't wait to try this. Do you also hit the crumb coating with a dusting of cooking spray before it goes into the oven or is that overkill?
  20. Pat W

    Basic Breading Tactics

    This recipe has won some great reviews. ← Thank you. Sounds & looks delicious! We'll give it a try. Now, any ideas on how to get a nice crunchy coating on a fish fillet in the oven?
  21. Pat W

    Basic Breading Tactics

    Any hints for baking breaded fish or chicken rather than frying? Theoretically this method can result in something tasty & crunchy, but regrettably, that has not been my experience. pat w.
  22. I've been unable to check my email for several days & am terribly sad to hear the news. Like several others here, Fifi's posts encouraged me to stop lurking and join the forum. They were such a pleasure to read & she seemed so nice. I think the "Molly Ivins with a skillet" description summed it up perfectly . I wish I could have met her. I too, hope that her family & loved ones find some comfort in knowing just how far the ripples of her life extended. pat w.
  23. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually bought In the Kitchen With Rosie: Oprah's Favorite Recipes when it came out. I can't remember exactly why I bought it or even where I heard about it, but it stays around because we really like the "Unfried Catfish" recipe. pat w
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