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  1. Okay - I looked at the menu of Southside and it is tempting and I'll try it but it's not exactly what I'm looking for - they have a menu that tries to appeal to anyone from any southern state.  I want a simple soul food kitchen.....surely we are not below the Mason Dixon line if one doesn't exist?  HELP!!!

    I beleive what this person is looking for is a "Platter" :wink: Damn and im from the city!!!! Dave s

  2. My love affair with the peppery leafed arugula has been going on for some time now, but recently it has heated up with addition of organic arugula at both my nearest super market and at the all new Fresh Market in town. Oh joy!

    I love this stuff. It taste amazing. It's good for you. What's not to love?  :biggrin:

    I tend to eat it with either a basic balsamic dressing or with a little lemon juice and a dash of EVO, shaved parmesan and a sprinkling of kosher salt.

    I've used it as a bed for seafood dishes as well.

    But what else can I do with it?

    I'm looking for any reasonable excuse to eat it more often.


    Blanch some and place in a blender with some good evoo,proceed to make a nice Arugula Risotto-Delicious!!!!

    Dave s

  3. Susan and Prep cook,As i told you earlier in your blog i,ve moved tobeautiful Long Neck and worked at LaLaLand in Rehoboth over the season,if i can be of any assistance in saving you a trip i.e. shipping some chincoteauge oysters etc.let me know,it would,nt be no problem ,plus i know most of the purveyors . P.M. me if you would like

    Love your blog best wishes,

    Dave s

  4. all the while growing up in suburban Philly i ate these usually split(not in half)filled with american cheese and bacon wrapped,toothpicked and baked and we called them "Texas Tommy,s"when out of the oven you remove the toothpicks and place in one slice of white bread and just bring 2 corners together,of course the bacon was rarely "crisp" as i like it ,but very good nonetheless

    Dave s

  5. I hope that you are doing well up North, as I understand that there are some nice folks there, but that they are in need of a cooking lesson or two.

    :laugh: Ha! Yes indeed, a cooking lesson wouldn't be a bad idea. Hubby and I continue our crusade to when over Old Bay fans to Tony's. It's slow going! Thanks for the tips. I've been on Cajun Grocer a few times, and it's good to get someone else's endorsement.

    although i love creole and have even purchased some books on mayhaw man,s excellent recommendations tony,s or anyone else,s will never supplant the great ,original Old Bay :rolleyes: Dave s from lowerslowerdelaware

  6. I need to voice how I feel about the nominations.  I am completely puzzled why they took Lee How Fook off the list.

    It seems that how "upscale", fusion style or Westernized the restaurant is has more to do with their selection than their criteria is letting on. The common thread I see in the restaurants that made their cut is that they are less authentic and more pandering to American palates and ideas of what a "restaurant" looks like inside, with all the trappings like linens, fine china and crystal, etc. that one would expect at a French restaurant.

    Seriously disturbed that none of Margaret Kuo,s restaurants made this list-especially the 2 on state street in Media,Delaware county,shit aint right

    Dave s p.s. if you have never tried i would highly recommend them

  7. Sauteed Chicken Breast with Brandy Mustard Cream Sauce

    1 chix breast

    2 tbl. clarified butter

    2 tsps. mince shallot

    3 tbl. Brandy

    3/4 cup heavy cream

    1 tbl dijon mustard


    instructions-pound chicken breast flat,saute in clarified butter,remove

    saute shallots till translucent,add brandy and flambe,add cream-reduce cream till nape,add mustard season with s&p; add chicken to heat through--this is soo good-i,ll bet it would go great with that roasted cauliflower i read of somewhere earlier Dave s

  8. Regional cuisines and you .. do you have a tendency to eat as you did when you were young, in the region where you grew up, because it is comfortable and secure?

    Or do you eat so entirely differently now, that where you are today, both regionally and financially, dictates your daily fare?

    There is, of course, no single “true” American cuisine. Our food is the product of different climates, crops, cultural influences and cooking techniques favored in various U.S. regions..... so do you eat regionally as when you were young or make a concerted effort to integrate all types of food in your adult years?

    I tend to like the things i grew up on,and cook those same foods always at home-both parents were long time residents of the suburban philly region i grew up in,as were there parents so things like chicken and dumplings,pot roasts with all the trimmings,baked ham and baked mac and cheese,meatloaf(with the campbells tomato soup "robing")apple dumplings,etc--good and warming memories for sure!!! :wub: Dave s

  9. Any tips from the medicos out there on how to quickly stop finger cuts from bleeding (short of cauterization)?  Every time I slice into a digit it bleeds copiously for too long, interuppting and delaying meal prep inconveniently.  So I'm wondering if there is some trick to quickly staunch the wound and get back to cooking without adding blood to the dish.

    Not being a smart ass,but why are you cutting yourself so much?are you semi-new to the field?has your chef not taught you to hold a knife?whats the deal?

    Dave s :unsure:

  10. mom always made her Stuffing(never heard of "Dressing till i was in my twentys)white bread,onions,celery,loads of sage and some celery seedsand cooked some in the cavity and some seperate,but moistened nicely with the turkey stock---and always have a turkey,stuffing and cran-mayo sandwich next day---damn good !!!

    Dave s

  11. family recipe for baked mac and cheese

    1lb box elbow mac,cooked al dente

    11/2 cups milk

    1 package philly cream cheese

    3/4 lb. pack of extra sharp white cheddar

    direction--simmer milk and cream cheese till melted pour in buttered 9x9 bakind dish,top entirely with sliced cheddar bake at 350 for 45 mins till cheese is brown on edges**note-great with baked ham :wub:

    Enjoy!! Dave s

  12. One of my Favorite holidays for sure,always at my parents house with all relatives who want to come,usually about 15 people.Eat a light breakfast then usually munch throughout the day on olives(green and black,gherkins,deviled eggs,cream cheese stuffed celery,assorted nuts and beers and football,always have italian wedding soup first,then all the thanksgiving traditions-turkey,baked ham,stuffing(usually cornbread,sauteed asparagus,mashed potato,s ,baked biscuits,cranberry sauce,creamed onions,pickled eggs and of course Punkin pie.Man im looking forward to it already lol

    Dave s :biggrin:

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