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  1. That sounds really great. I've only had brunch there infrequently on the weekend, which is pleasant and good, but seems geared for the octogenarian set.
  2. Wild Ginger certainly gets away with charging a mint for relatively modest food that you could get in the I.D. for less than half the price.
  3. I think you should have a cocktail at ZigZag before dinner.
  4. It's great to know there's somewhere to eat there, as we've been planning to go on a sunny day and look at the cool buildings and view. The Navy is still in the process of cleanup, which will go on for at least another couple of years. Perhaps certain parcels have been turned over to the city, but certainly most of it doesn't yet belong to the city. It's a long, tedious process. The museum is not open and the future of the museum is very much up in the air. The Navy is in possession of the collection and there's been no site designated to house the museum. The museum folks have a website
  5. I will be coming early for a little while to say hi and leaving early. I will most likely bring some wine.
  6. Thank you for the report. I'm very excited to try the cilantro-limeade martini.
  7. I've had live shrimp (amaebi) at Shiki on lower Queen Anne. They are delicious. They lightly batter and fry the heads and bring them out to you separately.
  8. It's bad form for someone to take your plate while you're STILL CHEWING your last bite. That happens a lot!
  9. I also don't like, "Are you still working on that?" It sounds so coarse. My mental answer: "Yes, eating this *is* a lot of work! Give me a shovel and a pick-axe, will ya?" Also, a hostess should NEVER say to a solo diner, "Just one?" For some reason, that little question always makes me feel like a total loser. There must be any number of nice ways to determine whether someone is eating alone.
  10. Describing food as "healthy." The word is HEALTHFUL. The use of "eatery" in a restaurant name or description. Those are the only things that really bug me.
  11. I absolutely want to go if a group outing is planned (especially as I now can't make the Czech outing because I'm going out of town that weekend). I have no dietary restrictions.
  12. We just moved here and are lucky to have Mitchell's just a few blocks away, but we've only tried the ube so far and didn't like it. It didn't taste like anything except butter. Very much looking forward to trying more flavors. We did love the fig and saffron pistou flavors at the Bombay Ice Creamery, though.
  13. The ice cream at the Swenson's chains was fantastic back in the 80s. Did the quality decrease?
  14. If they were out, how hard would it have been for them to go to Pete's and pick up a bunch of bottles of decent sparklers (to serve by the glass)?
  15. Wendy -- Right by your house! University Seafood & Poultry sells duck fat for something like $5 a pound. I thought it was a pretty decent price.
  16. A bunch of us did that once, and it worked out great. Get a big variety of sandwiches, cut them all in half and put on serving platter. It will cost a lot more than a plate of salumi, though, which turns out to be pretty darn cheap because you get beaucoup slices in just one pound.
  17. I never could get the names 5-Spot and 5-Point (bar/laundromat near Elephant Carwash) straight. I stand no chance with keeping straight 5-Spot, Hi-Spot, 5-Point, and Hi-Life.
  18. I decided to skip Portage Bay (one of my favorite breakfast places) a couple of months ago and go to Jitterbug instead. The breakfast was terrible, and the place is filthy! Most of the tables and chairs were in disrepair--even my metal coffee creamer was broken. They need to close down for a couple of days and scrub down and paint the whole restaurant. Just a godawful place.
  19. I'd be interested too. I wasn't here last year for DAT. In doing a search, I couldn't find any topics with telling titles in January '04, though. Kathy
  20. If only they could take a page out of Maccioni's book (I kid, I kid!!)
  21. Oooo, almost forgot!! Takohachi for lunch!! Discussed a bunch in this thread: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=53168 Incredibly good Japanese home cooking, and very inexpensive.
  22. The thing is, I think they could have made a go of it, even for breakfast. There are several giant hospitals close by (including Swedish right across the street) and Seattle U right across the street. Tried it for an after-work drink, but the cocktails were truly disgusting.
  23. My recent favorite has been Marjorie in Belltown. I've been about 5 times in the last few months, and it's a lovely place with great food that isn't very expensive. Have the conventional soup or salad plus entree, or just a mix of a bunch of small plates. Even the roast chicken is great. http://www.trenchtownrocks.com/
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