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  1. How timely that this thread should pop up today as I'm getting ready to make my first batch of sweet n- spicy cucumber chips this afternoon. God, I love those things! And yesterday I bought a whole head of cauliflower so I'll probably pickle some of that, too. I'm *always* up for new sweet and spicy brine recipes so I'd sure love it if anyone had a few favorites to share. And I really do like things spicy, spicy!
  2. I love freshly ground pepper on white rice or noodles with butter and soy sauce. And I usually grind a generous amount of pepper over mounds of sour cream or yogurt. Something about pepper with white foods....
  3. Include it in your next quiche. The broccoli rabe pairs well with the usual quiche delights- mushrooms, bacon, sausage, shrimp, caramelized onions, leeks etc. but the onions are my favorite. And I love things spicy so I usually include a pinch or so more of red pepper flakes.
  4. Use bacon fat to saute the onions and/or tomatoes. It really adds a super dimension to this simple soup.
  5. I make my own pizza because it's my husbands very favorite food and the *only* other pizza alternative in my small town is Dominos. Not delicious or nutritious and highly suspicious. I also make all of our baked goods- breads, rolls, cakes, pies, cookies etc. Sometimes I'll buy a loaf of (mediocre) sourdough because I haven't started a sourdough starter. The local Safeway bakery provides insubstantial tomfoolery but no real baked goods. Seriously, when I moved from the food nirvana (Japanese! Indian! Ethiopian!) that the city offered to a rinky-dink town that specializes in fast food and a greasy diner breakfast...part of me died but then I revived myself by learning how to cook from scratch. Most but not all of my own product seems to be better than store bought and I'm good with that ratio.
  6. I've been doing this for almost two weeks now. So far I've baked two loaves of bread, an apple pie and shortbread Christmas cookies. And get this...I don't even particularly like apple pie (except for the all-butter crust), rarely eat white bread and rather have ice-cream than cookies. -sigh- It's hard work avoiding work.
  7. You could try adding a bit of mushroom soy sauce to your cooking liquid.
  8. Lots of fried spaghetti in my childhood home, too. I think my father "The Butter Fiend" actually preferred the fried version.
  9. petite tête de chou


    Fennel gratin! You could always cut it with another vegetable such as cauliflower or potatoes.
  10. I do something similar with mushrooms. I save all of my mushroom stems and add them them to the various dishes that you've already mentioned. I freeze them and pull out a few as needed and finely dice them. Like you said, only a few are needed to create a rather large impact on the finished dish.
  11. I was just confronted with the choice of a 10 lb. bag of generic, unbleached flour or unbleached, Gold Medal flour...I chose the Gold Medal which was at least one dollar more. I kept looking at that generic flour and imagining that it was filled with the sweepin's off the floor of a "real" flour factory. Would probably contain weird fibers and a stray hair or two. Why on earth would I want to talk myself, my fairly thrify, frugal self, into paying more?! Silly woman! So my question is, what do you mean by "additives"? Because we already see what *I* mean by additives.
  12. Which has got me to thinking... What are his three favorites? And do you like any of them? Oh but he does hate to narrow anything down and actually make a choice...let alone three. This is what I squeezed out of him: 1) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I knew this one already. He loves milk chocolate that melts instantly on his tongue (think Dove and Cadbury's). I think the Cups are way too sweet but I like nibbling at the crimped edges of these bad-boys...yeah, that sort of behavior gets me into trouble. 2) Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar with or without almonds. My guy is not a risk taker and this candy bar will "Always be good." I'll eat this...but it's always accompanied by a wish for REAL chocolate (think at least 70% cocoa content) and that puts a damper on my enjoyment of this stand-by treat. 3) This is where his decision making abilities failed him. "Toffifay...I liked those. Nestle Crunch? I really liked Whatchamacallits...." Poor guy. Of those, only the Crunch bar piques my interest. I enjoy the contrast of textures but the chocolate is lost but for the sweetness. Taking a very-fine-indeed product such as the cocoa bean and smothering every aromatic, intense, complex and bitter quality with sugar is a chocolate travesty!
  13. I vote with my mouth as well as nostalgic factor. 1) Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan. No other candy bar does it for me but this one. I love the different forms of bitterness. My husband wants nothing to do with it. Mine, all mine! I eat it very slowly over the course of a couple days with black coffee. 2) Necco Wafers. Powdery, crunchy, sugar wafers from the 1800's?? Call me "half-pint" and I'm there! Husband *really* doesn't like these. Hmm...notice a pattern? 3) And as much as I enjoy the higher-end black licorices Good & Plenty has owned me since childhood. The candy is soft yet crunchy, sweet yet bitter, white and PINK (I *was* a little girl once)and...my husband absolutely will not put even one of these in his mouth! Apparently this is a requirement for being voted as my favorite candy. Who knew?
  14. Mussels or oysters? Mussels or oysters? Hmmm...Oysters! I'm completely infatuated with their briney, minerally and slightly sweet flavors. Swear to god I feel like a strongman when I finish a dozen. Smoked, steamed, grilled, raw...love them! And it would seem a certain Walrus and Carpenter agree.
  15. Deep-dish apple pie. But only the crust. The pâte brisée recipe from Simply Recipes is wonderful! Pizza. But only the crust, especially if a bit of tomato sauce has caramelized on the edges. "Everything" bagels...but only the part of crust *with* the topping swiped in soft butter. I'm already a crust-lover but this is getting ridiculous!
  16. Why, a B.L.T of course. Pop a few slices of avocado on there and oh joy!
  17. I saw this and thought my fellow eGulleteers would get a kick out of it. Is anyone cooking up something gruesome and delicious for Halloween?
  18. My husband does the happy dance when the dinner table features spaghetti with a meaty tomato sauce, a full blown turkey dinner or pizza. Ice-cream for dessert and I'm Queen for the night. Even if I didn't enjoy cooking those meals (which I usually do) knowing how appreciative he'll be provides me with a bit of incentive. I do tend to cook more for his tastes than for my personal cooking pleasure- a tricky balance to achieve. Now, if it was me I'd require Dungeness crab, cane berries and very, very dark chocolate to even *think* about a happy dance.
  19. My two worst kitchen habits involve my knives which make them dangerous and stupid habits. I don't keep my knives nearly sharp enough (too lazy to learn how to use a steel and too cheap to buy a decent electric knife sharpener) and when I wash dishes (no electric dishwasher)I always include a couple chefs knives in my tub of soapy water to keep things exciting. Though I've never been cut my heart was in my mouth when my husband went rooting around in my dishwater looking for a spoon. I really must stop both of these habits! But then I'd have to work on other terrible habits...
  20. Though I coax my unwilling eyes open with a single cup of sweet and creamy coffee I'd fly to Vietnam every morning and have pho and gorgeous fresh fruit for breakfast. So, savory definitely but that first cup of java better be sweet 'cause I'm *not* a morning gal.
  21. Since even a slightly oily pickle doesn't appeal to me (though an Asian-flavored pickle does!) I think that I'd use toasted sesame seeds in the brine rather than the oil. Similar to using either celery or mustard seed. I'm not sure if or how the oil would affect the pickling properties, either.
  22. When fatty cuts of meat like chuck and shoulder/butt were dirt cheap because they were considered less desirable. We of the eGullet crowd always knew better, right?
  23. I've always liked waffles. Y'know, the ones that require rising time and a *special* pan. They always brought a sweat to my mothers brow if my father and I declared waffles as our breakfast wish. Delicately crisp on the outside, soft and yeasty on the inside. Even as a kid I thought pancakes were too heavy and sponge-like. And French toast is, well, bread left-over from last nights grilled cheese sandwiches. Thrifty, yes. A candidate for my morning plate? Nope.
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