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  1. AHHHH Charlies'- As a 1980 graduate of Ridley HS ,many after school days were spent there as well as after swim meet lunches( Ridley Park swim club was adjacent) I now live in Lewes Delaware and am happy to report we now have a Five Guys which comes about as close to the memory of Charlies as anything in this neck of the woods

  2. i can not stress enough (IMO) to chop the garlic very fine and use a whole lot more than you think you would need,for example for one serving i,ll use around 2 tbls.After all garlic and the clam juice is the dominant flavors or combo that makes this dish(IMO)deglaze with wine and add clams and salt and pepper, cover and let it go till clams open add finely chopped parsley,give the pan a swirl ,check seasoning add pasta and toss till all pasta is covered -serve,preferably with some good crusty bread for "mopping"


  3. Greetings

                  My friend is a D.C. transplant now living at the shore(Rehoboth Beach)Would like to enquire if the Two Quail is still in operation?

                                                                                      thanks in advance


    Thank you!!

  4. I made saffron mashed potatoes...BLECHHH!  It was so bitter and tinny! 

    Uk chef Simon Hopkinson claims to have invented "saff mash" and I always use his recipe from Roast Chicken and Other Stories which works a treat. It's online here.

    I can assure you the Pennsylvania Dutch have been making saff mash for centuries.along with cakes,teas,soups etc.They brought the bulbs with them from Germany in the 1600,s,they even have there own specially made containers for storage.BTW for those in the philly region ,Some of the finest saffron available can be had at the Reading Terminal Market labeled under Keen,s Lancaster County Saffron :wink:

  5. I vote for a good homemade chicken and dumplings,pile the legs in a stock pot,add cold water to cover and simmer for around 2 hours remove chicken,let cool,shred chicken and add mirepoix and chicken back to stock-simmer while making dumplings(i prefer drop but some folks go for rolled)season TT with salt and pepper and some fresh parsley,add dumplings,cover for10 mins on low simmer.Comfrot food so good ,it,s like hugging mommy lol :wub:

  6. I dont have the copy in front of me but the test kitchen of Cook,s Illustrated did a saffron tasting and found the best saffron in the world came from...............Pennsylvania. I think it,s all subjective to the user,I also beleive it is not replaceable in certain recipes when going for authenticity.i for one am a fan


  7. This was great fun and i even had pics that came-out this time lol

    Bought a 3.5 lb Fryer and cut it up into 8 pieces here it is in the buttermilk,tabasco,herbs and salt brine,Brined it for 24 hours


    Out of the brine and into the seasoned flour,seasoned with cracked black pepper,kosher salt,cayenne,Old Bay,thyme and oregano


    Deep Fried the pieces in a combo of peanut oil and Crisco


    Made sides of cole slaw,macaroni and cheese and buttermilk biscuits,here is the mayo based dressing being added to the shredded cabbagegallery_22379_974_157780.jpgHere is the finished cole slawgallery_22379_974_120808.jpg

    Here is the finished macaroni and cheesegallery_22379_974_44021.jpg

    And here is all the components before being wolfed down,It was Delicious!!gallery_22379_974_185193.jpgIt was a lot of fun and i thank everyone for this


    Dave s

  8. I'm looking for a good recipe for a ham glaze to go on an inexpensive Cook's ham.  What's your favorite?

    A good glaze is take a cup of the maraschino cherry juice and reduce by half,and add a pinch of ground clover,baste the ham with this,very good and e-z,otherwise im in the bourbon,brown sugar and orange zest boat

  9. I made my gumbo and it turned out friggin fantastic,post pics over the week-end as i to used an instant,here is my recipe

    Chicken & Sausage Gumbo(Tourist Edition ) :raz:

    1 1/2 lb. Cooked and Lg. Dice Chicken(i used breasts)

    13 oz.Andouille Sausage,slice 1/2 in thick

    1 1/2 spanish onion,lg. dice

    3 ribs celery,lg.dice

    1 lg. green pepper,lg. dice

    1 lb. okra sliced 1/2 in.

    1/2 cup green onion,green part only

    2 cloves garlic,minced

    1/2 cup peanut oil

    1/2 cup A.P. Flour

    3 pints chicken stock

    1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper


    cook chicken,dice and set aside

    saute sausage till nicely browned,remove

    add oil to pot,add flour and be prepared to stir,it took mine exactly 27 minutes to reach the "chocolate" stage

    add onions,bell peppers, celery garlic, okra,add cayenne,stir constantly for 7 minutes till onions turn opaque

    add chicken stock,bring to a boil,drop to a simmer

    add chicken,sausage and green onions,simmer for 15 minutes,season to taste with salt and pepper,serve over rice,the consistency of this gumbo was between a soup and a stew,perfect in my opinion

  10. Tonight i will be making a chicken and sausage gumbo as follows loosely based on Eula Mae,s recipe from Cajun Kitchen,although her,s is a sausage and shrimp and for a serving of 8 she only calls for 2TBL oil and flour(sounds like to little to me)the ingredient list

    Peanut Oil

    A.P. Flour

    Spanish Onion

    Green Bell Pepper





    Chicken Stock


    salt and pepper


    green onion

    bay leave

    and rice for accompaniment

    Will report later

  11. Classic Clams and Linguine,Shrimp Alfredo,Scallopini,Mussels in Red Sauce,Fra Diablo,Pasta Prima Vera,Peas,prosciutto and sage just to name a few.sounds like you,ll be eating good!!!

  12. I would like to add Eula Mae,s Cajun Kitchen,Cooking through the seasons on Avery Island.also with Marcelle Bienvenu.Mrs. Dore was the cook of the Commissary on Avery Island(of Tobasco fame) for many years and also did private parties for the McIlhenny,s.Its a great read as she takes you through the seasons of life on the island and demonstrates recipes with what was at hand at the time,also interspersed with personal anecdotes and stories.A very humble and gracious lady

  13. Interesting question.Being the youngest of five boys and very,very old school,we always used our dining room every day at 5:00 for the daily congregation/education/curent events discussion and grubules.We always talked about how the current sports team was doing be it local high school ,pro or college or who,s kid whas up to no good(even if one of us had something to do with it)And i witnessed my Aunt,s home who had a showpiece dining room ,yet no one ever ate there and it struck me as very cold and a household that was a showpiece instead of a home.But then again Poppa was a rolling stone......

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