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  1. Almost an entire box of Oreo Cakesters. This is a tiny little whoopie pie version of an Oreo cookie. If you scrape off one of the layers, it doubles the cream ratio. You can eat the layer. They taste like ass, absolutely pumped full of chemicals. I feel terrible today, too.
  2. One of the finest meals of my life occured in San Gimingnano, Italy and included a wonderful risotto with white truffles. Sigh.
  3. This is nice, a new soup thread. I have the old one bookmarked and haven't made my way through it yet. Better to start from the beginning. Funny this should come up right now, in another thread about embarassing cookbooks to have on the shelf, someone said The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. This weekend I made the potato leek soup from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, one of my favorite soups. Potato Leek Soup The Gypsy Soup from the Moosewood is also exceptionally good, and unusual in flavor. Gypsy Soup I like to have this in my freezer all winter long: Minestrone My Costco is currently carrying some sort of clam chowder in the same case with the hummus. Exceptionally good. I'm looking for bean soups if anyone has a good one. Some way to use yet another bag of Rancho Gordo beans. Important details: the soup pot and the immersion blender. I see some folks are using Le Creuset or similar. I do that, and I have a 10 quart (hard to find size) stock pot. Then there's the Bamix. This has changed my life. I read that "cool the soup, place the soup in the blender in batches and blend, return to pot, reheat" and laugh with joy. I want to go over to eat at Hummingbirdkiss's house and give her a hug.
  4. Lindacakes

    Vile Recipes

    Don't tell anyone, but I grew up in Ohio, and my mom used to make lime jello (also known as "green" jello) with shredded carrots in it. That's actually very good compared to: Glorified Rice The best part of the recipe being, "When it begins to congeal, add . . . " This is best made with those multi-colored miniature marshmallows, by the way. What makes me hang my mouth open, however, is something you hear about in Weight Watchers quite a lot: Coke Cake This is when you know that Weight Watchers motto about being able to eat anything you want is just plain wrong.
  5. For jumanggy: It is probably safe to assume that most Americans' core physical existence (bones, teeth, and a good ten pounds of flab) have been formed by the building blocks of nutrients found in Rice Krispie Treat bars. These are found in the pantry, at the neighbor's house, made when the babysitter comes over, at any bake sale, birthday parties, Grandma's . . . They're available in my employer's cafeteria, although I don't care for their version as they are too thick and too dense. What's sad is that they are now commercially available compliments of the Rice Krispie people. This is against all rules of human conduct. Someone's mom needs to make them for you.
  6. I'd go for Butterscotch Brownies. Betty Crocker's Cooky Book has a terrific recipe. Very easy. PM me if you want the recipe. I LOVE Maida Heatter's fruit and nut bars. Love them. But I think they may be too thin, at least, they're thin when I make them. I like the idea of the rice krispie treats. Who doesn't expect them/love them at a bake sale? What about gold dusting them?
  7. Lindacakes

    Vile Recipes

    Not as bad as the BLOOD BALLS I once saw someone eat on one of those competitive "reality" shows . . .
  8. I don't particularly like Magnolia Bakery in New York City, but they do these chocolate mini pies -- deep chocolate with a little shot of whipped cream on the top. They are very sexy to eat -- you kind of have to remove them from the little pie tin to eat them (undressing) and then they are uncontrollable (lusty) to eat, and then they are so soft and luxurious in the mouth (use your imagination). Heart shaped? In a red box? Whatever, they are a very sexy food for sharing. I personally, not a bakery, make individual heart-shaped red velvet cakes. Also very sexy -- but more visually instead of sensually. I also like raspberry truffles (suggestion) because they aren't red, but you think red when you eat them. (Secret). I also like a certain heart-shaped plain dark chocolate mold that Li-Lac chocolates has -- it is just the right shape to fill the mouth, but with rounded corners, and very lush. From a consumer point of view, I'm thinking go creative with actual physical experience rather than packaging.
  9. Mixing cauliflower and potato in a mash is an old Weight Watchers trick. The dryness of the potato sucks up some of the liquid in the cauliflower. It doesn't get rid of your potato starch, but it's less potato calories. I think roasted cauliflower itself is a good potato substitute. The carmelization ever so slightly mimics that potato jacket flavor us spud lovers crave.
  10. Pat, can you tell me whose recipe you used for fruitcake cookies?
  11. Has anyone tried anyone else's pancakes in this thread? I love/hate threads like this, because I copy out all of the recipes to try. And I think I did it with the last pancake thread, too, so I've got a lot of pancake recipes to work my way through. Momma was a Bisquick person, and she used that very Tupperware pitcher to mix hers in. Always served with bacon, always served for supper, and I loved them. I might like a Bisquick pancake now, but I think the Joy of Cooking buttermilk pancake recipe is the closest to that particultar taste as I remember it, so why buy Bisquick? Momma herself now swears by something in a yellow square plastic container that pours right out. I'm also surprised at the dogged loyalty amongst pancake eaters. I myself regularly rotate at least three different pancakes: The one I had on New Year's that was found in the New York Times about twenty years ago and contains a stick of butter. Yes, an entire stick. These are good. Another one found in the Times about that long ago, corn cakes made with corn meal and containing kernels of corn. Especially good when there is fresh corn to make them with. One that starts with oatmeal soaked overnight and is more rugged, but has such a sweet nutty taste that people go wild for them. I've made buckwheat pancakes while camping that I remember fondly, and I think it's a mix from one of those Bob's Red Mill type packages. Easy enough to make at a campsite. For our British friend, might I inform you that pancakes are an American invention primarily designed to assist the consumption of maple syrup. For some of us, the more maple syrup, the lower the grade (grade B), the better. If one clicks around on that pancake in a can site, one finds a shocking recipe for a cream cheese sauce to be put on the pancakes. I might try this. Little has been said about sauces. I like maple syrup too much to play around. I find that buttermilk is an absolute necessity for pancakes. I collect buttermilk recipes and love the taste of buttermilk but there's no recipe quite as good as a pancake. That being said, share with me your buttermilk recipes.
  12. I did a daring thing this year -- I didn't make the cut-outs my family expects. I just didn't feel like it. I made the shortbread from Rose Levy Berenbaum's Christmas Cookies and gave them some nice dark chocolate stripes. I made gingerbread tiles from Tartine, something I really love. Cut them into plain little squares. Then I made a black walnut bar cookie, sort of like pecan pie bars with black walnut. I rejoiced in the simplicity.
  13. Perhaps you bag people would be interested in Reusable Bags I love the Acme.
  14. Am I the only person who would LOVE to have a marshmallow gun?
  15. Hang out in the farmer's market and you will find out -- if you need a virtual farmer's market, listen to KCRW's Good Food. Every program begins with a visit to the farmer's market to see what's in season. Mind you, it's California, but it helps.
  16. Use them for hardware, nails, etc. Peachy nails are nice.
  17. Lindacakes


    I think of Costco as a place for staples -- paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, softener, dish soap, Windex, Brita filters, foil and baggies. I'm sort of grossed out by the fish and meat section, I guess I'll have to try again. It smells old back there. Some foods I really love: Ling Ling Potstickers (but then I read the ingredient list and I don't buy them anymore) Hannah Hummus jars of peaches organic chicken broth the Phillips crab in a can avocado mash, which I freeze, beautifully convenient bread, especially their garlic bread with hummus, over and over big stack o' soft pitas with hummus, over and over sharp cheddar brick the size of a brick pallets of goya beans (sue me, I also eat Rancho Gordo) Item purchased strictly for its beauty -- enormous plastic barrel of cheese balls. Whoa.
  18. ??? It says they have them for KA 6 quart lift. Looks promising. There was a thread a while back on the KA site about a five quart bowl for the 6 quart mixer, supposed to alleviate some of the problems with the side scraping.
  19. Well, I thought there was a whole week between now and Christmas that ain't. I'm going to try to not go to work on Friday and bake a couple of things that go into the oven in a unit -- shortbread, gingerbread -- instead of cut-outs. My parents love for me to bring cut-outs home to them. Which involves a load of work I'm uninterested in. I'm in such a devilish mood that I'm actually sort of looking forward, in an interested way, to the reaction when I say I didn't have the energy to do it. I'm okay with all this, but on the other hand, I do believe it is the continued demands that the corporations most of us work for that has drained us of energy and it's costing us the joy of our lives. But that's another story.
  20. I find the Terra chips a little . . . horsey, so they need some perking up. Beet chips with a gorgeous carrot dip, or something green . . .
  21. I was going to mention the dessert pocket -- I was thinking apples and cinnamon.
  22. I'm with the "it's natural" vibe. I've been very sick in Mexico, from eating fish in a local restaurant. The result was an event I'll never forget and would certainly like to. When travelling in 3rd world countries where water supplies may be contaminated with sewage, it's a good idea to eat consciously. I was conscious when I ate the grasshoppers in Mexico . . . Regarding bacteria and antibacteria: (I work in a field that involves microbiology) Bacteria are an actual threat, particularly to wounded veterans returning from Iraq. Long story. But the short story is, bacteria quickly resist antibacterial agents and become super strains of bacteria. This is an actual threat to public health, and I've met microbiologists who feel this is what is going to do us in. Perhaps you've heard of bacteriaphages? They're now sprayed on hot dogs and cut fruit. They're very good. People freak out when they see the labeling. A bacteriaphage is a virus that consumes bacteria naturally, in a manner that does not result in stronger strains of bacteria, which is what happens when you use antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soap actually assists in the formation of super strains of bacteria -- one of your major threats when you enter a hospital. Which is to say, the issue isn't simple. A bit of animal parts in food is okay, probably unavoidable. But bacteria itself is not a good thing.
  23. Oh, and as for outing the 911 lady, yes, baking911 rocks. An absolute classique. A go to source. Thank you for it.
  24. Well, someone finally said key lime pie, that was one of my ideas. I don't think anyone has said pound cake yet. If you're into mediaevel arts, you can make paint. I'm also thinking that lying down in the bathtub and rolling them over your body would be fun.
  25. Welcome, Margo. Wanna talk about those lemon balls?
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