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  1. Doesn't the logo on the Rainbow Cafe place look like the Rainbow Grocery logo? I could be totally wrong, of course.. Does anyone know what happened to Zooties? I kind of liked that reuben. ← You were correct. Rainbow Grocery is opening this cafe. It's nice to know they're doing well. As hippy markets go, I like them worlds more than Madison Market. That's quite the nexus of vegetarian restaurants. I think this will be fourth(?) in a two-block area.
  2. That's awful. I really like Dandelion, but I would have been LIVID. The bar they mentioned is probably the tavern that's right next door. I love a dive bar, but it may be too dank for some.
  3. Who would like to join me for lunch tomorrow at SCCC (Thursday)?
  4. They'd win hands down in the Strong Drink and Retro Tiki Bar Snack categories. I seem to remember some sort of weenies/sweet-and-sour sauce abomination on their menu.
  5. LainerX and I had lunch at Takohachi yesterday, and the saba shioyaki is to die for. It comes with your choice of steamed rice, curry rice, or fried rice. My husband recently couldn't stop talking about the fried rice, which I never usually order, so I got it. OH MY GOD. It's better than any fried rice I've ever had, mostly due to the very generous amount of BACON. And the mackerel was stunning. We had a lot of fun reading the little posters on the wall that have descriptions of some of the dishes on their menu. Our favorite quote was "You can make your own hotness," which we thought mig
  6. I can't believe I missed both of you! I bought pumpkin ravioli, kabocha squash, beets, carrots, bread-and-butter radishes, mixed salad greens, and potatoes of many colors. I plan to make some sort of curried carrot/kabocha soup.
  7. Zootie's Cafe on 15th Ave, Capitol Hill, has closed. In the window is an announcement of a new place, Rainbow Cafe. Bad name, but I'll withhold judgment.
  8. Ditto on 7 Stars Pepper. Also, Sichuanese Cuisine at 12th & Jackson (in the Asian Plaza). Really good and very cheap. How about Malay Satay Hut? How about banh mi? I also really like Ga Ga Loc, Shanghai Garden, ABC Seafood (not sure about that name), Tropics, and Ho Ho Seafood. AVOID Purple Dot Cafe. Edited to add: Pho at Pho Bac is good. Also see recent thread about Takohachi.
  9. I'll happily give it another try, because people I trust really love it, but the only time I was there I felt like I was 90 years old. That's just the way the atmosphere makes you feel.
  10. After thinking about it a little more, I realize why inverting might work for some cheesecakes, but not for mine. I use a recipe that has 2 layers, a denser cream cheese layer and a more delicate sour cream layer. The sour cream layer is on top, which is why inverting would just smash the hell out of it.
  11. I would never invert my cheesecake and flip it over. Disastrous! Maybe it's overbaking, but maybe it's the recipe.
  12. One great thing about the room at Tango is that while it's private, you don't feel cut off from the restaurant.
  13. On a sunny weeknight, Belltown is hopping. On a rainy, miserable weeknight at this time of year, Belltown is pretty dead. When people start getting used to the rainy weather in fall and winter again, Belltown starts to liven up again. I second all the suggestions above. I especially like the Rendezvous and Shorty's.
  14. I would check out Tango. They have a very cool private room. Not sure of the capacity--maybe 20? http://www.bandoleone.net/tango/tinfo.htm
  15. I just ran across a receipt from one of these places in the I.D. (not on Jackson, but a couple of blocks away): Rising Produce 1003 S. King St. Ph: 206-324-6205 --Kathy
  16. RE: Galerias. I'm pretty much in the "thinking it's gross" camp. Edit: Late in the evening, Galerias becomes a gay dance club. Not sure what time that happens, though.
  17. I can't remember ever seeing business names displayed. They will be on the south side of the street at approx. Jackson and 10th. Even if one could find a phone number for one of these markets, calling might be an exercise in futility unless you speak Mandarin.
  18. Coconut milk is no bargain at Uwajimaya. I buy it at those barn/airplane hangar-like markets on Jackson at around 10th or so (in the I.D.).
  19. But you have to sit at the bar and interact with the chefs to get the best! One of Saito's sushi chefs is a young, tall, handsome guy, and often there are groups of giggly Japanese girls sitting at the bar. I love it.
  20. I also thought the Union Farestart dinner was FAR superior and so much more generous. We almost made good on our threat of having a steak at Buenos Aires Grill afterward, but opted for cocktails instead. The Kestrel wine was really good last night, though. It was wonderful to see old friends and to get to know little miss and mr foodie.
  21. My husband had the saba shioyaki at Takohachi for the first time last week, and that's almost all he's talked about since! We've tried so many times to have a meal there, but their hours are so limited. I'm glad you had the skinny on that, Pat!
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