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  1. He was at Earth & Ocean for a long time before that, though.
  2. Barking Dog (specifically) is extremely LOUD. Some infants can sleep through anything.
  3. I feel a rant coming on about Seattle dog owners . . . Must . . . Hold . . . Back . . . aah, you're not all bad, but there are enough lousy dog owners to give everyone a bad name.
  4. I know, it's funny. Everyone seems to like Zoe except for me, my husband, and I believe I can out sparrowsfall too. We all went there together for dinner and weren't impressed. It was like well-done home cooking. I didn't think it was anything special.
  5. That can only be authentic if the dog is actually sitting right on the table with the food.
  6. Okay, it was May 2004 (not a couple of years ago) and yes they do have booths. I know exactly where I'm talking about, and it's Barking Dog.
  7. I don't have a child, but I went there for my birthday a couple of years ago and they were very unaccommodating about where they would let us sit. They made us all of us SQUISH into a booth that was too small and wouldn't let us take a larger table. I hate restaurants with picky little rules. That explanation about why they have only one high chair is maddening, and I have to completely agree with his point about where they decided to locate their business. They alienated me and lost any future $$ I would have spent there.
  8. That's completely typical. Anytime there's a "reader's poll," be it The Stranger or whatever publication, the masses always come up with Dominoes as best pizza or some such travesty.
  9. I second the Hurray for Carla and Jordi. Their pizza should be at the #1 spot.
  10. I would bitch to my friends and mumble epithets under my breath, but I wouldn't say anything to the lingering table. That said, yes I do absolutely believe that "there is a length of time you can spend over dinner after which you are being rude to people waiting for a table." In Harvest Vine's case, unless you are starting dinner at 9:00, the table is not yours for the evening. I have an overly strong sense of guilt, and I would feel really self-conscious if there were a lot of people waiting for tables and I was lingering for 30 minutes after dessert was over. But that's me.
  11. I've also greatly enjoyed almost every dish I've ever had at E&O over the past several years, during 25/25 and at other times, but the bulk of it was during 25/25.
  12. Nice to hear that at least one SBUX has given up the inedible Schwartz Bros. pastries. I never understood why so many people would pay $2 for a croissant that was obviously 2 days old.
  13. Wow--that pizza looks fabulous! Hmmmmmm how about building one at your new house??? I'll bring dessert! ← Think the condo association will go for it, Mike?
  14. Daniel Humm at Campton Place seems to have a lot of buzz-buzz.
  15. That's excellent, although I think a sign pointing to the front door would be funnier. ← Yeah, I was gonna say, "I hate to tell them, Mamster's actually gonna love that!" but I wanted him to weigh in first.
  16. As long as I can remember there have been sandwiches at Starbucks. [shrug]
  17. This Broiled Salmon with Orange-Miso Glaze is one of the best salmon preparations I've ever had. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/views/106110
  18. Shouldn't that be "had slud spectacularly"? ← Remind me again -- exactly what subject do you teach at SU?
  19. I should note that I was there a couple of times, I think it was about August '04, and it had slid spectacularly.
  20. I went back a couple of weeks to Takohachi when I was in town, and I swear the saba shioyaki and fried rice was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life. If I had to pick a "last meal," that would be it, without hesitation.
  21. These are the things that happen when one is a hot blond.
  22. If you can do mail order, there's a good thread over on Pastry & Baking right now: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=60452 If you need to buy locally, one suggestion is Trader Joe's. It's been a while, so I can't remember prices.
  23. Where is it? ← East of Rainier, on Ferdinand - or Edmunds? On another note, Belltown closed - the short lived replacement to the pub, that is. Sign said Business for Sale - sign is already gone. ← You mean the one on Hudson & MLK Way (which has been there a long time)? Or is there a second one in Columbia City?
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