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  1. Oh, yum. Flour in a cheesecake? Personally, if you are worried about cracks, put a nice sour cream layer on there and fill 'em in!
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    I'm sorry, I don't -- but I think it's possible, or at least, you could arrange for it next week.
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    Most readily available generic honeys are blends. Are you interested in quality? It's recommended that you use raw honey. You can get a blended raw honey at the Farmer's Market in Union Square. You might try your recipe with buckwheat honey, which has a darker, heavier and sweeter taste.
  4. "To say that it is to show off for others is kind of like saying that the purpose of Christmas is to show people how much stuff you can buy." Isn't it?
  5. I went to a little place on Bleecker and had a glass of rose champagne and shared the cheese plate. Then we went to Film Forum to see a black and white thriller called The Fallen Idol. During which I snacked on a few chocolates I'd been given. It was entirely pleasant. Usually I make a red velvet cake and read Loving Wanda Beaver aloud, because it is a marvelous love story. I have the ingredients for the red velvet cake and will make it this weekend, in miniature heart-shaped pans. Some of the cakes will go down to my landlord, who I love very much, and who is having his first Valentine's Day without his wife. My favorite gift was a handmade card from my father. I'd sent both my parents the Li-Lac chocolate chocolate box. Remember those dolled-up shoeboxes we had as kids, to collect Valentine's in? I keep heart-shaped candy boxes in my dresser to hold jewelry. I wish more people would celebrate love on Valentine's Day. It seems to have fallen to a public display of who is getting laid.
  6. Anything that lasts forever. Cast iron skillets and pots, especially when the dumb salesgirl at Macy's doesn't charge you for the glass lids, thinking they're included in the price. Chicago Metallic Commercial bakeware. Graduated Pyrex mixing bowls. I have a set of blue, yellow and red. Paid about fifteen for them. Saw them at Mood Indigo recently for $100. Anything you inherit.
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