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  1. Poor Chatters! The man just can't get a break in this city. Excellent blog Jamie!!! I am thoroughly enjoying it.
  2. I've decided that it's time to get back into to bread making after a 5 year hiatus and I'm going to start with a Panettone. Does anyone have a really good recipe and some really good advice? I know that it's a long process, but are there any other factors involved in making this. I figure this will be a good workout for my Kitchenaid.
  3. Another little anecdote; A pick up line from a guy I met at a party. He sat down beside me, smiles and said "So this guy walked up to me on Main street today with a duffle bag and asked "Do you wanna buy some cheese'" .... We were together for 2 years.....
  4. Wow! You spend the day working and this is what everyone else is doing Thankfully, I really needed that laugh. All kidding aside... I think it is time that Burger Club reconvenes one more time. This girl needs a burgasm! edited because my brain was moving faster than my fingers
  5. There is actually a very large thread dedicated to dining in the burbs. Due to lack of time, someone else needs to search for it.
  6. Cookworks carries it, and I believe it is a little less expensive. As for quality, my mom purchased one of these many many moons ago and it's been fabulous, she still uses it. Not everyone can afford to have the $120 stainless french model. This one works and works well, what more do need.
  7. Oh that's so sad. I have fond memories of "morning after" breakfasts there. Another Vancouver institution gone.
  8. I've used both Arborio and Carnaroli rice for risotto, and there really isn't much difference. Good stock and good ingredients are key. Bosa on Victoria Drive also has a huge selection.
  9. I have to agree with what he says in the article. If I look at the women that I know, excluding fellow egullet members, most of them don't know how to cook, or flat out refuse to cook. I was an anomally amongst my friends and when I had everyone over for dinner, they were always amazed that I knew how to cook well. Without using packages, or take-out. There are more young women working in high powered/high stress jobs and they just can't be bothered with cooking. Why cook when you can get something frozen or already made.
  10. Not so much tricked, but certainly a sign of things to come. My brother, sister and I used to have a game where we would go into the kitchen when our parents weren't home and try and come up with the weirdest, most disgusting combinations of food and drink that the others would have to taste and try and guess what was in it. And we had to taste them. Usually these consisted of lots of hot sauce, ketchup, milk, sugar, vanilla..etc. We would just go into the cupboards and get creative. Some were absolutely horrific, but occasionally, we would come up with something that was actually quite tasty. As we got older and found a drug that will make you eat anything you come in contact with, this childhood game resurfaced. Definitely a sign of things to come. My brother is now a chef, and we are all quite handy and creative in a kitchen. All of us developed a love of hot sauce and spicy food too.
  11. EWWWW!!!! Ewww and Ewww! That is just wrong on so many levels. My guess is that all of it was eaten and everyone loved it. Which, again, is just WRONG!
  12. What the hell is this place supposed to be? Judging from the webpage, I have a feeling that it will be a hangout for the collagen crowd. Just a hunch
  13. Gelatin - Gourmet Warehouse. the ones I had came in a plastic package but I couldn't tell you if there was a difference, I never used them. Duck legs - Phone Windsor and they will bring them in for you. Specify that you want fresh and not frozen (that will change the delivery date)
  14. I have to agree with what Arne said, there are no blunders! Those potatoes were beyond words. As was the stuffing, gravy...etc. It twas a wonderful evening and far cry from Thanksgivings past.
  15. About 10 years ago the Second Cup in Pacific Centre Mall in Vancouver sold Fair trade coffee. It was an independent chain but was still connected to the main corporation. I don't remember any big marketing ploys behind it, but at that time, they wasn't any need to do any heaving marketing. At 8:30am the place was packed with all the retail workers having their morning coffee and cigarrette. Yes, back in the day when you could smoke in a shopping mall. Are there other Second Cups in the area with the same posters?
  16. I would also suggest that said friend could pick up an extra for other friend that could be held by friend until friend gets home from work It's been quite a long while since I've my kolachy fix and I have to agree that it is certainly not a warm weather food.
  17. I can attest to how good Joie's epis was. I had a piece late Wed night and again yesterday for lunch. Warmed up in the toaster, crust nice and crispy, centre, warm and tender. Was very tasty. I can't wait for her oven to be hooked up.
  18. The Burnaby Winter Club, so long ago that I have forgotten which company I was with at the time. I remember I really didn't like anyone I worked with, the food was horrific, and there was curling game going on at the same time. The room was dark and dingy, it was just bad. One of the best that I had to miss was when I worked at Ballard. All expenses paid bash at the former BC Pavilion. There was also the event at Zin with the company that wasn't doing so well financially, yet we were pretending that we had a alot of cash. Bad buffet food but I polished off serveral glasses of wine before heading back to my office and the day ended on a happy note.
  19. Have you called Puddifoot in Kerrisdale? I would think that if anyone in the city had them it would be them.
  20. I looked into both the Apprenticeship program and the classic culinary school route. (Dubrulle when it was still Dubrulle) The advice I received from a few prominent chefs in the city was to stick it out through the apprentice program as that would show that I was serious about cooking. If I gained a position in a french restaurant, which is what I was contemplating, I was told that I would have more experience and be better prepared for anything that I wanted to do in the food industry. (In other words, I would be peeling potatoes and onions for most of my time at a particular restaurant, which I was told as a form of encouragement) Of course, at the time I was looking into this, the government offices for the Red Seal program were all closing and the program was getting shut down (is it back up and running) I had roughly 3 weeks to make a decision. I was still struggling with severe migraines and wasn't sure if I could handle it. I know from experience, that it is not a good idea to debone a chicken when you have no vision in your right visual field. Fortunately, I managed to save my fingers, the chicken wasn't so lucky From the chefs I spoke with, they appreciated the hard work of the apprentice chefs that they had in their kitchens and would much rather hire someone with their red seal than a recent culinary grad. It seems that it's the experience and the willingness to start at the bottom and get dirty like everyone else is what they appreciate. Oh, and as Matt said, as I was told, once you had your Red Seal designation the pay increased considerably!
  21. And don't forget Jacques Pepin! **Oops, apparently Megan and I were thinking the same thing.
  22. I found Don's Market yesterday on the Drive and it is sure to become my local market. I was very very impressed. The produce is gorgeous, they carry items that I've only been able to find in stores like Whole Foods, Choices etc. My haul last night included a whole chicken, a loaf of Ecco Il Pane, a large container of my favorite cherry yogurt, an Italian sparkling water (large bottle), edamame, and a few other veggies. Total of $22 spent. Now, if I was anywhere else, that would have been about $30. In fact, that was what I was expecting to pay and I had to stop and look at my receipt several times just to make sure. They also carry Ethical Bean coffee about $2 less than anywhere else. I was a very happy girl last night.
  23. My mom has had a craving for the carpaccio for the past week, and personally I think it is divine. So, at this point, if you take all of our recommendations, well...you'll be giving Ling a run for her money. You must definitely try the hanger!!!
  24. Bosa on Victoria Drive. They have such high turnover in that store that everything is fresh. It's 2 blocks south of Hastings, not really sure of cross street.
  25. Toshi's is absolutely fabulous. I used to live around the corner and would place and order for take out, go home and they would phone when it was ready. It truly is some of the best Japanese that I have had in this city, but I find that the common things, like California rolls, etc., to be quite boring. The squid roll is brilliant, as is the spicy tuna. Some of the cooked dishes that I have had there have been out of this world, the butter fish blew me away. Brave the line and go as soon as you can. It's only been 2 weeks, but I miss Toshi. Must make a stop on my way home from work soon.
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