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  1. I'm very fond of croissants. They aren't something that I'm likely to bake at home and I can eat them savory (ham and cheese) or sweet (honey butter and marmalade).
  2. My grandmother ("Nanny" to me) was born in 1922 and raised in Astoria Oregon by an Oregon pioneer family. Wow, was that great-grandmother a "tough old bird." When she was a child Nanny *always* had bread (if nothing else) on the table. And while raising her five daughters there was always bread of some sort on the table. This tradition completely died out with my mother and now me. It's just too filling! I'd rather fill that extra space in my "hollow legs" (Nannys term for a big eater) with ice cream or more cheese! I'll add that in her later years she kept a loaf or rolls of King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread on the table. Now *that* I can dig into any ol' time. eta..Too bad there's no ribbon for using the phrase "on the table" the most times in already shaky sentencing. -sigh-
  3. Sometimes I use frozen peas or a pea/carrot mixture in fried rice. Well, I thaw them first. Frozen lima beans are great with butter, salt/pepper and whatever fresh herb looks good from my garden. I've used frozen, chopped spinach in quiche and that's about it. While *I* don't use the multitudes of frozen mixed vegetables now available (there weren't this many when I was young!) I bet that they help out some folks who would otherwise avoid vegetables altogether. So I can't knock 'em too hard... them being healthy, convenient and all.
  4. A favorite in our house, as well. There's a thread on angel biscuits somewhere on eG, along with a lovely tribute from a writer (I forget exactly whom). ← Here ya go. Angel Biscuits, Looking for this childhood favorite
  5. A similar thread for folks' perusal...One eGullet dish which was so alluring, enticing, "I absolutely must make THAT for myself"
  6. I bake large russet potatoes all the time. After poking a few holes in them, I either rub them with some type of fat (olive oil, bacon or chicken fat) or cook them nekkid. Either way, the skin is crisp. The skins of the oil-less potatoes, while crisp are definitely chewier (tougher?). My husband hasn't ever commented on noticing a difference between the two, but I'm inclined to think that most folks would prefer the oiled potatoes.
  7. My mother was the fisher in my family. She baited her hook for sturgeon with chunks of Velveeta because it kept its shape and color through thick and thin. Our family never ate the stuff, it was only kept around for my moms fishing trips. No way am I gonna *eat* Velveeta but it has a soft spot in my heart if not in my tummy.
  8. Blackberries are one of my very favorite foods. If tenacious and unruly have a flavor, it's a blackberry. Blackberries, suggestions
  9. I haven't made it (just eaten waay too much of it) but chili peanut brittle is awfully addicting.
  10. petite tête de chou


    Lucy (bleudauvergne) has done wonderful things with rabbit- clicky
  11. I serve my husband his supper at 7:00-ish. I can no longer remember what time I ate my evening meal as a little girl. If I could remember what time Little House on the Prairie or Bewitched was on during the seventies perhaps I'd get a clue.
  12. Here's a couple threads to whet your appetite... Makhni/Butter Chicken, What is it exactly? Chicken Tikka Masala, Not Indian But Delicious
  13. I think that the white goo is coagulated protein. The same thing happens when I cook dungeness crab.
  14. What about... corn pudding sweet bell peppers stuffed with a simple chicken and rice filling sausages with cabbage and apple rings green beans and bacon swiss steak roasted butternut or acorn squash chicken and dumplings?
  15. Why are onions and garlic excluded from the recipes?
  16. I've been going to the Bagdad Theater for years. Super good ales! So good that there's been a few times that I didn't really remember much of the movie.
  17. Dry them and use them as toilet paper!
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