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  1. I mostly saute chicken in oil and butter, sometimes in flour, and the results are hit and miss.  The biggest problem is overcooking the chicken -- it seems like there is an incredibly narrow zone of tenderness that high-temperature cooking is ill-suited to reach accurately.  I've tried brining and that helps, but am not in love with what it does to the texture of the meat.

    Would I be better off doing some version of sous-vide or other low-temperature cooking?  I read through that thread and would love to try it, but have only my gas stove to depend on (not gonna buy new appliances or laboratory equipment).  I do have a food saver.

    What about a hot sear on top of the stove followed by very low temperature baking?  Again, I have to depend on gas oven so it'll be hard to maintain consistent low temperature.

    Any other ideas?

    Bucktown,Get yourself an instant read thermometer for around 10$,cant go wrong--Dave s

  2. I've never tried Fusion but have been tempted.  It so hard to walk past Celcius and not go in.

    Does Celcius have a web site?

    I tried one but was led to a dead end.

    Hello Everyone,just moved down to lowerslower in april from philly burbs and got a job as Sous at LaLa Land-had a great season just closed last week,will reopen Easter week-end David is truly a one of a kind bartender and an excellent one also,i hope everyone comes down to see us next season.Chef Rob will be traveling to Asia for inspiration and i will be going to Florida for the winter so look for Asian and florribean influences :wink:

    Respectfully yours,

    Dave Siter

  3. and the hits just keep on coming....

    may have to pitch my bakery/life/story to networks for Soap Opera status..... :wacko:

    I had to lay someone off to keep labor costs in line, for a young'n I am actually doing decently, according to the accountant. The sales trends are climbing uphill teensy bit by teensy bit. Just might make it...

    except the laid off person has gone psychotic and has blasted a smear campaign against me. I feel so...political. IT BLOWS. Those who are not business owners will never, ever understand what we have to do to keep the business alive. and hopefully kicking...  yep, the woman who has to pick up the extra work is yours truly is me. Moi. myself and I. so now working a current 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. sometimes 20 on the weekends. or when the head baker's car breaks down. My friend came up to me and said"Honey, did you get those bags under your eyes at Nordstrom?I heard they had a sale!"  ha ha very funny, bitch...how do you do it how do you do it how do you do it, I keep hearing...well, I guess I'm like a doctor and I've got to save her life...

    Read the whole thread and thoroughly was mez "mo"rized :smile: Mel i just wanna wish you all the success you so deserve,

    thanks for sharing

    Dave s

  4. Don

    iwould just like to say that that was the most captivating piece that i have read in a very long time,i think i now "get" what my ignorance would,nt let through between the differences between fd France and Fd America,mind you im from blue-collar,working class blood(and proud of it)and i dont have the education of a lot od folks here but Goddammit i know when im moved by a great story-im up on that plateau right now in the clouds,waiting for my table lol

    Great work Terry

    Dave s

  5. Anyone remember Genos? (or Ginos-can't remember the spelling)

    Local rival to McDonald's--similar menu.

    I believe they had a version of the Big Mac called the Genos Giant.

    I think they had a cool logo as well-the G was kinda like the Phillies P in the 70's.

    Of course my childhood memories are that it was much better--but I don't trust that.

    I get a feeling Holly will remember this...I believe he was in that biz at the time

    I remember they had a Gino,s on Mcdade Blvd. in Darby,i used to love there burgers and i beleive they had there own chicken to-used to get a bucket to go to the swimclub- Dave s

  6. And what do I find on the list of "Authentic Berks County Recipes -- Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking"?

    Chili con carne!

    About as far from Pennsylvania Dutch as I might imagine...but then again, the recipe is about as far from traditional chili as I could imagine (no peppers! no chili powder! no cumin! no garlic!), so I guess it qualifies.

    Welcome to eGullet, Dave.

  7. hello all!!!nfg here,just moved to lower slower delaware in may(Long Neck)from Ridley ,Delaware County talk about some culture shock,Damn!!took a job as Sous Chef at LaLaLand in Rehoboth(very nice !)different,but nice :shock: Yes they just had the Apple/Scrapple festival last weekend in Bridgeville(carving contests.creative cooking contests etc.It was actually pretty cool!!anyways back to the thread habbersetts has been out of biz for a while,as has Rapa but there still branded by a company down here,and still good!!im sure you,ll be hearing from me soon as there aint much to do down here this time of year.Just wanted to introduce myself and i,ll talk to you all shortly Dave p.s.is the pizza club open to anyone?interested

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