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  1. When my husband was flying out of Seattle every 2 weeks for a couple of years, we very often picked up several bahn mi for him from Seattle Deli on 12th (near Jackson) in the International District.
  2. Dilettante is merely adequate compared to Fran's. Fran's chocolates are much more refined and of higher quality. I can't remember what kind of chocolate Dilettante is using, but I remember that it wasn't anything great. Also, the way they both run their businesses has influenced my opinion. That restaurant on Broadway is a trainwreck.
  3. Totally agree. I was hoping someone else would mention it.
  4. Yes, Dahlia and Macrina are close to each other (see the addresses in my first post). Fran's is at University Village, which is not walking distance. It's in the U-District. You'd need to take a bus (which is a pain in the ass) or drive.
  5. I think the best bakeries downtown (or close to) are Dahlia (2001 4th Ave.) and Macrina (2408 1st Ave.) I slightly prefer Dahlia for its more refined pastries. If they really do still have the Summer Corn bread-of-the-month (it's still listed on their site), by all means get a loaf and tear into it. The sandwiches are really good, and pretty much any pastry you get should be well made and delicious. I remember trying the shortcake biscuit and their homemade jam, and it was out of this world. A simple biscuit! People rave about the coconut cream pie. Coconut is not my thing, so I haven't
  6. My favorite in Belltown is Marjorie. I've almost never felt more relaxed or "at home" in a restaurant. http://www.trenchtownrocks.com/
  7. MsRamsey


    I believe it was this week (Monday?) that I had the sandwich of the day, a sole sandwich with mango salsa and chiplote dressing of some sort. It was delicious. I was dying for a chocolate shake, which is one reason I chose Chow. It was just "eh." I imagine the quality might vary from bartender to bartender. On the dessert menu, I noticed warm chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream. There is almost nothing in the world that calls out to me more than this. I will be back again. There are many great sounding things to try.
  8. In the sense of bar-hopping young, beautiful urbanites/hipsters.
  9. I'm so sad I don't live there anymore. That was my favorite bread.
  10. Tango on Capitol Hill has a nice private room.
  11. I stopped overnight in Ashland in December. I ate at Chateaulin that night by myself (it was just steps from to my hotel) and absolutely loved it. I remember a fantastic, delicious halibut dish and a glass of sauvignon blanc from New Zealand that knocked my socks off.
  12. Anyone else find that Il Bistro ad in the middle of the article amusing? That guy looks like he's saying, "What the hell you lookin' at?"
  13. Yep Carla, I've been meaning to mention that you're just a little too hospitable at your place. A hissy fit here and there might really liven things up. You have that big open kitchen, and you're just squandering away all that opportunity.
  14. A new restaurant opens and it gets reviewed. Where's the surprise? So many aspects of this place sound ridiculous to me.
  15. Hey, they'll tell you what kind of fish it is if you ask. It's different every day.
  16. That's just fine, Jon. Maybe others aren't.
  17. That's going to be *really* difficult for me, so I may refrain unless I think of something profound (doubtful).
  18. Mr. Soukakos fully intended Vios be welcoming to children (of course, the play area makes that obvious). It's part of the whole point of the restaurant. In case one is unfamiliar with his story, he had extremely valid personal reasons for making it so. There are many articles about his wife's postpartum depression and eventual suicide. Here is one: http://www.seattleweekly.com/features/0427...od_soukakos.php And what you said, Susan. Edited to add: The particular neighborhood in which Vios is nestled, not to mention the style of the place (restaurant/deli/grocery) makes it a given that fa
  19. A big group of 8 of us from eG went recently and I believe jackets for men were "suggested." You can get a really nice jacket CHEAP from a thrift store and have it dry cleaned if it's expense you're worried about.
  20. Brasa has the best deal in town for their bar menu -- what is it, 5-7 PM every night? Good half-price menu. Eating in the main dining room has extremely mixed reviews for quality and attitude of the staff.
  21. Is this new Il Forno connected to the pizza place Il Forno on Olive Way (Capitol Hill)?
  22. Since Marjorie is on your list and is almost completely overlooked on this board, I must stick up for Marjorie. It's a lovely and relaxing restaurant with very good food and just about the most genuinely gracious staff I've come across. Also a good wine selection and excellent handcrafted cocktails. It's one of my favorites. Cafe Lago for brilliant (and not heavy) Italian dishes and incredible pizza.
  23. So glad he at least "tipped his hat" to Cafe Lago's pizza! I assume he already knows their pizza, so it was not included in this article(?)
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