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  1. There's some delicious ideas for my very favorite food here... Blackberries, matches with what? Blackberries, suggestions?
  2. I'd do a savory and sweet tasting. The caramels are a great suggestion. Watermelon is another idea for the sweet side of the tasting. For the savory end I'd use steamed potatoes, tomatoes and possibly Belgian endive leaves.
  3. Ribs n- coffee. Love both! What did you serve with those delicious ribs? Did you add anything to the coffee marinade or was it straight joe? Gas grill? Charcoal? I use my gas grill quite a bit but I miss the down-to-earthiness of my Weber kettle. Poor thing sits in my garage waiting...
  4. My husband looked up Sebastians and said that it had closed. Perhaps the owner has finally followed his dream to be an actor. Yeah, the smarmy god-like status accorded Ramsay was too much to swallow. I just don't believe that all of the restaurants and those who work in them are doing as well as what was presented. Especially that Mr. Freak Out on Steroids guy, Peter. My experience is that hardcore dysfunctional behavior takes a bit more time and effort to correct than even a celebrity British chef can provide.
  5. Braise them in a thin, spicy tomato sauce with garbanzo beans.
  6. I love and even adore some the ingredients for gazpacho and similar chilled soups but I'm always reminded of salsa and that just *maybe* I should be looking for chips to eat it with instead of a spoon! I'm obviously in need of need schooling. Are there recommendations for a chilled soup that doesn't recall memories of a better-with-chips salsa, fruit topping or melon soup?
  7. Hi Chris. I like quite a bit of heat in my food, too. So perhaps double the amount of habaneros? Too much? Also, do you find that habañeros have that often referred to "fruity" flavor about them? When I was first getting into chilies I wasn't too sure what that meant but I think that I do now. And while habañeros are bud-searing they really do have an almost diabolically citrus note about them. I have a Weber that needs new handles- are your plastic or ceramic or something else entirely? They look nice and sturdy. And that picture of your wet (oily?) hands with the flowers in the forefront, the milk, the vitamin..it just sings of happy, attentive domesticity. Love it!
  8. Our usual is romaine, cucumber, radishes, some sort of onion (red, walla walla or scallions) and tomato with blue cheese dressing, topped with sunflower seeds. My husband likes lots of stuff in his salad so I'll often add celery, a bit of broccoli and julienned carrots. Personally, I don't care for a crowded bowl and have been known to blow through an entire head of iceberg lettuce within two days if the blue cheese is especially good.
  9. Lavender syrup soaked into lemon pound cake is very good. I imagine a sorbet of some sort would be good with the cake, too.
  10. Lovely stuff, sir. Please continue to have fun, eat well and show us how the beautiful and young live.
  11. Mix the shredded meat with cheese and use as an enchilada filling.
  12. Well, since I'd be so skinny and all from being trapped on that island I'd make a blue-cheese topped, medium rare hamburger with salty-spicy fries and a chocolate-black cherry milkshake. Yep.
  13. petite tête de chou


    Good to know. Thanks.
  14. petite tête de chou


    I've made a tisane that included dried hops in the mixture. Mildly sedative and remarkably bitter but that could've been the wormwood. Ick.
  15. No question about it for me. Plateau Fruits de Mer.
  16. Sour cream and Flight of the Conchords. I'm on my fourth (!) tub of the stuff and I keep watching the dvd over and over...laughing through the dairy, I am.
  17. petite tête de chou


    I like peas with cream though, like the others, I prefer them raw as I do most of my vegetables. The creamy, buttery sauce with peas is awfully good served over poached sole.
  18. Couscous, bulgur, quinoa and red lentils are good to have on hand. They meet all my requirements for an easy to put together weeknight meal- healthy, adaptable and relatively quick cooking.
  19. How wonderful that you finally got to hear some appreciation. I can see why so many folks were pleased with the spread, just *look* at the variety of dishes you offered! Great job.
  20. I've bought a few bottles of Bridgeview's Blue Moon Riesling just to get the blue bottles. I find the wine weak... but Shasta daisies look *very* pretty in them.
  21. It sounds like a whipped cream frosting. I've eaten this with a spoon, sans cake. Like this?
  22. petite tête de chou


    If the stems are young they should be tender enough to use. Yes, wash them first. What are you planning to do with those elbow-stinging plants?
  23. 13 of 20. I certainly wasn't raised in a household that used silver of any kind. I wish! I've always loved how beautiful the different pieces are. Who knew that a slice of tomato, spear of asparagus or scoop of vanilla ice-cream could warrant the use of such sparkly, amazingly detailed forks and spoons? Perhaps if children were served their vegetables with these lovely utensils they'd like them more!
  24. Heck, I'll smoke a butt in my good ol' trusty Weber kettle and drink a few beers in her honor! Thanks Susan!
  25. Nice! Did you use the optional matzo meal? I'd like to make them but don't have the meal. Does it make a big difference?
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