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  1. I would infuse melted cocoa butter with ground coffee. Like a cold brew process but kept in a warm area overnight to keep the cocoa butter melted. Strain the grounds and cross your fingers. It should work but I haven't tried it.
  2. Another option is to use the same condensed milk mirror glaze you've most likely been using. Omit the chocolate from the recipe. Add vanilla bean and use at around 25 degrees C as there's no chocolate to help it set. Happy new year!
  3. Got the recipe from Inspirations & Creations book by JM Perruchon MOF. Sometimes I get air bubbles while G Sattler never does. Maybe I'll decrease the gelatin to see what happens. Thanks for noticing.
  4. An iSi whipped cream canister works great.
  5. Chocolate Glaze 300 g Water 600 g Sugar 600 g Glucose Bring to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and add 40 g Gelatin - bloomed in 240 g water then melted Add 400 g Sweetened Cond Milk. Pour over 600 g Chocolate (milk, white or dark) and use an immersion blender and so you don't get air bubbles. Add whatever coloring you'd like. Use at around 90-94 degrees F. Use a cold set neutral glaze like Valrhona's Absolut Cristal thinned down with 10-20% water and coloring. The chocolate glaze contains fat and the neutral doesn't which causes the pattern.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/travel/dinner-at-the-worlds-most-expensive-restaurant-126108863677.html?soc_src=unv-sh&soc_trk=fb Looks like quite an experience (as it should be!) The video at the end helps to visualize the experience.
  7. These are the products I've used at several hotels for hot chocolate. http://www.cambro.com/Insulated_Beverage_Servers/ They work great, but 8 hours is a really long time. Maybe someone could bring a second batch half way through? Good luck!
  8. I've made floating island meringues in dome flexi-molds, so I'm guessing it should work. It's only egg whites and sugar, why not try it and let us know?
  9. Nothing more than my opinion, but in the end, I bet he did it himself for the exposure.
  10. To be done perfectly as shown in your photo, you need to cut a circle for the base and a strip for the side as explained in this link: http://www.likeastrawberrymilk.com/2015/01/notes-blind-baking-tarts/ I think you'll be happy with the results.
  11. Not sure if this will work since coconut puree contains fat, but whenever I want a fruit flavored meringue, I use powdered egg whites and follow the recipe on the package to make meringue and use fruit puree in place of the water. Perfect results every time with raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit, etc.
  12. I'm not sure if this will help you but you could try adding 1 or 2% glycerine to the total weight of your recipe. Glycerine has 4x more anti-freeze power than sugar. When I worked in hotels, I would use it to keep my ice creams and sorbets very cold, but still soft enough to quenelle so it wouldn't lose it's shape waiting for a slow server to get it to the guest. You can find it at chefrubber.com but by adding it, your recipe might not freeze hard enough to come out of your molds cleanly. Good luck.
  13. 3 parts sugar with 1 part water to prevent scorching. Add a little lemon juice or other acid to prevent crystallizing.
  14. The boy who loved the madeleines - that would have been me. I see a career as a pastry chef in his future.
  15. Check the fryer oil temp with a probe thermometer, then from this day forward, whenever a cook tells you "I followed the recipe" believe your eyes, not your ears.
  16. I think you'll be happy with this: 110 g Powdered Glucose 240 g Sugar 18 g Stabilizer 455 g Water 1000 g Puree Whisk together the dry ingredients. Add the water and boil. Remove from heat & add puree with buerre mixer. Works for regular ice cream machine as well.
  17. My best guess is your outer shell was too thin and as the chocolate shell crystallized and shrank around the filling, the center burst out at the weakest point.
  18. Stop making this so difficult. Put the molds in a warm oven for a minute and wipe them clean with a soft towel. I did the math and it's exactly 1 billion times more efficient and easier than washing with soap and water.
  19. Heat it today, chill in the frig overnight, whip it tomorrow. Works the same way if you accidentally overwhip your cream. Don't throw it out, heat it up to melt the fat & remove the air. Into the frig overnight & it whips up good as new tomorrow.
  20. FWIW - The caramel flavors come from the milk powders not the beans. Tanariva uses both whole milk powder & skimmed milk powder and the lactose in the milks gets caramelized during the processing when the water is evaporated out. It isn't the cocoa beans or nibs that are caramelized. That's why some people think the Caramelia has a "fake" flavor. They're tasting caramelized lactose rather than caramelized sucrose. For me, I don't find any of the Valrhona milk chocolates to be too sweet, but everybody's palette is different. Some people like Sam Adams & some people like Coors Light.
  21. All of this: http://www.thequenelle.com/2011/07/what-makes-good-pastry-chef.html
  22. Spain. I've been fortunate enough to eat at 2 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars and you will see and learn things there that you will never see in Hawaii plus you can travel to many other great restaurants on your days off in both Spain and its surrounding countries. Go to Hawaii and you'll be stuck on an island. Save Hawaii for your honeymoon.
  23. Hello everyone! As Steve said, I'm really sorry I can't be at the demo at Albert Uster on Friday, but Amanda & Briea are both very talented & I assure you I'm leaving you in good hands. They plan to show a variety of molded & slab chocolates & pralines & also would like to show some macaroons, pate de fruits & fruit flavored marshmallows. If people are interested in seeing desserts as well, we'll gladly show whatever you'd like to see. Post your requests & we'll do our best to accommodate.
  24. It's a brand of ice cream & sorbet stabilizer.
  25. Not knowing anyone involved or any real details, my gut says don't do it. A business owner who blames their failed business on "too many other bakeries" and "customers set in their ways" isn't bring honest about the real reasons their business failed & until they come to grips with those reasons, they may wind up damaging your reputation. Talent alone doesn't guarantee success.
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