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  1. nightscotsman's answer is right on the mark. I melt cocoa butter with some vanilla bean specks and coat the warm toasted nuts (almonds, hazelnuts & pistachios) before adding. Adding dried sour cherries with the nuts really adds flavor and a little color as well.
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    I made a stencil out of a piece a plastic air curtain from the walk in refrigerator door (I told the chef it was already broken!) I cut a bunch of small squares with an exacto knife, piped the batter into the holes and gently evened everything with a palette knife. Remove the stencil and procede as usual.
  3. Two suggestions: 1) Try a box of tempura mix and use 1/2 water and 1/2 coconut milk and fry them to order. 2)The only way I can think of to work more in advance is to have your staff cut the bananas into thirds, soak them in coconut milk, roll in sugar (or cinnamon and sugar) and wrap them in fueille de brick pastry that's been brushed with egg so it keeps shape and then fry them to order. That way during the dinner rush, they won't have to batter dip them, they can just drop them in the fryer.
  4. Or you can go to: http://www.onlineconversion.com/ It's easier than doing the math.
  5. The next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a pack of Pilsbury biscuits. They've been tested over and over in Pilsbury's test kitchens and follow the directions exactly. If your biscuits come out burned, your oven temp is off. If the biscuits are perfect, you screwed up the cookie recipe. It's a cheaper alternative to buying an oven thermometer and might help you to figure out your problem.
  6. I think that it has to be couverture and I used white chocolate because it's easier to work with and more pliable than dark chocolate. Milk chocolate works, but is more difficult to work with and the only way to get dark couverture to work is to use a 50% chocolate (semi-sweet). Dark chocolate is difficult to get to the right consistancy and besides the white chocolate under the dark chocolate spray adds some depth and realism to the branches. Just put 1 cup of white chocolate in your robot coupe and check it out.
  7. You don't have to support them, the couverture will set up as hard as it was before you put it in the robot coupe in a very short period of time. Use the warmth of your hands to manipulate it into the shape you want and in a few seconds, it's set.
  8. I had to make this cake once and the way I did it was by putting white chocolate couverture in the robot coupe until it became a paste like modelling chocolate. If you haven't done this before, it works the same way as modelling chocolate, but sets up as firm as couverture. I formed the branches around cake pans that were the same size as the finished cake and sprayed them with dark chocolate. After the branches were firm and dry, I put them on the actual cake and glued the gumpaste flowers in place with a small drop of tempered couverture. Doing it this way really wasn't difficult. Good luck!
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