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  1. WTH !!!???? Un F'ing Real.
  2. I can't believe some idiot decided to serve Tony Laksa! For god sake he has been to the alter of Lasksa. Why would you pick a dish that once it started to go sideways you would serve anyway. Smokey Laksa? I have never had one. gaaah!
  3. AB "Baby vomit with wood chips" can there be a better description of food?
  4. that went by quick, but I noticed it also. ← Didn't you read the menu that is "Ris - o -toe", as he calls it, kissed by God! Just ask him.
  5. Ahh this is one of those times I truly miss Gary Larson and his Far Side Cartoons.
  6. Another classic quote soon to be a signature line.
  7. Puerto Rico yummmmmmmmm the land of roast porky goodness! Another pretty backdrop should be cool.
  8. Sorry but I have to ask what is fuyo, is it a sauce or paste and if so, can it be made or where could I buy it?
  9. Nikki deserved to go. When they broke into teams and hubby said that that he wanted itlalian Nikki was all knowing and then she steps in at Judge's table and says no way, there is no way I was executive chef. B.S.! no wonder Dale was pissed. It appears the Cake bakers got a pass this week which is why grumplestillskin (Lisa) did not go home. I am really tired of looking at her sour face. Richard was decent to pass the win to Stephanie that was a class move. Richard always appears to enjoy what he is doing even when he is tired. He reminds me a lot of Jose Andreas. I still would not count Andrew out of this yet. In addition to being a character he appears to be able to cook quite well on his own. I think he is the dark horse. Culinary boner - you have to love that. This guy really enjoys his work and I think probably translates to his food. He strikes me along the lines of a Mike Symon and while irreverant still knows what he is doing. Dale while solid appears to cook at the level of the people he is working with. While he "banged it out" it was not that good according to the judges. He should be able to stand alone if he wants the top spot. Not complaining and breaking things would be a plus as well. If things don't go exactly his way he tends to approach the task "as work" and the quality appears to suffer.
  10. Its back and not a moment too soon. Thank God!
  11. Conde Nast Traveler frequently references guides to assit them on thier trips to non english speaking countries. Perhaps an email to them might shake something loose. However the offer above would be more the kind of person I am looking for.
  12. I think Jen might just win it all. Matt will probalby the next to go for the guys. The gal who can't mash potatoes for the women. I think this is a feeder program for Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. The chefs that leave here try to go on thier own then they pay to bring him in for a few weeks of abuse to put the place on track.
  13. "Tom Colicchio of Craftsteak in Las Vegas and the new Craftsteak in New York cooks his steaks on a flat griddle on medium heat, turning them frequently. He feels that this method produces the juiciest, most consistently cooked meat" Having just recently had some Waygu steak at Craftsteak in Las Vegas, I have to say Tom C., has the cooking method down it was some of the most amazing meat I have ever have.
  14. Although I hate myself for saying it, I think Antonia will be the Women Chef in the finals. I have a feeling Stephanie is being groomed for departure just like our Kiwi friend was. When he challenged Tom he might as well be saying I quit. The presentation of Spike and Andrew as real people (through editing) makes me think that Dale (seeing him blow up in the clip of the upcoming episode) sounds his departure as well. While Dale works well with Rich, he does not always play well with others. finals; Rich, Antonia (Andrew or Spike) Rich winning Did you see we have another episode of Top Catering next week. This time a wedding? Its time for the restaurant challenge already.
  15. After watching Richard and Dale work together, I am begining to wonder if Dale other than his ham handed apology and blow up is the jerk he is being edited to be. I am looking forward to tonight's show.
  16. This was one of the first threads I read. Seeing the pictures Katie and those in the moving martini bar made me think what a bunch of neat people. I have to follow this webpage more closely. I am ashamed to admit that traffic getting out of the city has gotten so bad that I don't stay around for dinner much like I used to. I still want to get to this place.
  17. There is more than the past review for this comment, although thanks for the support, Cab Frye's has been around for decades and I don't know if I hit it on a good night or whether it is consistent. My Father in Law who is impossible to please had been there a few weeks before and it was his 45th wedding anniverisary this go around who had a good experience the time before. It is has a number of old classics on the menu, some old french, etc, then there is some Asian dumplings which while very good were way out of place with sweetbreads and other more classic fare,like the roast duck which the FIL raved about. It has been known over the years as a place to get wild game,etc. I steered away from it because all the dishes has some kind of berry or cherry sauce and while sometime appropriate I am not a big fan of berries with my wild game. I perfer a hearty wine sauce or one with a little booze or if friuit of the dried variety. Its a hang up of mine I need to work through.
  18. Has anyone been to Cab Fryes' Tavern in Perkiomen? I had a nice dinner there last week. My girls even tried and liked thier sweetbreads. I had a nice filet Mignon and enjoyed dessert as well. The wine list was a let down though. I am a little reluctant to say much more given my last review was such a bomb.
  19. Antonia was the first to bolt from the beer braised Polish sausage. You're in Chicago a huge polish community and one the has loved sausage since it was incorporated. This is the second time she has lead a rube away from the original concept and not go home. The refusal to even rif on challenge deserved them going home. I know it seem pedestrian but polish sausage braised with red cabbage and apples with some brown sugar, a shot or two of Red wine vinegar and apple juice add a dob of butter pinch of caraway seed S&P served with crusty bread would have been a snap to cook but would bring a lot of flavor to the plate. Mark looks like he is in trouble on the preview he was whining about Tom not liking him, which spells trouble. When I saw Mark and Nikki together I fully expected them to tank in a big way. While Nikki does nothing for me and should go next week there is something wrong about sending Stephanie home this early.
  20. Gah. I hope I didn't spoil it for anyone out west, sorry. I will repost later
  21. Considering we never seem him on ICA, I am looking forward to it as well. Liked the concept, did not like the previous host. Replaced in the Monkey chatter "nothing done" with that wonderful minaical laugh!!!
  22. As a rugby player, the sitting in the bathtub scene was just wrong! Moreso given he was with Mr. Hatwanker. Antonio on the otherhand would be a perfectly acceptable choice to take a bath with.... Tom C needs to lose the soul patch and Beret. I am surprised he made it out alive.
  23. Wow, sorry to hear about your experience. I have had a lot of bad indian food which is why was so excited when I got a decent meal in a relatively local restaurant. I went on an early friday evening when it was quiet, maybe that was the differencence. I had hoped I had found a good one. Yikes.
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