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  1. Some very interesting information can be found here... Seabeans Foraging Texas
  2. Hmm. If I don't like what I've been given and send it back and receive something I *do* like, yeah, I should pay. But I wouldn't turn down a comp, mind. If I don't like what I've been given and send it back with only a few bites removed and opt to not get anything else for whatever reason...well, I shouldn't have to pay. -sigh- I just feel uncomfortable not paying for something unless it's like, a fly-in-my-soup type of thing. I want to get what I ordered, pay for it and leave. A completely useless post, but there it is.
  3. Include them in a stuffing for winter squash or mushrooms.
  4. Chris- I would definitely grind some of it for burritos and turkey burgers.
  5. My husband had four words for me when I got home this evening. "Take and Bake pizza." Guess that takes me out of the game. -grumble-
  6. I finally finished baking a loaf of bread at 11:30 last night. That loaf finished off my bread flour, whole wheat flour and yeast. I was pretty darn tired but it was worth it to have garlic bread with our spaghetti and salad tonight. *And* there's enough sauce and salad makings for supper tomorrow night. That will bring me to Saturday. I'm thinking tuna salad sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch and either one of the freezer containers of pork chili with skillet cornbread for supper or do something with the pork loin roast. I'd suuuure like a head of cabbage to open up my options with the pork roast...but I'll abstain. The end of Sunday will be my seventh day and so far I've purchased only a gallon of milk. This is a big change from my usual routine and I really like it. Alot.
  7. I agree with the others. If it pleases you, wonderful. I have added sugar and honey to mildly oxidized wine before (on separate occasions) and it saved the remainder of those wines from being poured out. Yes, I could've corked or frozen them for future use in sauces but I wanted to *drink* the wines not save them.
  8. I stuck with the supper I had planned for tonight. It was a chicken breast marinated in Braggs sauce (husband loves it. me? eh.) baked in the convection oven along with a baked potato (topped with butter, yogurt, p+s, cheddar cheese, green onions), steamed cauliflower and a green salad with parmesan-herb dressing and homemade croutons. Tonight finished off the chicken, one of the two potatoes, cauliflower and made a huge dent in my fresh vegetables. I'm planning spaghetti with the (still frozen) chicken n- mushroom tomato sauce for tomorrow but the conundrum is do I bake the loaf of bread needed for garlic toast tonight or tomorrow before I leave the house? Either way I'm gonna be tired. OR do I select another meal altogether? Nah. I'm an eGulleter. Tonight it's bread!
  9. Same meal as last night- soft shell carnitas tacos, beans and rice. I'll freeze the remaining carnitas and use them in a future enchilada supper. There wasn't any leftover rice or beans. That single batch of rice (1 1/2 cups dry) lasted us for four meals. I'm liking that! I'm defrosting a couple chicken breasts to make oven-fried chicken (Cooks Illustrated recipe), baked potatoes (or mashed with gravy), steamed cauliflower and a green salad for tomorrow evening. This meal will finish the off the chicken, potatoes and cauliflower. Also, I found a batch of spaghetti sauce with ground chicken (I grind all of my own meat) with mushrooms in the freezer so I'll probably bake a loaf of bread either tomorrow or Thursday so that we can have garlic bread with our meal. I might have enough sauce to last two meals but I don't know about the salad makings. I really prefer to have spaghetti with a salad. With a fresh loaf of bread I can then make tuna salad sandwiches with homemade tomato soup because lord knows I have enough canned tomato products to feed a village.
  10. I started the carnitas and black beans for tonights supper early this morning. All that was left to do this evening was crisp up the pork, fry the beans in a bit of fat and chop some romaine lettuce. All in all we had soft shell carnitas tacos on corn tortillas with pico de gallo, Nancy's yogurt and Tillamook sharp cheddar. On the side was mexican rice (finishing up the white rice from Saturday's stir-fry), refried black beans (only 13 more cans to go! ), chopped lettuce, more pico de gallo and lime wedges. My supply of tomatoes and jalapenos is gone so after a repeat of tonights supper when I use the remaining pico de gallo I'll freeze any leftover pork, beans and rice to use as a future enchilada filling. I snapped a few pictures but they're really bad so no pics. Also, I cubed the remains of a loaf of bread that I baked almost a week ago and tossed them with olive oil, parmesan and herbs to make croutons for future salads. We've been on a big-salad-with-broiled-chicken breast kick for awhile now and I thought the croutons would be a nice touch. Thriftiness can actually taste pretty good!
  11. ...when you wake up two and a half hours early and decide to make carnitas, refried black beans, pico de gallo and grate a whole bunch of cheese. I'm set for at *least* the next three days worth of suppers.
  12. I found a whole frozen chicken hiding in the freezer under the frozen pumpkin puree and decided to make a sort-of chicken pho. I know that these rice noodles aren't the usual pho noodles but what the hey! At least my broth was clear and flavorful. I really took the cleaver to those bones and exposed the marrow. The garnish plate (not shown) was bean sprouts, sliced green chilis, cilantro and lime wedges. The condiments offered were hoisin, sriracha and a chili garlic sauce. This was for my husband. I on the other hand ate a ton of beef jerky, the last sweet potato with a large dollop of plain yogurt and half a head of steamed cauliflower. I was tired after a very long walk and a heap o' steamed vegetables sounded perfect. I'll eat my leftovers for lunch tomorrow. So far I've only bought a gallon of milk because...well, I don't have a cow (I wish!) and my husband "needs" his morning oatmeal with milk and I'm not quite stupid enough to interfere with the gents a.m. routine.
  13. Lunch was chicken kung pao with hot/sour soup. Seems like an overload of spiciness but my husband specifically requested "Lots of spice, hon!" So be it. He's blowing his nose and drinking lots of water as I type this. I was going to make his favorite kung pao which includes tofu with the chicken but my firm tofu went bad. Ah well. Moving on.
  14. Okay. I did a quick walk through and here's an idea of what I have available. Remember, I have a household of...two. White AP flour White bread flour Whole wheat flour Cornmeal Brown Jasmine rice Short grain white rice Various dried noodles including vermicelli rice noodles 1lb. dry tvp (textured vegetable protein) Various dried beans Various raw nuts, seeds and dried fruits 3 cans of sardines 1 can albacore tuna Unopened packages of nori and spring roll skins Tomatoes have a category all their own...-sigh- Diced 16 cans Petite diced 22 cans Petite diced with chipotle 14 cans Whole peeled 17 cans Tomato sauce 36 cans Beans, too... Pinto 24 cans Black 15 cans Garbanzo 17 cans Kidney 14 cans 2 lbs. chicken breasts 3 lbs. Pork loin roast 4 lbs. Pork butt roast 1 lb. Morning Star precooked TVP 1 lb. firm tofu 1 lb. silken tofu Various herbs, vinegars and oils. Also, lemons, limes, potatoes, shallots, ginger, garlic, lemongrass... stop me now. So, yeah, I could last a week or four.
  15. I'm in. I have many different roasts from different beasts in my freezer, tofu in the 'fridge and my pantry overfloweth. I don't foresee buying much more than a bag of raw, unsalted nuts for my husbands lunches. This will be especially interesting for me since I primarily eat fresh vegetables and fruits. But hey, change is good.
  16. Hmmm. Dark chocolate is supposed to pair well with smoked salmon. Cucumber works perfectly well with salmon. I can't quite put cucumber and chocolate together in my head though. Dammit, thought I was going to find a way to make this one work. ← Now that I think about it, what about dipping half of a cucumber stick in chocolate? Seems like that even if it wasn't fabulous at least it wouldn't be disgusting. And how many people are sucking down unripe strawberries dipped in chocolate as we speak? Nasty things.
  17. Sounds like it's beginning to degrade. Clickity!
  18. I've made this recipe often over the past few years and have used both of their recommended roasts- chuck eye and top blade. Of the two, I found the chuck eye more tender and beefier tasting. A bit more expensive, though. I've also used boneless shoulder roasts. Very similar to the chuck eye. The blade cut involved a bit more trimming than I prefer but the flavor is good. This is my very favorite beef stew- just a few ingredients and what you *do* use includes delicious ale! See post #16156
  19. Definitely pots. Some of them were my Mothers and hold great sentimental value. Some are gifts from my non-food obsessed husband who did lots of research on which ones to buy even though the topic bores him to death. My knives are much more expensive and I'd be reluctant to shell out that kind of dough again but...still, pots for me.
  20. When I use celery salt it replaces any other salt. But the quality of celery salt really varies. Some of it is quite chemically tasting. Toss that stuff. A few ideas... devilled eggs bbq sauce various salad dressings n- dips Bloody Mary's
  21. Peeled, chopped apples or drained, stewed apples would be good. Sort of like an apple pie pancake. Did you like the blueberry addition? If so, try cranberries or some other tart berry. Here's the pancake thread- The pancake topic to end all pancake topics
  22. Though I prefer smooth ice-creams, Cherry Garcia was my favorite ice-cream that had a lot of "stuff" in it. I'm very, very fond of the whole Black Forest flavor profile, and this ice-cream no longer *deserves* to be associated with rich, dark chocolate and deeply flavorful black cherries. I completely agree that whatever "flavor" remains is artificial tasting. It's what disappointment tastes like.
  23. I'd cook it. I find that turkey already has a pronounced flavor and it doesn't get better with time.
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