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  1. Yummy! Salsa and chips are one of the BEST combos! I like QuePasa organic yellow corn chips and the heavenly Emerald Valley Kitchen organic hot salsa (refrigerated section). Ahhhh, spicy/crunchy goodness.
  2. You are not being snobby in the least, JPW. You have admirably grasped the concept that now, if no other time, in a womans life she should be eating and drinking the most healthily and happily, they are not mutually exclusive. Ideally the mother-to-be would have been living a better-than-fine lifestyle previous to conception. Sorry to get preachy here It does not sound as if this particular class meets your needs? Fast food? Sugar sodas for the unborn? What advice could the instructor give you? Then again, the class has only just begun. Do not worry about sounding like a "horses patootie," you are a concerned husband and father-to-be who, quite frankly, could teach the ladies a thing or two about correct nutrition. Luck be with you!
  3. Sports drinks are obnoxious! The commercials are idiotic (neon-blue sweat?!) and they taste like old, watered-down Kool-aid stirred with a sweaty sock! At least that is how I imagine it...
  4. I do not know if other people hate the food or just my dragon breath...braunschweiger sandwiches with onion, Tabasco and mayo! Probably both!
  5. Hi! A few years back I had to live on about that same amount as a weekly food allowance. I, too preferred to eat healthy (still do). First, I bought all kinds of dried herbs and spices from the bulk section- curry, thyme, rosemary, cayenne, peppercorns, bay leaves, brown/white sugar, salt, oregano, cumin, caraway, red pepper flakes, chili powder, garlic etc. I found a variety of flavor choices to be invaluable! Then came the bags of lentils, split peas, beans, nuts, couscous, barley, rices, whole grain pastas, etc. Onions, carrots and celery are cheap- good flavor base for any soups or stews. Cabbage, potatoes, winter squashes, bunched spinach, green onions, radishes, oranges, lemons and bananas (freeze for a summer treat- they last longer that way, too). I was a vegetarian so meat was not on my list, but the chicken suggestion was good. Smoked ham shanks/hocks are affordable and add a lot of flavor. Liver and the various organ meats are priced to sell in America. Tofu is versatile and usually reasonably priced. I found dairy to be pretty spendy in all its forms (at least the ones I liked)- I learned to like black tea and coffee! A basic vinegar and neutral oil- butter on a super-sale only. I was not sure wether you were looking for recipe ideas or shopping list ideas, but I hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. I like Mountain Bars, but NOT the peanut butter variety. The large peppermint patties are pretty good, too. And boy, those Italian Baci's are devine! Does anyone else like those chocolate oranges that you bang on the counter so that they separate into individual orange 'sections?' I prefer the dark chocolate orange- flavored kind.
  7. The now defunct Rico's Red Pizza between Holgate and Foster Rd- pizza, soda and Asteroids, awesome! Anything resembling food-stuffs from a Newberrys restaurant (esp. their fries with mustard), Fred Meyer Eve's (pick a dizzy slice of pie) or Kings Table Smorgasboard (neat looking meat!)...the nostalgia itself is nearly edible!
  8. This is one of the funniest threads Ive ever read! The worst cook I know is my husband...he doesnt cook AT ALL. Occasionally he makes coffee but thats it. I dont even get a funny story of his grossness to tell. -sigh-
  9. "I am however, going to have to do more reseach into the native american end of things." Excellent idea, Steve. While I appreciate everyones ideas and opinions on what defines NW cuisine, perhaps the various native American tribes in this area could aid you in your quest for tasty authenticity. You would have the added benefit of reintroducing what is now an unusual cuisine to palates, I think, ready for it. http://www.nativeweb.org/ ??? Maybe this will help? Good luck!
  10. McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King...et cetera. Truly noxious crap. Its a scary sight watching parents feed their children this sh%t!
  11. My husband broke off a small portion of his tooth whilst eating a home-made supper...I was finishing his salad and found the shard of his tooth. -gag-
  12. What do you mean by "ethnic foods?" And why don't you want them?
  13. My mother could never induce her only girl-child to eat spinach- the canned variety, no less. Yet when Poppa showed his muscles and said "See, just like Popeye!" I have loved it ever since.
  14. Im not sure what to think about this article. Is it all lies? Some truths? Anyone have any thoughts on it? http://www.animal-lib.org.au/lists/foiegras/foiegras.shtml
  15. I crave Lea and Perrins Worcestershire so intensely that Ill soak bits of bread in it and eat it with a glass of orange juice which seems to enhance any lurking fishy flavor. I used to smear the bread with butter but found that it interfered with the flavor of the sauce.
  16. I doubt I would feel much like eating ...but ice cream nearly always sounds good! So, dacquiri ice and black licorice ice creams, endless pints of Black n- Tans and a pack of Camels.
  17. Spring lamb rubbed generously with the chopped tender tips of herbs from the kitchen garden. First eggs of the season beaten with cream and chives. Fresh peppermint tea...Spring certainly is the beginning of heaven!
  18. A chilled beet soup with buttermilk or creme fraiche, citrus juice (blood orange seems appropriate), fresh dill/chives and perhaps cucumber might soften the roots distinctive earthiness. What a knock-out color!
  19. I haven't met a tea that I didn't enjoy in some manner. Flowers, fruit, spices, domestic or foreign. Most seem to shine up and stimulate the senses. Has any one heard of tea served with milk/cream called "Boston Style?" Where does this come from?
  20. Perhaps this might be of help? http://www.eatwild.com/products/index.html
  21. The delectable bits of Dungeness crab found at the bottom of the butter bowl, artichoke hearts and dusty, late summer blackberries.
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