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  1. I know that one, that's the base of the cotton candy machine.
  2. Very cool pix. Would you write a little about your 3 & 5 course dessert tastings? Thanks.
  3. The stuff from Uster works well however, it's labelled as inedible and for decoration only. So you should peel the fondant off before serving.
  4. The best advice I can give you is to find out exactly how much time you'll have on the air and rehearse over and over with a stopwatch. You'll be amazed how quickly 3 minutes goes by and it's better to look silly in front of a mirror than in front of a camera.
  5. I put the transfer sheet on top of the chocolates and yes you can airbrush colored cocoa butters to make your own transfers.
  6. Joel Atunes was the pastry chef at The Ritz and opened his own shop called Jöel. It's nice, here's a link to a review. Joel
  7. Thanks for the links, but Pascal Caffet is still the site I look to for ideas & inspiration. Pascal Caffet
  8. I agree. I don't know much about book publishing, but you have to figure they're going to publish an English/French version anyway, so why not just do it from the start?
  9. 10% water in the bottom of the pan.
  10. Par bake the shells, then egg wash with a mixture of 100 grams yolks & 10 grams heavy cream. The tart shells will keep for 48 hours easily.
  11. Drewman

    Using a Pacojet

    The only problem I've had is when it breaks down, you can't fix it yourself. You FedEx it overnight, they repair it that same day & FedEx it back to you. Great service, but you'll have to do without it for a day. Also, plan on spending $400-500 once a year for routine maintenance. Call them after it's 1 year old, ship it out, they tune it up & ship it right back to you.
  12. The Art of Petits Fours. Here's a link.
  13. In my opinion, the best thing for you to do is take muliple professional short courses (3-5 days) at each school that are specializing in the areas you're looking to develop yourself in. I've seen some of the pix you've posted and you obviously have a clue, I wouldn't think you'd be happy spending 17.5k and then finding yourself taking several weeks going over things you already know. Focus on the skills you think you need help with, and find a professional class on that subject(s).
  14. Use a dosing funnel. The air bubbles rise to the top while the glaze streams out the bottom. Perfect every time.
  15. The cakes were uncut because of the photo shoot.
  16. I typed the ingredients I listed in the previous post into a search engine (as I thought others would do) that took me to this link. The recipe is quite close to what we made. Praline Cream Recipe
  17. It's a mixture of cream, praline paste & gelatine. I have the exec chef's approval to post pix not recipes.
  18. The Food Network came to our hotel to film Sunday Brunch last week. Here are some shots of what we made, enjoy. Assorted Individual Pastries Lemon Praline Tart Milk Chocolate Banana Passion Fruit Cake Chocolate Coffee Mousse Dome White & Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart Exotic Chocolate Tart Strawberry Pistachio Cheesecakes Blackberry Apple Tart Milk Chocolate Pistachio Mousse Cake White Chocolate Pistachio Apricot Cake Mango Panna Cotta, Chocolate Panna Cotta with Saffron Anglaise & White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse The Buffet The Showpiece. There were 2 identical on each side.
  19. After you add the honey, switch to a paddle and add the nuts, cherries, etc. on low - medium speed. The mixture will stiffen and you'll need to spread it rather than pour it into your frame. I use equal parts of corn starch & 10x sugar to dust & roll out. Hope this helps, good luck!
  20. Some of the best quality chocolates are carried here. Worldwide Chocolates
  21. Drewman

    Pectin NH

    Use it for fruit glazes. It's reversible by heating and usually 10 grams per kilo of glaze works perfectly. Pectin X58 is a low sugar type.
  22. It's probably too late, but here's a Strawberry Grapefruit Tart.
  23. Marc de Champagne is brandy that's made with the remaining grape skins & seeds after pressing the grapes for Champagne. It adds more flavor without adding much liquid.
  24. Drewman


    Gee, it's pretty much exactly as I said I made way way back in the tenth post 2 months ago.
  25. nightscotsman's answer is right on the mark. I melt cocoa butter with some vanilla bean specks and coat the warm toasted nuts (almonds, hazelnuts & pistachios) before adding. Adding dried sour cherries with the nuts really adds flavor and a little color as well.
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